War Tribe 1: Demon's Captive

Stephanie Snow

When battle ravages her world, Charity is left without family or friend. Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live. After a desperate flight for her life, she is caught by the cruelest...
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Full Description

When battle ravages her world, Charity is left without family or friend. Invading warriors from the sky decimate the planet and deem her people unworthy to live. After a desperate flight for her life, she is caught by the cruelest of their enemies, Commander Melmanon.

Melmanon is a hero renowned for his terrible bloodlust and legendary tortures, and, bored with the war, he's restless for new challenges. When Charity eludes capture for six days, his pride takes a beating and he plots his revenge carefully. But in her complete submissiveness he finds a perfect prize, and he abandons his plans for murder to make her his 'torture slave.'

Unwillingly seduced by the brutal domination of her master, Charity quickly becomes enthralled. Even the harsh lash of punishment cannot dim her sexual craving, and she is torn between the urge to flee...and the desire to stay.

As this hardened warrior uses his defenseless captive for his pleasure and her own, he finds that giving can be as satisfying as receiving. Torn between the monster he has been and the man that wants the love of his slave, Melmanon must decide if it is better to be loved...or feared.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage, domination/submission, dubious consent, flogging, interspecies sex.
He pulled her lower body off the edge of the bed until her legs lay draped over his forearms, and his hands held her buttocks. Her first instinct was to fight, to try to hold him off. Reality intruded swiftly, and Charity opened her eyes to look at her tormentor with weary acceptance.

There was nowhere to run; no one to help her. It was either fight and suffer for it, or acquiesce to his wishes. One would certainly bring only pain, and the other may be more easily endured. Letting her hands fall back to frame her face, Charity turned away from the sight of her lower body poised against his own.

“You’re right, you know.” His words brought her gaze back to his face. “This is far less…damaging…than what I had intended.” He pressed his hips forward until the tip of his shaft pressed against her wet center.

His hands cupping her bottom, she felt his thumbs part her labia, feral growls rumbling in his throat as he pushed past the resistance of her body. Gasping moans came from her throat as he used shallow thrusts to burrow deeper. His size alone kept him from plunging forward; once he worked most of his length inside, he’d reached the end of her channel. Pulling out, he repeated the process, and she blanched at the tightness of her body around his invading cock.

Charity had never felt so dominated, so helplessly aroused in her whole life. The sharp contrast of her captor’s fearful appearance and tender treatment made her desire a sharp and ungovernable ache. Between her legs, the thick plunge of his sex balanced her on the knife-edge between pleasure and pain. As the rise to climax peaked, she focused on the savage visage of her warrior.

Shame at her reaction to his touch flooded her heart. Digging her short nails into the tender skin of her palms, Charity turned her face away and forced herself to remember the terrible crimes committed against her people by this beast and his armies. With the images of war so fresh in her memory, she held the pleasure at bay.

“Ah, you’re so fucking tight.” Marveling at the hot suction of her sheath gripping him, Melmanon wondered if he had become perverted. Certainly sexual domination was a large part of war tribe culture, but it was only used against one who fought. To subdue those who did not fight was not normal. He could not deny that he had never been so stimulated.

Without the necessity of holding her down, he leaned back, watching as her lips spread wide to receive him. Intoxicated by the vision of her pale body, he settled into a gentle rhythm, unconsciously careful not to cause her needless pain.

Unable to delay his pleasure a moment longer, Melmanon stroked deeper, building speed until he fucked her at a steady pace. A tingling at the base of his spine signaled his release, and he sank deep one last time as he came, spurting his burning hot seed into her body. Grunting in pure animalistic response, he gave several quick, shallow thrusts to prolong the pleasure.

Still gripping her hips, he raised his head to look at her, and found her face averted, her eyes closed and her hands clenched on either side of her head. One small fist was pressed tight to her mouth.

