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  • Pirate's Spoils

    Pirate's Spoils

    Qeturah Edeli
    Domingo is a notorious pirate wanted for a list of crimes longer than he is tall. He still has not solved how he managed to secure Lieutenant James Richardson Flint of His Majesty's Royal Na...
  • Knotting the Tie

    Knotting the Tie

    Jules Jones
    After a year together, Alex knows what he has with Robin is for life, and he wants to stand up and say so in public. It’s time to propose, and he’s doing it the old fashioned way – ros...
  • Turbulence

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $5.99


    Lyn Gala
    Corporal Jacqs Glebov is a simple soldier who wants a bunk, decent food and the company of other battle-hardened men and women who understand the realities of fighting. Instead he's stuck p...
  • Blowback

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $5.99


    Lyn Gala
    Humans have an uneasy relationship with the aliens in their part of space, and Tom hopes that his ship never sees another war. Other than that, he has few ambitions. He’s given up on findi...
  • Mirror Skin

    Mirror Skin

    Eric Del Carlo
    Seedy private detective and burnt-out ex-cop Nick Jordon receives a visit in the night. It’s his long-dead lover Dane, naked, his memories wiped, asking for help. Worse, Dane is being purs...
  • Sticky Sweet

    Sticky Sweet

    J.J. Lore
    From a race known for their hedonistic delight in life and emphasis on pleasure and amusement, Artem is a frustrated chef serving prepackaged meals to bored customers on the space station. H...
  • Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts

    Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts

    Lyn Gala
    Before Liam had a new commander who openly distrusted him, before Ondry earned his ka status, there were two traders. Yet Ondry wants to earn status, and he is curious about this new human....
  • The Gardener

    The Gardener

    Reghan Ross
    Heading to Tampa to avoid her family’s summer cookout, Natalia meets the sexy gardener next door to her friend’s villa and knows her summer vacation just took a turn for the better. She ...

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  • Can't Drag Me Down 1: I Should Tell You

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price $4.99

    Can't Drag Me Down 1: I Should Tell You

    Karenna Colcroft
    Hunter Girard is an aspiring musician who has just been chosen to play live for a drag queen show. Hunter is also a recovering alcoholic with a past from which he's still healing. On stage...
  • Fight

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $5.99


    Kelly Wyre
    To Nathan Hunt, honesty is anything but the best policy. Telling the truth has gotten him nothing but heartache and pain; so lying about who he is and what he wants seems to be the only path...
  • Where the World Ends

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price $5.99

    Where the World Ends

    Kade Boehme
    Will Cooper is a Deputy in the Sheriff’s office of Western Washington’s coastal Gray’s Harbor County. While searching for a stolen vehicle, he gets lost and meets Colin Sharpe who’s ...
  • Lies That Bind

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.99

    Lies That Bind

    Caitlyn Willows
    After a year's absence, Tessa returns to the Texas ranch and two cowboys she walked out on when her life turned inside out. She's here to bury a friend, cut her ties with this town, that's a...