Why Me?

Treva Harte

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Cassie’s hearing voices. They’re telling her that someone wants to kill the leading candidate for the presidency. She knows it’s crazy to listen to them. It’d be even crazier to act on them. Wouldn’t ...
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Cassie’s hearing voices. They’re telling her that someone wants to kill the leading candidate for the presidency. She knows it’s crazy to listen to them. It’d be even crazier to act on them. Wouldn’t it? After all, who would believe a housekeeper? But when the bad guys come after her -- with nasty threats and guns -- she knows going to have to trust someone.

Wynn Harmon is a telepath. He’s kept his powers secret for all his life. In the political circles he travels, he’s had no choice. Now, though, it seems someone wants his candidate dead. When his way-too-smart and sassy housekeeper starts overhearing his thoughts and talks to a psychiatrist, she lands them both in a whole heap of hot water.

Cassie’s employment arrangement with her exotic, eccentric client didn’t involve saving the world. Nor did it involve sizzling, telepathically-enhanced sex on the run. Sometimes things don’t go as planned -- and sometimes it’s better that way. Much, much better.

All Cassie wants to know is, “Why me?”

  • Note:Why Me? was previously released from another publisher. Though it has been edited for re-release, the content has not been substantially altered.
“The Bide-A-Wee Hotel?” Cassie couldn't stop chortling. “I can't believe I'm actually staying at a place that really calls itself that.”

She wasn't even totally sure what state they were in. Wynn had just shrugged when she asked and told her it was probably better if she didn't know. He was just driving randomly -- if he didn't know, no one would.

“Get used to life on the wild side with me, Cassidy Majors. This is only the beginning.”

Cassie looked at the air conditioning unit in the window that had kicked on with a roar of sound but very little cool air to show for its efforts. She could see Wynn was silently studying the dust on the bureau.

“Yeah. I can tell life as I know it will never be the same again.” Cassie's laughter stopped.

That wasn't much of a joke after all.

Wynn switched on the one dim working lamp near the twin beds. He sat on one of the beds. Wynn wasn't laughing either. He was staring at her.

All of a sudden her mouth felt dry.


No one ever called her that.

“What, Wynn?” She tried to sound casual.

She didn't feel casual.

Everything she had been trying to ignore was bubbling up. They were in a motel room together. Just one room. Now that could mean nothing. They could be just buddies who happened to be sharing a room. There were double beds in the place.

On the other hand, it meant something to her. Wynn wasn't just the guy with an aura, just her mind-talking buddy in telepathy. There was a definite physical side to him. Oh, shoot, he was the sexiest guy she'd ever met. Cassie wasn't sure why but she'd given up trying to figure out why. Obviously tall, thin, spooky guys with intense stares and slow smiles turned her on.

She might as well admit that she wanted to have more than a telepathic link with him. What she couldn't figure out was why she was suddenly getting the feeling he was interested in her, too. She hadn't ever felt that before.

Cassie looked at the two beds and then looked away. What would he say if she just told him she wanted more from him? That she'd like to go to bed with him? Before he'd probably have just laughed or stared. She thought. Now she wasn't sure.

Wynn couldn't help looking at Cassie. He tried to play it cool, but he couldn't. She puzzled the hell out of him. He almost thought she was interested in -- well, she seemed interested in him.

She was oddly appealing, sure, but he'd been interested in women before. He could get them, too, sometimes, especially if he let himself peek into their minds.

The problem was, he had no confidence in actually keeping a woman interested. They didn't know about his gift, but something about him was different. Sooner or later they began to retreat from him. They always did. He wished he knew how the difference showed so that he could camouflage it more, make himself fit in better, but he never had.

Usually that difference kept women away from him unless he made a real effort to be with them. Usually the effort wasn't worth it.

But Cassie kept thinking he was sexy without him even trying to interest her. He had actually doubted his -- her -- thoughts at first. But she kept thinking it. She was still thinking it now. He didn't know why she believed he was some kind of stud, but he finally gave in and admitted to himself that he desperately wanted to live up to her expectations.

“Wynn?” She spoke it aloud this time. Oh, God, he could tell he was making her nervous now. “What do you want?”

And he could smell her. In this small room he couldn't escape. Wynn wasn't sure he'd ever been this near, this long to a woman in his whole adult life unless he was there for sex. He knew he couldn't remember ever before noticing what a woman smelled like. Not even when he was there for sex. He couldn't describe Cassie's scent but by now her perfume made him hard.

He imagined her clothing littering the room, him touching them and smelling them, and he swallowed. How could he stand being in a motel room without trying to sleep with her? By now he could tell when she was close to him, just from her scent.

Bloody hell, all his senses told him when she was aroused and the whole thing drove him crazy. Everything about her drove him crazy.

Whether he failed her or not, he had to try.

I want more from you, too. I'd really like to go to bed with you. No. That's not right. I'm dying to go to bed with you, Cassie.

Copyright © Treva Harte


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