Wounded Hearts

Liz Andrews

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Erin Riley receives a "Dear Jane" letter just days before her fiance is due home after two years away on active duty. Angry at first, she convinces herself it must be because she's overweight while he's become a honed mi...
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Full Description

Erin Riley receives a "Dear Jane" letter just days before her fiance is due home after two years away on active duty. Angry at first, she convinces herself it must be because she's overweight while he's become a honed military hunk. Determined to convince him he's just forgotten what he was missing on the home front, she screws up her courage and sets out to seduce him despite her own misgivings about her figure. But she's surprised to discover Patrick is a changed man. No longer her loving high school sweetheart, he's harder and she discovers he has a dark side. Although he succumbs to her lush charms, he remains adamant their engagement should remain broken. Fortunately, Erin isn't someone who gives up easily.

Patrick O'Rourke has seen a lot during his two years away. After a tragic incident, he's convinced he's no good for anyone, especially his innocent young fiancee. He's not the same man he was two years ago and he doesn't want to defile Erin with his needs and desires. But from the moment he walks through the door, she makes it perfectly clear she's not going anywhere and she's unwilling to surrender without a fight. He tries to scare her away, allowing the dark side of his personality to take over. Instead of running away, however, Erin embraces the new experiences he offers.

Good communication and some hot, unconventional sex - that's what it takes to heal two wounded hearts.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal sex, bondage, Domination/submission, spanking.
Patrick stood and walked toward the bedroom, telling himself he only wanted to check on her well-being. He stopped for a moment at the door. Allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness, he had no trouble seeing Erin curled up asleep in his bed. She’d kicked the covers off and the short nightgown she had on last night was rucked up her legs, exposing her full pale hips to his hot gaze. The tiny matching string bikini she wore barely covered her. Her hands were tucked under her head and with the moon shining into the room he was sure he saw the tracks of tears dried on her face.

Just as he was telling himself to do the right thing and leave her alone, Erin turned onto her back. The material of her nightgown strained across her chest, while her bountiful breasts practically spilled out of the confines. She must have sensed his presence in the room, because she blinked and slowly opened her eyes.

It had been two years since they’d been together and real life was better than fantasy any day. His own hand was no substitute for the lusciousness in front of him. He knew what he should do, what he had to do, but his body and heart were telling him something completely different. This was his woman.

“If you don’t get your ass out of my bed in the next twenty seconds you’re going to find yourself fucked and fucked hard.” His cock straining against his zipper was telling him to take what was presented. Patrick was certain she’d run at his threat, but she remained silent, just staring at him while he continued to gaze at the succulent offering in his bed.

Patrick loosened his pants and pushed them down over his hips. He stood naked before her, his cock standing in anticipation. Without a word, Erin opened her arms. He walked over and joined her on the bed.

“This is only sex.” He wanted to push her away but he couldn’t resist the call of her charms.

“Keep telling yourself that.” Erin reached out and grasped his cock, her soft warm hands stroking him.

Patrick groaned at her touch. He had to keep his head, if only for another minute. “You understand it doesn’t change anything, right?”

“Stop talking and come love me.” Erin released his cock and tugged him down to her.

He wanted to deny her words, but he couldn’t lie to himself as easily as he’d been lying to her. He still loved Erin and couldn’t imagine a time when he wouldn’t. Pushing back those thoughts, he rolled over pinning her to the bed.

Patrick began to kiss her jaw line, moving down to her neck. As he nibbled around her collarbone she shivered in response. Sitting up for a moment he reached down and pulled off the gauzy gown, exposing her more fully to his gaze. Her nipples immediately puckered, whether from the cool air or his stare, he wasn’t sure.

Erin was breathing heavily, causing her chest to rise and fall with every inhalation. Cupping a breast in his hand he massaged the ample flesh. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, biting and teasing it till it was rock hard. Turning to her other breast he took her nipple between his fingers and pinched it hard.

“So good,” Erin moaned softly, undulating under his rough touch.

He’d never been rough with her before, always treating her with respect and gentleness. The sight of her reaction sent him into overdrive. Releasing her arms Patrick traveled down her body, biting and kissing until he reached the apex at her thighs. He hooked his fingers in the string of her damp panties and pulled them off. Erin arched her body against him, silently begging for more attention.

“Tell me what you want.” He wanted to hear her say it, something she’d never been willing to do before. Erin had been a virgin the first time they’d made love and he hadn’t had much more experience. Although he often prompted her to talk about what she liked, she’d been shy to express herself in the bedroom.

“Inside,” she gasped. “I want you inside me.”

Patrick was surprised at her response and pleased at the same time.

“Like this?” His fingers slipped inside her, testing the depth of her arousal. She soaked his hand as she twisted her hips and dug her heels into the bed.

“More.” Erin was moaning as Patrick petted and teased her, pinching her clit before thrusting his fingers back and forth. Erin responded to his every touch, grabbing his hand and trapping it between her legs.

“No you don’t.” He pulled his hand back as she gasped, obviously intent on obtaining her orgasm.

Pushing her legs up, Patrick began nibbling at her knee, making his way along her inner thigh. As he reached her pussy he could smell the evidence of her arousal and see the glistening dew. Without touching her there, he gently blew, causing a sharp intake of breath from Erin. Chuckling, he switched to the other leg, licking back up her thigh to her knee.

“Stop teasing me.”

Copyright © Liz Andrews


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