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A Happy Effin Valentine by Stephanie Burke Effin had nothing but bad luck and misery until that pretty kitty passed her way. Suddenly bad dates, bad clothes, worse sisters were a thing of the past. To add to her change in fortune...
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A Happy Effin Valentine by Stephanie Burke
Effin had nothing but bad luck and misery until that pretty kitty passed her way. Suddenly bad dates, bad clothes, worse sisters were a thing of the past. To add to her change in fortune, it turned out that her new cat was actually a lucky, lusty shape-shifting Neko. But could she believe in the staying power of her luck and her sexy lucky charm?

Into Temptation by Lena Matthews
Themed parties are never a good idea, especially when they incur the wrath of a God.

All Billie Fowler wanted to do was spend a little extra time with her office crush, Tomas Mendez. And if it was after hours at a party, where she could wear a little slinky number, even better...or so she thought. The notion that a small Anti-Valentine Day’s party might turn into the craziest night of her life never entered her mind, but on the other hand, she had never been on Cupid’s bad side before.

Tired of being cast in the role of ‘just friends’ with Billie, Tomas couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend the day of love with the woman he’d fallen for. However, Tomas hadn’t counted on Cupid showing up and turning one misspoken wish into reality.

Now under a spell, Billie and Tomas are locked on a sensual roller coaster that’s been engineered by a sulking love deity who's gone missing. Giving into temptation might be their only saving grace ...but then again, so might love.

Tag's Folly by Eve Vaughn
Nothing makes Dr. Taggert Webster wearier then the two words “love” and “marriage.” Having grown up in an environment where “marriage” meant “the time before divorce” and “love” meant nothing, he wants to avoid them both. Unfortunately, his live-in lover Alex doesn’t share his opinion. Her need for his love and a deeper commitment is driving a wedge between them and ruining what he considers a perfect relationship.

During a heated argument, Tag mutters, “I wish you’d leave me alone...” And soon discovers the true meaning of the words “be careful what you wish for.” Not only does Alex leave his life for good, she doesn’t remember their past year together. With Alex gone Tag realizes his folly; he’s loved her all along.

Little does Tag know that Psyche granted him a wish in exchange for saving her life. Now they’re both in hot water. With her help, Tag must get Alex to remember what they’d shared before Valentine’s Day or the wish will become permanent.

  • Note:All three novellas in Wild Wishes have been previously released in the same versions. They have been combined and re-released as an anthology for your convenience.
An Excerpt from Stephanie Burke's "A Happy Effin Valentine" in Wild Wishes

Masataka was not having a very good century.

He mewed, lifting one leg and eyeing his scrotum carefully. Nope, didn't need a tongue bath yet, he decided, lowering the leg, nose still twitching at the unfairness of his life. The only good thing about being stuck in this form was easy access to his balls. If he were in human form, he would never be able to twist his spine to essentially blow himself.

Of course, if he were in human form, he could find someone to do it for him.

But he was not in human form and it was all because of that bitch—and he meant that literally—who had ridden his cock like getting him off would save her life.

How was he to know that that luscious kitsune was already mated? She was the one to openly flirt with him.

How was he to know that it was her wedding day? Or that her chosen mate was a nine-tailed kitsune of great distinction?

The female fox-shifter had just smiled at him, licking her chops as her mate busted into the room, his bi—his glowing foxfire power—leading him directly to his mate and pulling her off him on the down stroke.

“One final bit of mischief,” she explained to her irate mate, “before I settle down.”

That was all well and good for her, Masataka had groused as she walked out of the room, but that left him with old Nine-tails to deal with.

“Look,” Masataka tried to explain as he pulled the rumpled den sheets over his naked lap. His prick still stood erect and shiny, a testament to how well the female kitsune was getting off on her little ride. “I didn't know she was taken.”

Twitching his nose, his eyes glowing in extreme anger, the thousand-year-old shifter pointed to the window behind Masataka's bed.

“Oh,” Masa managed, blinking dumbly at what he saw. Despite the gently falling rain, the sun was shining brightly, the ancient sign that a female kitsune was getting ready for her wedding march. “I guess I never noticed,” he muttered absently. “I mean, she followed me back here last night and we've been going at it since yesterday.”

Masa smiled as he thought of the pale red head of the female kitsune, bobbing up and down in his lap as he held onto the bed sheets and prayed that his head wouldn't explode.

