Veterans: Nothing to Lose

Mechele Armstrong

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Every weekend, former army man, Richard Rollins watches his new neighbors throw their decadent sex parties without feeling anything. All he does is watch, just as the neighbors do. The past has numbed his emotions, save one. Gu...
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Every weekend, former army man, Richard Rollins watches his new neighbors throw their decadent sex parties without feeling anything. All he does is watch, just as the neighbors do. The past has numbed his emotions, save one. Guilt. Until one night, Niki waves to him.

Niki and Bryan are intrigued by the man, who watches them, more than the people screwing in front of them. Their parties have become boring. So, they decide to find out just who this man is. Their way. With vibrators and remotes and lube. And each step takes them closer to knowing Richard and wanting to know more.

Suddenly under the aroused attention of his neighbors, Rich thinks it’s a game, but plays along. Putting the control of their sexual exploits in his hand tempts Rich more than anything else has in a long time.

But when self-reproach seeps back into Rich about his past from when he served in Afghanistan and Iraq, Niki and Bryan will have convince him he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by falling in love.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual situations, m/f/m menage.
Richard propped his boots up on his patio table and took a swig of his whisky, letting it burn all the way down his throat. He blew out a breath of alcohol-warmed air before listening to the crickets and katydids sing their quiet night sounds. Tranquility soothed him in ways that he didn’t deserve before the restless sleep of nightmares came to disrupt any peace he might have.

Only it didn’t stay quiet long.

Giggles broke through the humid air.

Lots of them.

He turned his head to survey his neighbors, who accompanied several people outside of their house. The others went down onto the lower deck and into the backyard. The lights, which illuminated everything in their path of brightness, clicked on, activated by the motion.

A few lightning bugs zigzagged through the air. The night sounds stopped, and the lightning bugs would fade, driven away by the noise and light.

The new neighbors, who’d taken the house next door a couple of weeks ago, had shattered a calm he’d enjoyed for three years living next door to an eighty-year-old widow. The houses were ungodly close together for such a small town in the country. He’d heard they’d been built by two brothers who’d wanted their places to be near enough they could see what the other was doing. The buildings were closer together than a lot of houses in the suburbs. He could see most anything he wanted to in their backyard or deck from his backyard or deck. No other houses around meant he’d been witness to things no one else had, no matter what the gossipmongers tried to say.

Another party. Must be Friday night. He hardly paid attention to the dates, but could set his calendar by the entertainment next door. Friday and Saturday nights meant something went on. Something wild.

He watched as a giggling woman ran past the newly installed hot tub. Watched as a man grabbed the back string of her bikini to untie the knot holding it closed.

She squealed, turning with her hands over the now loose patches of cloth. Not that she should have bothered. The two small scraps of material didn’t do much to conceal her tits. Even from a distance, Richard had seen them near to bursting out.

One more tug and the top came off. The man pulled her against him, dipped his head, and must have taken her nipple in his mouth from the angle of his head.

Another squeal -- and a look on her face exhibiting bliss.

Richard closed his eyes.

No bliss for him. Why didn’t what these people did fill him with something? Anything?

When he opened his eyes, another man had come up behind her. He watched as they lowered the willing woman to the ground, ripping off her swimsuit bottom.

The second man stuffed her mouth full of cock, and the first tugged off his shorts to mount her.

Moans echoed where only insect sounds had been a moment before.

Since when had he turned into a fucking Peeping Tom?

Since the neighbors seemed so determined to put on a show for him to watch. Beat reruns on TV.

He sat outside every night, drawing peace and strength from the dark, tranquil countryside. But lately, his Friday and Saturday nights had been a damn sight less peaceful, and more entertaining than they had been. Yet, he kept sitting outside and didn’t leave once things got going. He’d stay until he couldn’t take seeing what unfolded before him anymore, or rather, when he couldn’t take not feeling anything about what he saw.

The first man pounded into the woman on the ground before lifting his head much like a wolf about to howl. His body spasmed.

The second man bobbed until he let out a cry, as well.

Both men collapsed with the woman on the ground.

Until another man and woman duo joined them for another round of orgy. Other people’s clothes flew through the air, tossed to the side. Cocks poked up through the humid night air, looking for sucking targets.

So many townspeople had made cracks about the new neighbors. Rumors abounded about them. Richard hadn’t confirmed or denied the speculation, leading to even more rumors, not even a quarter of which were true. They’d be as gossiped about as serial killers before long, if the talk continued.

Everyone said the same thing in hushed whispers whenever Richard came around. “How will straitlaced Richard Rollins deal with the pair of ‘wild childs’ who’ve moved in next door?” and “He’ll be scandalized.”

He’d never permitted himself to even smile at the comments that filtered his way on the breeze.

If they only knew that not much could scandalize him, but they only knew of him since he’d moved into their midst. Once upon a time, he hadn’t been straight-laced. Before things had changed in him. Too long ago and too many things to even think about. Perhaps that was why he permitted himself voyeurism.

He wasn’t the only one watching.

On the upper deck, a golden-haired woman, matched by a golden-haired man, sat together on a lounge chair.

While Richard had seen them watch and fondle each other, they never joined in with the partygoers. Not once in the time since they’d moved in.

Why did they throw such parties, never to partake in them?

A puzzle.

His gaze settled on the woman, who sat in front. She wore a two-piece bathing suit. He couldn’t tell exactly what color, but something light. From what he’d seen of the other women over there, she was modest. Her scraps always covered the appropriate areas. Long, curvy legs set beneath rounded hips. A delicate ankle sported something shimmery. An ankle bracelet. He’d noticed it before in a glimpse of her around town. Her blonde hair crested to her mid-back, thick and wavy. Even from this distance, he could tell her mouth was pouty and lush.

His cock, which had partially hardened in pure instinctual response to the orgy, rose to full stiffness.

As it always did when he saw her.

He’d seen prettier women come to their place, but never the same women, of course. None of them drew his eyes like she did.

The man behind her wasn’t hard on the eyes, either. Rippled muscles within a lean build. Tall. A strong jawline. A slight tan while his woman was pale. Hair always tousled.

A golden couple. Even their last name, Gauld, meant gold in Spanish.

A couple.

They were married. He’d gathered that much from the locals in town. They loved to gossip about the new people, Niki and Bryan Gauld.

She lifted her head, her sight directly on him.

He could feel its weight on his skin as it seemed to bore right through him.

If he could see her, she could see him. Granted, he didn’t have the light effects outdoors that they did. Nor did he have the show they put on, either.

So he sat, continuing to watch the couple, drinking in their golden goodness. Not that any would rub off on him.

Until she held up her hand and curved her fingers. She motioned to him, inviting him over. Instead of using one finger, she beckoned with them all.

Temptation wore a bikini, had a silver ankle bracelet, and had a muscular man beside her.

His breath hitched.

Too old for this shit and undeserving, Richard got up before stalking back into his house and slamming the door behind him.

Copyright © Mechele Armstrong


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