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What do you do when the boy you loved becomes the man you should forget? Doyle and Livana were childhood friends who found themselves torn apart by fate. She’s waited for Doyle for more than a decade. When Doyle returns t...
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What do you do when the boy you loved becomes the man you should forget?

Doyle and Livana were childhood friends who found themselves torn apart by fate. She’s waited for Doyle for more than a decade. When Doyle returns to town ten years later, the villagers whisper about his frightening black moods, but Liviana feels almost as close to Doyle now as she did when she was a child.

Doyle is a drug addict and his buddy just might be Satan. Then again, maybe Doyle hallucinates.

Their passion simmers, but something is in the way. Is the man Doyle has brought with him a friend, an enemy, or something even more?

She thought she’d imagined the words at first. She’d been sure he wouldn’t show up, or at least not so soon. It’d taken hours, sometimes days, for the black moods to go away before.

But Doyle was here and she ran to the door.

He had propped himself up against her door, looking as if he was willing to wait there forever. Not that he had to.

“I’m here to tell you I did want to see you. I do want to see you.” He smiled down at her. “Always.”

He looked different from an hour ago. The signs of strain were gone from his face and his eyes glittered. He had been handsome even when he looked ill, but now he was beautiful. He looked golden and glowing. For a moment there was something in his look that worried her, but the worry was gone in a wash of pleasure.

His arms were around her tightly. His mouth was on hers.

His tongue had made her shiver when it touched her hand. Now it was doing amazing things, wicked things to her own tongue and it made her want to moan.

“Innocent.” She thought she heard him say. And then she was sure she heard, “And sweet.”

She nipped his lower lip with her teeth. He drew back and looked down at her. For a moment her breath caught. What had she unleashed? He looked predatory. Maybe Doyle could frighten her after all.

“Perhaps not so sweet.” He drawled the words out a little roughly. “But always just right.”

“Doyle.” Livana touched his cheekbones, let her fingers drift down to his chin. She knew she was hungry to touch more but was unsure what to do.

“Shall I see what you can promise me now, Liv?” His fingers were far more knowledgeable in their caresses than hers. She shivered when he opened the buttons of her shirtwaist.

“Anything, Doyle.”

He paused at that and looked at her. Then he smiled, almost dreamily. “You’re so beautiful, Liv. I can see the heavens in your eyes. I want to see more. I need to see more. I want to fly into heaven with you.”

“Doyle, you scare me a little.” Liv felt him divesting her of her skirt and then her undergarments. “You make me sound so unearthly.”

“Aren’t you named for the moon, Liv? Your grandmother told me that once. Livana means white for purity and the moon.”

“I’m afraid you’ll find me ordinary.”

He didn’t pause in undressing her. Liv realized she stood naked before him and wondered if she should feel modest or embarrassed. She realized she felt neither. She’d wanted him for so long -- so many years of waiting.

He looked at her for a long time and she could feel her nipples begin to tighten. And then she felt more ...

She didn’t know how to describe what she felt -- heat, wetness, excitement, fear and desire. She could tell that Doyle was feeling something similar. The fit of his pants had changed. She wasn’t completely stupid after years of living in the country. Doyle was sexually aroused from looking at her.

Good. She wanted him to be that way around her.

“Never, ever ordinary, my own Liv.” He moved forward and she felt his clothed body against her naked one.

She had never felt an erect man before, but she knew what was pressing against her flesh. Her teeth clenched. What was she supposed to say or do or --

Doyle touched her between her legs and his fingers once again knew what to do to give her ease and torment at the same time. She could feel herself growing wetter. He must know she was too.

“Ahhh.” She breathed the sound out. “Doyle, let me see you. Let me feel you the way you’re feeling me.”

He hesitated. “It isn’t dark yet.”

“No. Not quite.” Dusk was coming soon but the light was still bright.

He bent and gently let his tongue taste and fondle her nipples. They grew erect and tight, and she bit the inside of her lip to keep from crying out.

He looked up, no longer touching her, and she almost clutched his head to make him return. “I’m a fool. Anyone could come by and see you.”

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