Werewulf Journals 4a: Panty Express

Camille Anthony

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Contrary to human law, Andrea's no child and she's got the hot new bod to prove it. Unfortunately, she also has the unfulfilled desires that go along with it. It's time to convince Chase that, far from trying to protect her from h...
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Contrary to human law, Andrea's no child and she's got the hot new bod to prove it. Unfortunately, she also has the unfulfilled desires that go along with it. It's time to convince Chase that, far from trying to protect her from himself, he'll have to rev up his game just to keep up with her!

For three years Hunter's teased Chase by sending pairs of Andrea's panties. Chase's men call them the Panty Express because they show up faithfully every month. It's nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment, since a mature wulf needs sex like spring needs flowers.

This Valentine's Day, everything changes. The Panty Express is packing heat, sending a message Chase can't mistake. His mate has thrown down a challenge and Chase has every intention of taking her up on it.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Dream sequence of foreplay in shifted form, masturbation, violence.
“Goddess Moon, Andi, I’ve got to have a taste of you!” With no more warning than that, Chase dragged her over onto his lap.

His hard mouth came down on hers and Andrea gasped, shuddering under the flood of scalding sensations. His mouth, his lips, played hers softly, a contrast to his firm and masterful grip on her forearms. She moaned at the assault, her insides liquefying as his forceful tongue swiped over her clenched lips. This kiss promised to be every bit as potent as the one they’d shared in the church lobby before her mom’s wedding. Now, like then, he wasn’t satisfied with her closed lips.

With a growl of discontent, his tongue pressed hard at the seam of her mouth, wordlessly demanding entry. When she didn’t respond quickly enough, Chase lifted his head and gazed down into her eyes, hazel irises lit with the golden glow of prechange. “I want that pink little tongue. Open for me, my own.”

Any idiot could see he hadn’t meant it as a request. She almost swallowed said tongue at the gruff, sexy command. Gulping, Andrea complied, feeling the heat as Chase’s focused gaze burned her from the inside out. Skin prickling with nerves and the edgy tingle of arousal, she opened to him because she could do nothing less.

His tongue swept in…tangled with hers, claimed her mouth, and…fire raced under her skin, small explosions of lust popping and fizzing in the wake of his lips. Oh gods, she melted in his arms, melted between her legs. She knew he could smell her surrender, almost taste her growing need for him.

Chase tore his mouth away to drop quick, hard kisses along her neck. He ran his tongue over the white scar of his mark, igniting a blaze along her skin. “Mother Moon…your mouth is so sweet…so hot!”

Andi twisted, too antsy to hold still as his broad hands shaped and molded her slight curves. She shook, fisting her hands in his hair as his low-voiced groans vibrated along the tender flesh of her breasts. “Take me in your mouth, Chase. Suck my nipples, please!”

Her nipples burned, beaded, and pushed against the material of her bodice, the silky swatch suddenly feeling coarse and scratchy against the sensitive nubs. When his broad palm captured one small hill, fingers pinching the jutting point of her left breast, she screamed into his mouth, excitement and fear pooling and swirling in her belly.

“Yes! Scream for me, baby,” he crooned gently before taking her mouth again. Mouth moving on hers, Chase pulled down her bodice and flicked open the front closures of her strapless bra, smoothing the edges to either side so he could cup her meager flesh in the palms of his hands. “It’s okay… I’ve got you, baby. I swear I won’t hurt you, but I have to see… Let me look…” His words trickled away as his body went rigid. He stilled.

Andrea froze. Please let him like them! Please let him like them!

Though she was practically blind in the limo’s dim interior, she knew Chase was gazing at her exposed breasts, could see every inch of the insignificant curves. Was he disappointed? Was she too skinny, her breasts too small? Anxiety was a tornado swirling in the pit of her stomach. Trembling, she watched Chase’s thumbs brushing across her air-clad nipples. They stiffened harder under his firm flicks.

“Oh, baby, you’re beautiful here!”

Andrea melted against Chase, shuddering, glad beyond measure he was pleased with what he’d uncovered. A moment later, her mouth opened in a soundless cry as he caught one sensitive tip in his mouth, pulled it up against the heated pressure of tongue and teeth, and began suckling in greedy draws.