A stupid grin spread across his face as he wiggled his ass in remembrance.

“I mean,” he continued, “have you ever seen such a fine ass on a female? Full and round, and high and tight—an unusual thing in Asian women. Though I guess that she's not really Asian,” Masa reasoned out loud. “I guess this means that she can take on any shape she wants…” His word trailed off as he took in the seriously pissed off look on the ancient kitsune's face. “Oh, dear.” He slumped in his bed. “I should have guessed she was a kitsune when she swallowed my dick, fingered my balls, vibrated her neck muscles, and threw up that ball of light so I could see her work, huh?” Somehow this didn't make the nine-tailed fox-shifter smile. “This is going to cost me, isn't it?” The still silent fox-shifter nodded. “This is going to hurt me more than it could ever hurt you?” Again the fox-shifter nodded. “And I'm seriously not going to like it, am I?”

“It's not all your fault.” The deep, rumbling voice of the elder fox-shifter radiated power. “Though if you paid a bit more attention to your surroundings, neko, this would have never happened.”

“I am seriously regretting letting myself get picked up at that tavern,” Masataka added, hoping that his ignorance would grant him a small reprieve.

No such luck, he realized as the fox glared at him.

“As a cat-shifter, you should be more observant. That is the one great trick of the neko that is unsurpassed by any other shifter. But I am thinking that maybe you are spending too much time in human form. It's dulling your catlike abilities. So, in order to help you, I am going to ensure that you get lots of time to work on your shortcomings.”

As he spoke, a definite powerful glow began to surround him.

“You need to spend some time getting to know yourself better. And to do that, you really need to be in your cat form.”

He waved his hand and a huge ball of brilliant white light formed before the ancient kitsune.

Masataka opened his mouth to speak, but the ball slammed into his chest, spreading fire throughout his system, forcing his body to transform. In the blink of an eye, Masataka's whole perception shrank and suddenly the world became a much larger place.

He opened his mouth to speak, but only a pitiful mew emerged.

“You are…cute like this.” The kitsune chuckled as he stared at the small black cat who stared up at him with owlish amber eyes. “And to make sure you get lots of practice at being observant, I'm sending you to a place where no one will recognize you for what you are and try to take you in. Cat form you are, and in cat form you shall remain until you learn to be more observant and you use that to make someone wish for you to stay.”

Masa screeched his disapproval and the kitsune laughed further. “You, my hapless friend, are going to America.”

With his screech of denial still ringing in his ears, Masataka found himself flying through time and space to end up…in the lower section of Baltimore, Maryland. And for roughly a hundred years, here he remained, watching and observing the humans who were so different from the humans that populated his native Japan.

For the first few years, he hung around, picking up the language and learning culture. The next years were spent fighting off normal cats and animals, creating and marking his territory, and ensuring his safety.

After that, he spent his time observing these people and their strange ways.

And he discovered something about himself, too.

He was an ass man.

Kami, he loved a phat ass on a woman. Not a flabby or an out-of-shape one, but an ass that was round and high and tight, and partially the reason he was in this predicament in the first place.

Oh, he still hoped that fucking bitch of a kitsune gave her mate rabies or some other form of social disease. But after the amount of time he had spent in the US, his anger had faded dramatically.

Besides, here in this wonderfully liberated place, he got to experience a whole new class of ass.

There were the wide-hipped and curved at the bottom ass of most white women. In a way, it was similar to the Asian women he was used to. Then, there were women from India who had wide asses that were slightly rounded, but were hidden beneath the layers of clothing they wore. Native American women were few and far between here, but the few he managed to scope out had fine asses, both wide and full, but not that high. Latino women…Kami, he loved them because their asses were wide, full, and high. And the way they danced, hips winding, asses jiggling…Latino women knew how to work their hips. But that brought him to his most favored of asses, the black woman's ass.

They were round, high, tight, and full. They came in several shades and textures, and most came with the ability to do the most wonderful ass-jiggling dance moves he had ever seen.

They got low with it!

They shook it like salt and pepper shakers!

They worked that back, made that ass jiggle, ground it down and bumped that ass all around.

The sight of a well turned ass doing the butt jiggling dance of the hour made him retreat to the safety of his territory and lick like his dick was going out of style.

He loved asses of every ethnic group, savored the sight of each one, and relished each for their individual attributes and characteristics and style, but the asses of the black women were top among his favorites.

