Yellow Ribbons

Caitlyn Willows

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He saw her across the room, a beautiful offering strung between the pillars awaiting a master to bring her the rush of bliss. That’s when Greg Landess knew no one was going to have his captain but him. Lani Hollister did...
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He saw her across the room, a beautiful offering strung between the pillars awaiting a master to bring her the rush of bliss. That’s when Greg Landess knew no one was going to have his captain but him.

Lani Hollister didn’t have a clue what release was like until that night Greg claimed her. Calling it magic didn’t come close. He’d captured more than her body that night, he cradled her heart in his big, wonderful hands.

Their relationship was a secret they kept from the world. Their love a secret they kept from each other. Fraternization between officer and enlisted, between supervisor and subordinate, are strictly forbidden. Neither expected a call to a murder scene would jeopardize their affair and make them the enforcers of the very rules they’d broken.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: some BDSM elements, including bondage and spanking.

The scent of fresh-washed male hit her the moment she opened the door leading from the garage to the kitchen. She waited there in the entrance for a word, an acknowledgment from him. All she heard was his slow-measured breathing and the tick-tick-tick of her car engine coming to rest after the ten-minute drive home. The house was dark save for the soft glow that came through the front windows from the neighboring houses. That light didn’t filter back here, though, not in the corner where she knew he lurked. The window over the kitchen sink faced northeast over her backyard and the sprawling desert view beyond. The Marine Corps base she’d left minutes before looked like a small city nestled against the low mountains. Prime real estate she’d rented for a song. Too bad the rest of the place wasn’t as isolated. Neighbors surrounded her on all sides. It made meeting him tricky.

The game was in play. Why else wouldn’t he speak? She wondered if he was sitting in the kitchen chair nude, his cock erect, a big hand idly stroking it as he watched her. A shiver rippled over her skin, the hair rising on goose bumps. His silent presence churned her insides. He churned her insides. What seduction did he plan for tonight?

Heartbeat racing, she closed and locked the door, then walked toward the living room. She felt more than heard him stand and follow. An instant later, his heat washed over her back. He was her secret, her passion, a growing addiction she couldn’t live without. The world could never know--he could never know--how much he meant to her.

She tossed her duffel bag on the hallway floor to her left, then turned her head until she could glance over her shoulder. The light from outside cast dim shadows over them now, and she longed to turn completely and press against his hard body. He was no more than a foot behind her, his muscled arms braced on top of the door frame, all six feet of him looming over her. She noticed he hadn’t changed into civilian clothes at work. Or maybe he’d re-dressed into cammies once he arrived to help set the tone. The olive drab T-shirt clung to his chest, looking more like a second skin. The sharp angles begged for her fingers to explore him at her leisure. How many women drooled over him?

Too many.

Jealousy tightened her jaw. She knew he saw. The man noticed everything and used it to his advantage. Lani’s too.

“You’re late.” His voice rumbled over her, tightened her nipples.

“It was a long day. I didn’t get my run in at noon, so I hit the gym.”

“I was worried.”

Fingers traced up her spine, her neck, then crawled into her hair and loosened her ponytail. The pink scrunchie bounced off her chest on its tumble to the floor. Her breath hitched. Now she had some serious goose bumps.

“You should have let me know.”

“I didn’t know you would be here,” she said.

“Now you’re lying. That will cost you.”

He cradled her head, turning her his way as his other hand snaked around her waist. She felt naked compared to him, dressed only in a cotton spandex tank top and gym shorts. He clamped his hand over her ass and hauled her against him. His mouth claimed hers when she gasped at the feel of his erection stabbing her midriff. His hot tongue swept over hers, branding her his all over again, drowning out the world and making her heart thud hard enough to crack her ribs. He released her at a snail’s pace, rubbing his large palms over her ass and down her back, then back around to cup and thumb her nipples.

“I’ve been waiting for a while. Everything you need is in place.”

A smart-assed request for dinner died before she was stupid enough to utter it. Tonight wasn’t about teasing, it was about... It was about whatever he’d decided she required. If she was that hungry, she knew she could utter a simple word--her rank--and everything would come to a screeching halt. That was the last thing she wanted. He’d feed her, in his own good time, and she’d enjoy every bite.

“I await your instruction,” she whispered.

“Do you?” He tweaked her nipples, startling a gasp from her.

“I do.” Her quivering thighs threatened to topple her. His hand on her elbow kept her upright.

“To the couch.” He steered her in that direction, sat, and hauled her over his lap.

She landed with a soft oomph and curled her fingers over the edge of the cushion beside him to keep them off her crotch.

“It seems you’re a little anxious for this.” He tickled his fingers over her bare thighs. “I can smell your sweet pussy already. Heady, intoxicating, and waiting for pleasure. But”--he yanked her gym shorts to her knees--“you were late, I was worried, you didn’t call, and you lied. I think you need discipline more than orgasm, don’t you?”

He was going to make her wait for it. Damn, she hated waiting. Her clit was so swollen Lani swore it’d burst into flames at any second.

“Answer me.” He grabbed her thong and pulled up, wedging the cotton between her labia.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

He released the thong with a snap. “You like wearing this, don’t you? Like how it makes your firm ass flex against your gym shorts and drives the marines crazy with what they can’t have. Don’t you?” He grabbed her right cheek, kneading his fingers into the muscle.

“I-I like the feel of cotton on my skin.”

“Yes, and silk and satin too.” He tugged on the thong once more, making sure it was tucked high and tight in her crack.

“My sneakers...”

“Leave them on. You don’t get to curl your toes into the armrest tonight. This is discipline. Cross your ankles. No squirming your clit over my thigh.”

He hadn’t said anything about her nipples. She rubbed the hard points into the cushion. Fingers curled over her hip, adjusting her to the angle he wanted. He gave her a test smack, then another and another, warming her ass for the volley to come. She could hardly stand it. He could call it discipline all he wanted; they both knew better. Still, the first hard pop took her breath away. He followed it with another and another, his palm raining spanks over every piece of exposed skin until she thought he’d set her on fire.

He meant business tonight. Her ass was going to feel deliciously hot for hours. But God, she needed the emotional release he was giving her.

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