Keening, her back bowing, Andi arched her torso under his hands as her body exploded out of her control. She clawed at his arms and then at the hair at the nape of his neck, demanding more of the frighteningly delightful sensations his mouth was engendering. “Oh God, Chase, I’m burning up!”

In the darkness of the limousine, he lifted her voluminous skirts and sent one broad palm coasting up the valley between her shaking thighs, so close to touching her aching, swollen flesh. She widened her legs, hoping he’d take the hint and touch her there, where she burned and wept.

Chase lifted his head, letting her nipple pop out of his mouth. The warm air of the dark, enclosed space swirled around the engorged tip, bathing it softly. She missed the hotter environs of his mouth, the way his lips curled around and caressed her needy breast, missed the strong pull connecting her nipple directly to her weeping vagina.

His mouth moved, but instead of taking her back between his lips, Chase spoke. “I want you, Andi, but we’re not children to be satisfied with playing games. If we don’t stop now, I’m going to fuck you. Our first time will be right here in the back of this limousine.”

Did he think she took that as a threat? Andrea loosened one of her hands from the stranglehold she had on his biceps and placed it over his lying high on her thigh. Not high enough. She moaned, “Don’t stop!” and dragged his hand up until it covered the damp curls shielding the swollen lips of her sex. “Please, Chase…don’t stop!”

“I won’t. I can’t now.” His lips captured hers as his hand cupped her mound, applying pressure to her clit and labia. “You’re so wet for me, so hot and juicy. You’re going to burn me up when I take you.”

Andrea twisted her torso until her breasts mashed against the stiff material of his tux, the broadcloth abrading her jutting tips, sending her spiraling into a higher state of arousal. Her fingers made short work of unbuttoning his shirt. Chase kept his hands and fingers busy stoking the fire building in her blood while she spread the tails of his dress shirt wide. A greedy moan fell from her lips just before she latched them around the flat brown nipple buried in a thick mat of golden fur.

His chest expanded under her hands and mouth as Chase caught his breath in an uneven sigh. “Fuck, yeah! Suck me, Andi, baby. I love the feel of your mouth on me.”

She obeyed him, and he rewarded her by sinking one long, facile finger deep into her flooding depths. The sudden invasion startled her. Instinctively, her knees tried to snap shut, but his broad shoulders prevented the impulsive action. One hand supporting her back, the other starting a slow, steady pumping action, Chase primed Andi, stoked her banked fires into a heated conflagration, circling the naked, sensitive underside of her clit.

Andi’s belly drew taut. She released his nipple and keened, knees coming up, widening as her body responded to the jagged bolts of sensation searing her gut. Need ate at her like shards of splintered glass, cutting up her self-control. “I hurt, Chase… Please, I want you so badly.”

“You’re not ready yet.” Chase added another long finger, slowly fucking in and out of her. “I’m big, baby. You need stretching or I’ll hurt you when I enter you. Just relax and enjoy.”

“I’m so ready,” she retorted, panting and pumping her hips up, trying to force his fingers deeper. She could hear the liquid noise those two limber digits made, twisting and scissoring inside her.

Chase ignored her pleas, bending his mouth to reclaim hers, stealing her breath as he continued working her sex like a virtuoso. Her arousal flowed freely, coating his fingers, spilling out around them to slick the tops of her thighs. He added a third finger, tongue lapping in her mouth as she mewled at the pinching pain.

Andi groaned as her intimate flesh stretched uncomfortably to accommodate the extra girth. Her fingers dug into the hard muscles of Chase’s forearms. She tore her mouth away, gasping for air. “Ah!”

“Shh!” He hushed her, wicked mouth traveling to her throat, drawn back to his mark over and over. His tongue bathed the sensitive patch, sparking miniature explosions at the site and throughout her straining body. “Almost there, sweetheart.”

Chase withdrew his fingers and twisted, moving to lay her down against the soft leather of the bench seat. Hanging over her, he smiled down at her, one hand coming up to brush down the side of her cheek, smoothing away a tear she hadn’t known she’d shed. His eyes and teeth gleamed in the dim light, warm breath washed over her chin, then her breasts as he slid down her body, raising her skirts as he lowered his torso, heading for the delta of her thighs. He pushed the billowing material into her hands saying, “Here…hold this.”

Copyright © Camille Anthony


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