He studied women, observed their mannerisms, learned what turned them on and what turned them off. He was confident that he observed them so much, he could happily choose his mate from the selection this city offered alone.

Now, if only he could get out of this cursed cat form!

He had been licking himself for a hundred years and never really got any relief. He imagined when he turned human again he would have one grandiose case of blue balls.

He shuddered at that thought and shook himself out of his musings. He had things to do.

There was territory to defend, balls to lick, and asses to observe.

Being a cat wasn't all that bad, but damn, he sure missed pussy.
Copyright © Stephanie Burke, January 2006
All Rights Reserved

An Excerpt from Lena Matthews's "Into Temptation" in Wild Wishes

So maybe the party wasn't that bad, after all. It wasn't every day that a girl's dream man professed he wanted her. For Billie, it was a first. So new, in fact, that it left her speechless.

In the wake of her silence at his comment, Tomas brushed his thumb against her bottom lip. “Cat got your tongue?”

His touch, though fleeting, caused a chain reaction to go off in her body. Her hands were sweaty, her nerves were wracked. Billie's heart began to beat a tattoo so loudly she thought it might overpower the subdued beat blaring behind the closed door. Her pleasure felt juvenile to her. All of this because she was standing close to Tomas.

In an action telling of her nervousness, Billie moistened her lips again, as she tried to think of what to say. “Fuck me, you big Latin stud,” came to mind, but thankfully, the words froze on her lips.

She was bold but not psychotic.

Tomas, on the other hand, didn't seem to be suffering from the same nervous dilemma. Stationed over her, he peered down into her eyes, as if trying to see into her soul. His gaze was probing. His body, large and looming, made her feel delicate in comparison, and he smelled damn good.

How the hell was she supposed to think when she could hardly breathe?

“I don't think I've ever seen you this quiet before, Holiday.”

“We've never been this close before,” she countered, feeling even more foolish for her sudden shyness. What the hell was wrong with her? He was just a guy. A really good-looking, great smelling, nipple-hardening, panty-dampening guy, but a guy, nevertheless.

“Not from lack of desire on my part.”

“What do you expect me to say when you say things like that?”

“That you want me too.”

Billie laughed softly. “Do you really need me to tell you that?”

“Need? No,” he replied with a quiet laugh of his own. “But it would be nice.”

“What happens when I say that?”

“I take you in my arms and never let you go.”

Her stomach dropped to her feet. Was he for real?

Men didn't really talk like that. Not in real life. There was probably a reason for it. There were only so many condoms Trojan could make in a year. His simple words had her salivating like a rabid dog, primed to jump him at his command. Either she was incredibly horny, or he was damn good.

Maybe it was a wicked combination of the two. “You're working awfully hard to get me into your bed.”

“I don't just want you in my bed, Billie.” He used her first name, something he hardly ever did. “If I thought sex could purge you from my soul and mind, I would have moved quickly to make love to you. But it's just not sexual desire between us, is it?”

“I don't know.” Her voice was husky with desire. “The desire is pretty potent. At least on my part.”

Tomas chuckled harshly. “It's not just on your part. But there's more, isn't there, querida?”

Billie wasn't quite sure what querida meant, but she liked the way it sounded. “Much more.”

She couldn't lie to herself any more than she could lie to him. He was right. If it was just a sexual attraction, they could have easily taken care of it at any time. They were both consenting adults who didn't need to fool themselves or each other with talk of a future just to bed one another. Yet here they were.

“I want you, Billie, but it won't be just for tonight.”

Was that supposed to sound like a threat? Because it sounded damn good to her. “You move awfully fast.”

“Seven months is fast to you?”

“It is when this is the first time you've spoken of it.”

“I had to wait until you would let me in.”

“You're not in yet,” she teased.

The sensual smile that she loved so much spread across his face. “Yet?”

“You know you're getting some.” Reaching out, Billie slid her hands up his chest, loving the feel of his muscular torso under her fingers. The slick cotton added to the pleasure, and she imagined how nice his shirt would look on her bedroom floor.

Tomas's breathing deepened under her wandering hands, but he never made a move to touch her. Simply allowed her to go at her own speed, familiarizing herself with his body.

Not wanting to go into forbidden territory, Billie kept her hands above his belt buckle, although she did drift by occasionally to run her finger over the leather.

