Wolf-bound: Unfamiliar Territory

Rachel Bo

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Bonded to Damien and Devlin Blake -- two hot alpha wolves whose home in Wyoming spans acres of wilderness -- and pregnant with twins, Jenny Blake is perfectly content. The sex is fantastic, the companionship even better -- she's n...
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Bonded to Damien and Devlin Blake -- two hot alpha wolves whose home in Wyoming spans acres of wilderness -- and pregnant with twins, Jenny Blake is perfectly content. The sex is fantastic, the companionship even better -- she's never been happier, healthier, or more at peace.

That calm is shattered when Jacob O'Connail comes to town. He's gone rogue, and a rogue weyr, rare and dangerous, can't be tolerated. Damien and Devlin plan to track him down and neutralize him before he ravages more than just rabbits and deer.

Spurred by intuition and unexpected desire, Jenny intervenes at the last minute, struggling to reach the man inside the half-mad beast. His breath hot on her neck, she embraces the jaws of death, and the shock of their instant connection shakes the foundations of her world.

Torn between safety and danger, security and intrigue, tradition and undeniable attraction, Jenny and the three men struggle to find their way through unfamiliar territory. When the path to healing a mind is healing a heart, four passionate people discover that only love can find the way.

  • Note:This book contains very explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage, domination/submission, heterosexual menage (m/m/m/f), sex while in were-animal form, violence.
Jenny paused, her hands poised to drop a silky negligee over her head. An unearthly howling split the night air, sounding very close. She shivered involuntarily.

Damien slipped his arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck. “Chilly?”

Jenny shook her head. “No, it’s that sound.”

She felt his head move and knew he was sharing a glance with Devlin. She turned and looked from one to the other. Dev, reclining on the bed in all his naked glory, raised an innocent eyebrow, but she sensed the rising tension in the room.

She faced Damien, capturing his gaze. “What is it?”

He shrugged, pulling her close -- well, as close as her rounded belly would allow. “It’s nothing,” he murmured, lowering his head to press his lips to hers. She opened her mouth to protest, but his tongue snuck in, its silken touch stealing her breath away. She moaned, permitting the nightgown to flutter to the ground as she ran her fingers through his sandy brown hair, tousling his curls.

He growled. In one smooth movement, seemingly effortless, he had swept his arm under her knees and was cradling her, carrying her to the bed. Devlin scooted over, and Damien deposited Jenny between them. Straddling her legs, he leaned over, planting feathery kisses across the middle of her taut, round tummy.

“Mmm. That’s nice.” Warmth suffused her belly. The children within stirred. “Oh, look! They’re moving.” Dev sat up, his hands joining Damien’s, resting on her belly, feeling the tiny hands and feet move against them.

Devlin’s blue eyes shone like a sunlit sky. “No matter how many times I feel that, it’s still incredible.” He leaned over, his lips brushing hers. “It’s so beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

Jenny’s nipples tingled as his mouth lightly caressed hers. Moaning, she caught his bottom lip between her teeth, sucking gently.

Dev growled, thrusting his tongue between her lips. His hand glided along the curve of her belly, fingers sliding between her legs.

Jenny sighed and spread her thighs invitingly. Damien grinned and bowed his head. Devlin’s fingers slipped inside her pussy just as Damien’s mouth closed on her throbbing clit.

Jenny moaned. Devlin’s tongue stroked and glided against hers, imitating the movement of his fingers inside her pussy. She moaned again, opening her legs wider.

Damien’s teeth nipped her clit. She whimpered, pressing her hips up. His tongue danced, first stroking along the length of her slit, next probing her swollen nub. Corkscrews of electric tingling spread from his probing tongue to her slick pussy.

Gasping, she reached out, burying her fingers in his hair, urging him on. Devlin broke away, sitting back to watch her face as his fingers plunged in and out of her weeping slit. The tip of Damien’s tongue flicked back and forth across the apex of her clit. Jenny bucked and whimpered, her fingers tangling in Damien’s curls. He caught her hand and pulled it away. Sitting up, he flashed a wicked grin, sliding two fingers into her pussy alongside Devlin’s.

“Yes!” Jenny clutched the bedcovers, her gaze darting from one to the other of her lovers, drinking in the sight of their bright blue eyes darkened with lust, their mussed brown hair, streaked blond by the sun, framing their beloved faces.

Damien’s gaze locked onto hers. Wiggling his eyebrows, he buried his two fingers deep inside her, probing that delicious spot that drove her wild. Jenny gasped and arched. Alongside his, Devlin’s fingers glided in and out, faster and faster. Her pussy spasmed. She thrust, meeting them stroke for stroke as the pressure built within her pelvis.

Damien reached out with his free hand, capturing her clit between his thumb and forefinger, milking urgently. “Damien, yes!” Pleasure burst from her clit, flooding her groin. She pressed her thighs together, arching, trapping them both inside her. “Damien, Devlin! Oh, God, yes. Yes!” Her pussy exploded with delight, contracting, milking their fingers the way Damien was milking her clit. “Oh, God, yes,” she sobbed, tossing her head as her body shuddered in ecstasy. “Yes, yes, yes.”

When she was finally aware of her surroundings again, she reluctantly parted her legs. Dev grinned, shaking his hand to restore circulation. “That’s quite a grip you’ve got, lover!”

Heat flared in her cheeks. “Sorry.” Then she shrugged. “Hey, it’s not my fault you guys drive me wild.”

“And vice versa.” Dev stretched out next to her, lying on his side. His hand found hers, guiding it to his thick cock.

Jenny grinned, wrapping her fingers around him.

Damien joined them, snuggling up close on the other side. Jenny walked her fingers across his abdomen, teasing the tip of his ripe cock with her fingernails. He groaned, stroking his shaft as she tickled.

Jenny squeezed her left hand, running it slowly from the base of Dev’s cock to its glistening head. At the same time, she surrounded the tip of Damien’s with all five fingers, pressing just below the ridge of his swollen head and twisting back and forth.

They both groaned. Devlin covered her hand with his, tightening her grip, stroking with her while he watched their hands move together. Damien closed his eyes, raising his hips, massaging his own cock while she pressed the palm of her hand against its glistening tip, still twisting.

Damien gasped. His hand froze on his cock. “Quick, Damien! Please.” Jenny opened her mouth. He shuddered and sat up, swiftly straddling her shoulders. She pressed her lips around his glistening head, scraping her teeth gently across its tip.

He bucked, driving his shaft into her mouth. Her gaze found his, locking onto those deep blue pools, drowning in them as she sucked, harder and harder, circling her tongue over, under, around. She probed the opening from which she’d drink his essence, darting the tip of her tongue in and out. Damien gasped. His hands grasped her head, holding her tight as he thrust deep.

Devlin’s fingers tightened on her left hand, where she still stroked his cock, his eyes sparkling with delight as he watched them, enjoying their pleasure every bit as much as they did. “That’s it, baby. Take him.”

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