Veterans: For Love of the Corps

Bobby Michaels

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Mike learned a lot from the Corps, not least of all that he was gay. He fell in love with his boot camp best buddy Scott, and Scott loved him right back. But then Scott went and got himself killed in Afghanistan, and Mike wanted t...
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Full Description

Mike learned a lot from the Corps, not least of all that he was gay. He fell in love with his boot camp best buddy Scott, and Scott loved him right back. But then Scott went and got himself killed in Afghanistan, and Mike wanted to die along with him.

Instead, he got wounded and had to drag his ass back to his unit so he could try again.

Then he made platoon sergeant and had his hands full keeping his unit together. It was enough, something to do, and then he met platoon lieutenant Paul and fell in love again. And this time they got out.

But with the war on in Iraq, it’s an open question how long they stay that way.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual situations.
Having Scott in my arms was wonderful, but I finally figured out that I needed to do something with him. I rolled him over and got on top of him. I didn’t know how he’d deal with that, but it seemed to be the right thing to do because he wrapped his arms around my neck and sighed deeply.

“Oh, yeah. Make love to me.”

“Uhh…I’m going to, but I want to take my time. I’ve never done this before.”


“Well…I’ve fucked girls, but that was not making love. For the first time I get to do the things I’ve always wanted to do with a guy. And a guy I really want to do them with.”

“You go ahead and take all the time you want. I’ve wanted you to touch me for so long that anything you do will be sure to get me off.”

I don’t know why, but Scott’s words caused me to have a complete change of plan about what I was going to do. They suddenly made me realize that what this was all about was not just me getting me getting off, but me getting him off too. That was certainly different than all those times with girls. If they got off, I sure didn’t know it, nor did I care. It was all about me. About me getting off. About me shooting a load. But with Scott, I was concerned about whether he got off or not. And not just because he was a guy and getting off is very important to guys (in fact, most of us feel like, what’s the use of putting out all that energy fucking if you’re not going to get off?), but it was important to me, because for once in my life, it wasn’t just all about my pleasure but his too.

I moved my face down to his neck, and the scent of his skin set me off. I loved his scent, but now I got to not only know what he smelled like, but what he tasted like as well. I locked my lips to his skin, and as my mouth sucked gently on it, my tongue bathed it, tasting his saltiness and the taste that is his alone. I was careful, however. I didn’t want to leave any evidence of what we’d been up to. There would be hell to pay back at the barracks if Scott came back with hickeys on his neck. Oh, the guys would think he’d been out with some girl, but then Scott would have to make up a story to cover that, and I would as well, since it was known that we went on leave together. Instead, I contented myself with sucking gently and doing far more tasting than biting.

I licked my way down Scott’s neck until I encountered his smooth chest. I loved the smoothness of his skin as my tongue glided over it. Unlike my hairy chest, Scott had nothing but a broad expanse of hairless skin. As I licked across it, I discovered one of his tiny nipples. Now, I knew that girls’ nipples were sensitive, but I had no idea guys’ were. Having never played with my own or had somebody touch them, I had no way of knowing. But the reaction I got from Scott when my tongue brushed across his nipples told me that his were quite sensitive -- perhaps even more sensitive than the few girls’ tits I had licked.

I locked my mouth around his small nipple and began to once again gently suck. Scott moaned in delight, and I could feel his nipple erect in my mouth like a small, hard rubber eraser from the end of a pencil. The more I sucked and licked at it, the more Scott groaned. He began to move under me, trembling as if what I was doing to him was more than he could stand. But when I took my teeth and gently began to bite and nibble on his tits, Scott made as if to rise vertically, bending in the middle. All he managed to do, however, was to shove his chest harder against my face and his tit harder into my mouth.

I finally let up on my torture of his nipples and moved down further on his body, dragging my tongue across his abdomen and into his trimmed blond bush. At least I thought it was trimmed at the time. The hairs were sparse and short, but soft -- almost like the hair on a baby’s head. Not dark, thick, and wiry like mine. Later I was to learn that he didn’t trim them -- they were like that naturally. I buried my nose in them and deeply inhaled the scent of male crotch -- Scott’s crotch. The sweaty, musky odor was totally enthralling to me. I could have stayed like that forever, just breathing in the scent of him, but there was something getting in the way. Something hard and substantial. That fleshy tube that I had seen for twelve weeks and wanted so badly to touch, to lick, to suck.

Scott’s cock wasn’t as long as mine, but I thought it fit him perfectly proportionally. More importantly, I thought it would fit my mouth perfectly -- something my own size probably wouldn’t. I rose up to engulf the head with my mouth, and it was then that I tasted the sweet/salty essence of his precum. I loved it immediately. I lay there, my head resting on his stomach, sucking gently on the head of his cock and licking across the head, gathering all of the sticky sweetness his cock produced.

Scott, however, quickly told me he couldn’t take any more of what I was doing as it would make him get off much too quickly. I forsook his cock and decided to continue in the same direction I had been going. I licked down his cock until I reached his balls. His balls were as hairless as mine were furred. But they gave off a wonderful odor and taste nonetheless. I moved around until I was lying on the bed between Scott’s legs and licking at his sac and sucking it into my mouth to cleanse the sweat and musk from it. I kept following the line that bisected his sac until I reached that part of a male’s body called the ’tain’t, because it ’tain’t balls and ’tain’t ass, but that patch of skin between them.

Scott groaned as I licked there and raised his legs, pulling them back almost to his chest so I had a clear shot at what I was licking. However, in doing so, he also gave me a clear view of the furrow of his ass and his pulsing hole. Of course, it also gave me complete access to the scent as well. One whiff of his butt and I realized that no matter how much I’d gotten off on my own scent while I jacked off, it was nothing in comparison to how turned on I was to Scott’s. I ran my nose up his hairless furrow, breathing in as deeply as I could the scent of his butt. But I didn’t stop there.

I guess I got carried away, because before I knew it, I had closed my eyes, my tongue came out, and I was tasting his ass as I continued to move up and down inside his trench. I was afraid that Scott would think I was some kind of pervert and would stop me, but he didn’t do anything but call out to me to keep going.

“Yeah! That’s it. Eat my butt -- eat my fuckin’ ass! Shove your tongue all the way up it!”

Now that’s something I hadn’t thought of doing, but if that’s what Scott wanted, I was more than happy to comply. I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it, however. Finally I decided to lock my mouth around his little puckered hole and began to suck on it at the same time that my tongue poked at it, trying to gain entry. Gradually, the hole loosened and opened to my probing tongue, and before I knew it, I was licking up inside of Scott. It wasn’t nasty like I’d have expected it to be. Instead there was a dark muskiness which excited me to no end. I licked and sucked until I thought I was going to eat the asshole right out of him. Instead I was stopped by hearing something I longed to hear from Scott.

“Fuck me! God! Shove your cock in me! I need it sooo bad.”

Copyright © Bobby Michaels


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