“You're a lot a bigger than I thought you would be.” The second she said the words, Billie wished she could have recalled them.

Even Tomas, who had been on his best behavior, burst out laughing at her comment. “Trust me, querida, you haven't seen anything yet.”

With his dare thrown down between them like a gauntlet, Billie wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him. “Show me, Tomas. Show me everything you have to offer.”

Tomas moved quickly, scooping her up into his embrace. “I warned you before this won't be for just one night.”

“That's what I'm counting on.”
Copyright © Lena Matthews, January 2006
All Rights Reserved

An Excerpt from Eve Vaughn's "Tag's Folly" in Wild Wishes

The minute he slid into bed, she knew he wanted to make love. He always did, but if he thought he was getting some black tail tonight, he had another think coming, especially after he'd told her earlier today to get off his back and stop nagging him about forming a permanent union.

Tag moved closer to her, a hand landing on her shoulder.

Alex forced herself not to respond. She wouldn't let him do this to her. He'd have to learn that he couldn't always have his way.

“Alex, I know you're awake, so stop pretending you're asleep. You're not even breathing like someone sleeping,” he whispered, brushing his lips against her ear. She held herself tightly to keep from shivering.

“I'm not in the mood, Tag,” Alex hissed through clenched teeth. She knew without looking that he was already naked. He never wore anything to bed.

“Oh, I can change that.” She heard the amusement in his voice and wanted to punch him. He captured her earlobe between strong teeth, the slight sting of his bite making her gasp in surprise and pleasure. Damn him. Tag knew how nibbling on her ear drove her wild with desire.

“Tag. Please don't. I told you I'm not in the mood.” She groaned, and her pussy starting to tingle. He continued to nip at her sensitive flesh like he hadn't heard her. “Tag,” she moaned, knowing that she was on the verge of giving in.

“Yeah, babe?” He turned Alex onto her back. She looked up into his twinkling black eyes.

“Why do you always do this to me?”

“Because you like it. What's up with the nightgown?”

“I told you—”

“And I told you that if you ever wore a nightgown to bed, I'd rip it off.” The feral gleam in his eyes told her that he wasn't kidding. Before she could protest, Tag ripped the covers away, gripped the front of her nightgown in his hands, and tore it down the front.

“Tag, stop it!”

“Never. You knew the consequences. I bet you even wanted me to do this—you knew it would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Well, you've messed with the bull and it's time for the horns.” When Tag went into Alpha-mode, Alex knew there wasn't a damn thing she could do to change his mind. Besides, he was right. Hadn't she secretly wanted to him to do this?

He continued his task of stripping her with urgent movements before sliding on top of her and burying his face against her neck. He pressed hot kisses into her heated skin, such that there was only one thing she could do.


Her fingers dug into his thick, black hair, holding his head against her. The warmth of his breath sent pulses of ecstasy down her spine. Tag's kisses were making it hard for her to think, but at this point, Alex didn't care. The angry words of this morning's argument no longer mattered. The only thing worth thinking about at this moment was the pure, unadulterated lust coursing from her head to her toes.

“Oh, Tag.” His tongue grazed the hollow of her throat.

“That's more like it,” he growled.

Tag nudged her thighs apart with his knee, rubbing the length of his cock against her moist slit. The rock-hard shaft pulsed and rubbed, teasing her. She wished he'd hurry up and move it into her, but she knew he'd only give in when she could no longer articulate her desires. That was one thing that made him an excellent lover. He always took her body to the heights of passion, making her so hot she could barely breathe before he screwed her senseless.

He shifted to the side of her and trailed a finger down the center of her body.

“Tag,” she moaned helplessly, the way she did every time he touched her. His finger didn't stop until they reached her throbbing cunt. “Touch me, please,” she begged, arching her hot sex against his palm.

“You want it bad, don't you?” A knowing grin lit his face.

“You know I do, dammit. Don't tease me!” Alex grabbed the hand cupping her and mashed it against her pussy. She felt certain she'd die if release didn't come soon.

“Eager, aren't you, babe?” he taunted, and if she weren't so damn horny, she'd knee him in the nuts for torturing her like this. “I thought you weren't in the mood.”

“Shut up, and fuck me!”

“No dice, babe. I want to play with you a little first.” His middle finger slid between her folds, grazing the sensitive button nestled at the top.
Copyright © Eve Vaughn, January 2006
All Rights Reserved

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