You, Me and Dupree

Jade James

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In 3050, all women must register in a database created to help the all-male population of vampires find their true mates. And for every set of vampires, there's only one woman. Sin Carter understands all of that and is more than r...
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In 3050, all women must register in a database created to help the all-male population of vampires find their true mates. And for every set of vampires, there's only one woman. Sin Carter understands all of that and is more than ready to get hot and heavy with Darius and Dupree. But can a database really find a love match?

According to the rules of their covenant and in agreement with the government, Darius and Dupree must now travel to Fantasy House to meet their match: Sin. Instant attraction explodes between the trio. Dupree is all for giving Sin a chance, but Darius is skeptical that a threesome can live happily ever after.

Now Dupree has one wild weekend to prove that they are eternal mates.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal intercourse, male/male sexual situations, menage (m/f/m).
Year 3050

Dupree Cortez entered his bedroom with his partner, Darius Montes, at his heels. Their bodies were wound tight with adrenaline, raw lust burning through their veins. It was a common occurrence, and this last assignment had been no different than the ones before it. The hunger for sex and blood was powerful, and many times they rarely made it to the bedroom.

Dupree and Darius were mercenaries. Dupree understood his job was violent, and at times the intensity of it would get to him. He never missed his target, but he was called for a reason. He was the last choice, the one who went after deranged vampires. He dealt his brand of justice harshly, and he had no qualms about ridding the world of violent creatures who chose to maim, torture, and kill innocents.

Their latest capture had fought them to the death, but that vampire had known the rules, as every one of them did: no feeding on humans without their consent. But it had been worse with this particular rogue. He had murdered three humans in two nights, leaving their bodies drained of life.

It had taken Dupree and Darius two full days of tracking before they found the fucker drinking the blood of another human. Luckily for them, the woman survived her torture and would hopefully heal, both physically and mentally. Unluckily for the rogue vampire, he was disemboweled and left to bleed slowly. Dupree had tied him with a special metallic chain made from titanium, and had proceeded to torture the bastard -- a fitting end for a creature that had shown no signs of humanity within him.

Dupree understood his job was more than brutal, but ridding the Earth of each violent vampire who chose a destructive path was worth any price. The Covenant enforced the rules for a reason, but not all of their species were bad. Most wanted to live in peaceful harmony, which was the major reason the Covenant was formed, and why it chose to work with the human government. The human government had no choice but to abide by the Covenant’s rules, primarily because they knew their security forces were nowhere near as effective at capturing rogue vampires. But Dupree knew that, despite such government cooperation, not all humans accepted them for what they were. Perhaps, in another hundred years or so, equality would be reached.

Dupree stripped his clothing off quickly, relieved when he freed his cock from the confines of his pants. He watched Darius do the same, his own dick rigid with desire. His fangs lengthened at the sight, and his mouth watered for a taste of him. They were true partners in every sense of the word. But there was a space in their souls. A strong, undying need to add a third to complete them: a woman who would bring their circle to completion.

“I need you now,” he murmured, desire making his voice thick with hunger.

Darius walked over to him, an amused grin on his sexy mouth. “How much do you need me?”

Dupree watched as his partner fell to his knee and rubbed his cheek against Dupree’s cock. Darius inched down and gave his balls a leisurely lick. Dupree had to fight back the compulsion to beg, something that wasn’t in his nature. He reached down, his fingers threading through his lover’s hair as he barely reined in the desire to throw him on the floor and fuck him. “Enough to know that if you don’t wrap those hot lips around my cock, I’ll explode,” he bit out.

“I’d love to see you explode,” Darius replied, before taking the head of his cock into his mouth.

Dupree groaned as the head hit the back of his partner’s throat. Darius always had a wicked way with his mouth. Hot liquid heat surrounded him and he thrust in, helpless to deny the fire of desire rushing through his veins. Darius sucked him with thorough enthusiasm, and the urge to come raced through Dupree’s spine, tightening his balls. His partner must’ve felt it, too, because he slid his mouth off his cock slowly, his fangs tracing the hard flesh. Dupree watched as Darius met his gaze and held the head of his cock between a fang and his bottom lip. Dios! The thought of his lover biting his cock sent a tremor through his body.

Fuck! “You wouldn’t…”

Copyright © Jade James


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