He touched inside her mind, felt her shame and the discomfort his size had caused, but also, unfulfilled desire. The knowledge that she had reacted against her will made him want to fuck her again. Still deep inside her, he felt himself becoming smaller. His member would never soften, but remained hard and unyielding, even in repose. He withdrew only slightly and felt her tight body clasp him like a glove. He began thrusting again, aware he still filled her well.

Less careful of his size, he fucked her in earnest, pounding as he hadn’t been able to before. With each slap of their bodies, he sensed her climax edging closer. When she was close, he thrust his finger into her anus, probing briefly, and sending her into a blazing orgasm.

Melmanon watched as she clenched, then growled as the muscles of her cunt milked him. The sensation of her climax renewed his erection. He withdrew from her clinging pussy and used his grip on her hips to flip her onto her stomach. With her legs spread wide, he lifted her slightly and pressed his shaft deep, enjoying the even tighter resistance in this position. He used their combined wetness to lubricate his finger before pressing it into her ass.

Charity was torn between discomfort and unfamiliar pleasure, but as he continued to slowly fuck her pussy and ass, the pleasure warred for dominance. When she couldn’t hold back her moans, she felt a second finger enter. He was merciless and tireless, rhythmically pounding until she felt an unwilling orgasm approaching. As the wave broke, and she writhed in ecstasy, the two fingers in her ass spread, bringing a wave of pain that only heightened her pleasure, causing more broken cries to issue from her throat.

He removed his fingers and quickly replaced them with his cock, and pushed until she felt her sphincter give. Her body tensed under him, and her hands gripped the sheets as she begged for mercy.

“No, no, you’re hurting me!” With only the tip of him inside, he paused at her words.

“Now you’re getting the idea.” The mean words were accompanied by a thrust, sinking deeper as she clenched futilely against the invasion. “Push out.” His harsh tone was belied by the stroke of his hand against her hip. “Relax.”

Fighting against her instinct to do the opposite, Charity took advantage of his momentary pause to force herself to relax, letting all of her weight rest on the bed. As soon as she felt the last bit of tension slide away, her captor began again. She did as he instructed. The stinging was still intense and sharp, but somewhat improved.

As he began to withdraw, the sensation changed. Over the pain a dark pleasure crept, drawing her nipples tight, and making her moan until he slid in again.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Copyright © Stephanie Snow


Customer Reviews

Hot enemies-to-lovers story Review by Karma♥Bites
"Demon's Captive' is a surprisingly well-developed story, given its novella length. Credible storyline, very good world-building, and a nice variety of secondary characters. Definitely has non-con/dub-con scenes but IMO, Ms. Snow succeeds in riding that fine line and ending up on the erotic kink side. However, I hesitate to classify this as BDSM per se—maybe BDSM-themed? Yes, there were BDSM-like scenes but they were set up as punishment, not as play for mutual pleasure. And to me, that's an important distinction.

Only tiny drawbacks would be the H getting a bit too "soft" and that the ending was more HFN -vs- HEA. But oh my, there were some hot scenes! Did I wish that this was longer? You bet. :D
(Posted on 3/1/2014)
A must read! Review by Margaret
One of my all time favorites, this book will jerk you around. Earth has been invaded by the War Tribe and humans are running for their lives. Charity manages to hide for a couple of weeks without being found until they send Malmanon after her. One of the last of his kind, his rough personality and blood red skin reminds her of a demon. At first Malmanon plans to just kill her, but soon finds that there are more pleasurable ways to use her. Charity, it turns out is a submissive and does not fight her captor as he uses her - even finds pleasure with her new master. Eventually Malmanon realizes that Charity is worth more than just a torture slave and feeling start to evolve.
This story is totally a Stockholm (captive falls for captor)/Lima (captor falls for captive) story. There are multiple places in the book where there is questionable consent, but the author is good at working both characters at the same time so that the reader doesn't become too horrified or scream 'rape! rape!'. However this book is not for the faint of heart and even then this book is something else.
(Posted on 10/5/2013)

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