Werewulf Journals 4: Sated Pleasures

Camille Anthony

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As a charter member of the paranormal NHP, shape-shifter Indigo is used to taking charge in Hunter's absence. With Aricles at her side, this werewulf murder investigation should be a snap -- but she doesn't work well when distract...
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As a charter member of the paranormal NHP, shape-shifter Indigo is used to taking charge in Hunter's absence. With Aricles at her side, this werewulf murder investigation should be a snap -- but she doesn't work well when distracted. If only that pesky Prince Rickard would keep out of her way. He's disrupting her focus, using those ice blue eyes and pretty-boy looks to tempt her into what can only be a brief, but intense affair.

Ruling Prince Rickard of Drestovia is used to women falling at his feet. He loves them and leaves them panting for more. It's not that he's fickle; he just hasn't met the woman who can hold his interest once he's bedded her. And then there's his dear friend Pavel...

Rickard will find Indigo may be more woman than he can handle...while Indigo will learn no matter what shape she's in, Rickard fits her to a T.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, domination/submission, homoerotic sex m/m, menage (m/f/m), sex while in shifted animal form, spanking.
Kaila came partially awake as Pavel slipped his hands under her shoulders and hips. She turned into his embrace, snuggling against his broad chest. “Meeting over with?”

Rickard answered her drowsy question. “Yes, drouch, now we have time for you.”

“You never told tell me what ‘drouch’ means.”

Pavel chuckled. “Here comes the vocabulary lesson…”

Rickard lightly punched him. “Shut up, you. She asked me. Drouch is an ancient Drestovian word with many meanings, all of them terms of endearment.”

Kaila looped an arm over Pavel’s shoulders and twisted her head a bit to bring Rickard into her sights. “What do you mean when you say it to me?”

Rickard smiled. “It means, ‘Little heart,’ ‘Beloved one,’ ‘Desired one’…all of those.”

She glanced over at Pavel, just in time to catch the two men sharing a surprisingly hot gaze. Kaila turned back to Rickard. “What does it mean when you say it to Pavel? Your voice sounds very different than when you use it for me.”

Rickard blushed. In the dark, lit by a brilliant moon, she easily saw the wash of hot color flood his pale features. She wished she hadn’t asked.

Long after she’d given up hope of an answer, Rickard whispered, “Heart’s home.”

“Ohhhhhh.” Breath going out of her on a sigh, Kaila lowered her head back on Pavel’s chest. For some reason, she felt like crying. “That sounds beautiful. I have never been…”

Pavel’s arms tightened about her, cutting off her forlorn statement. “You are mine, drouch. You are my heart and my home.” He spoke so close to her ear, the wind of his words brushed her ear causing her to tremble. His voice, gruff and low, touched her soul.

She pulled his head down to hers, meeting his mouth with open heart and lips. The dark ecstasy of his kiss ran through her like napalm, detonating erotic explosions that flamed at her nipples and clit. The resultant burn had her thighs clenching together in urgent need.

“Take me home. I need you to fuck me again.”

Rickard’s hand joined Pavel’s at her back. “What of me, Kaila? Darkness still covers the world. This night is not over and it still belongs to me…”

She glanced over her shoulder at him, eyes widening as she took in his expectant expression.

As he had done to her, she delayed her answer until the hope in Rickard’s pale silvery blue eyes began to fade. “You are our beloved one. Desired one, come to our bed. Come and fuck us.”

Us…?” Pavel and Rickard spoke in unison, their questioning voices synced.

She nodded, smiling. “When you are both inside me, the two of you can touch, loving each other as you love me.”

They came together with unhurried touches, long, lush kisses and it was all the more powerful because of the gentleness. Tongues caressed, hands soothed, mouths shared until the two men could no longer hold back.

This time, Pavel lubed his cock to ease his entry, sliding his demonically thick length inside her with slow easy thrusts that soon had her arching in blissful surrender. “Now, Rickard,” he urged gruff-voiced. “Join us.”

Kaila glanced over her shoulder to see Rickard preparing himself. The absence of a condom bothered her for a moment until Pavel’s warm mental reassurance eased her concerns.

Except with me, he’s never gone without a condom. He’s clean and so are you. As for me, wulves don’t have, nor can we transmit human diseases.

Pavel hadn’t based his earlier demand that Rickard use a condom on the threat of disease. He was simply too possessive of her to allow another male -- even Rickard -- to spend inside her pussy without protection. She found she loved the idea of accepting no one’s seed but his, so as she waited for the prince to prepare her, she stretched up and kissed Pavel.

I love you so much, love the way you feel inside me, filling me up, making me burn.

Not half as much as I love you for accepting me, accepting this. Pavel looked beyond her to where Rickard knelt behind Kaila. He’s almost ready for you, baby. Remember to relax. Relax and enjoy.

Rickard warmed the lube between his hands and worked it into her tiny puckered sphincter with firm yet gentle touches. He applied a generous dollop to his stiff erection, slathering his cock good. Fitting the slippery blunt head against her quivering entry, he rolled his hips, pushing in.

The broad rounded tip punched through the puckered slit and Kaila’s head snapped back on her neck. She hissed through her teeth at the pain shooting up her spine. “Hurts!”

Rickard paused, waiting for her to adjust. He rubbed her lower back, his husky voice murmuring encouragement. “You forgot to push out. Push out, Kaila, and let me all the way in.” His hand dropped to her clit and circled.

Lending another layer of distraction, Pavel palmed her breasts, fingers tweaking her stiff nipples. Groaning, he pulled her torso down to his lips, replacing his hands with his mouth. He slurped at her crests with carnal hunger. “I love your rigid little nipples,” he growled, voice gone thready. “They’re like hard candy drops that don’t melt in my mouth.”

Above her, Rickard gripped her ass cheeks, fingers sinking into the full mounds as his cock squeezed through the tight elastic mouth of her anus. He held still for a moment, letting her adjust.

Below her, Pavel rocked up and she felt his thick penis filling her pussy, felt him rubbing his cock along Rickard’s through the thin membrane separating her pussy and anus. Cocooned in their arms, impaled on their cocks, Kaila moaned, loving the decadent sensations.


She opened her eyes and glanced down to find Pavel’s eyes burning with that incandescent glow that presaged his change. She shuddered, catching fire from the excitement flaring in his hot gaze. “Y-yes?”

Copyright © Camille Anthony


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