Undercover Submission

Melinda Barron

Kennedy Tyson's life isn't going according to plan. As she nears her fortieth birthday, she's still working two jobs to make enough money to pay her bills while she works on her novel. When she meets her idol, Grace Shelley, she's...
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Kennedy Tyson's life isn't going according to plan. As she nears her fortieth birthday, she's still working two jobs to make enough money to pay her bills while she works on her novel. When she meets her idol, Grace Shelley, she's thrilled to get an autograph. But she gets much more when she and Grace strike up a friendship.

Superstar Cedric Dawson never fails to attract the ladies. He just hasn't found the right one yet. When his friends Grace and Toffer introduce him to Kennedy he's intrigued, especially when it's so obvious she's a sub. But when he approaches her she turns him down. She'd love to have a Dom, yes, but she doesn't want to submit to someone who goes through women like water.

Dom Cedric takes her words as a challenge and he sets out to work his way into Kennedy's heart. And what better way for an actor to work his magic than by dressing up as a famous lover. Cedric will take Kennedy as his sub. All it takes is a few Halloween costumes, and lots of role-playing.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage; D/s lifestyle; anal intercourse; spanking with paddle and whippings; use of leash; voyeurism.
“I think we’ve had too much alcohol to be in the pool.” Toffer swallowed the last bite of his torte and exhaled loudly. “Extra crunches tomorrow.”

“Got that right,” Cedric said. “Worth every bite, Grace, as usual.”

“Thank you, Ced.” Grace winked at him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Kennedy took another bite, then sighed. She wanted to add something witty to the conversation, but words failed her. Her eyes drifted to her manuscript, lying on the counter not far from them. She wanted to tear into it to see what markings Grace had made, read what she’d thought of the plot.

“How about a movie? Or we could play some cards.” Toffer smirked at Grace. “Would you like that, Gracie?”

“Yes, Master, I would. Let me just clear these plates.” She grabbed dishes, refusing Kennedy’s offer of help, then walked through to the kitchen.

“What about you, Kennedy? Do you like to play cards?” Toffer’s smile was genuine. Kennedy’s mind was still locked on the fact Grace had called her husband Master, like a good sub would. She cleared her throat, pasting a bright smile on her face.

“Yes, that would be fun.”

“I agree,” Cedric said. “How about strip poker?”

“Why am I not surprised at your suggestion?” Toffer laughed as he stood. “How about we make it an adult card game, yes? However, not something that’s going to embarrass our guest. Before we start, I’m going to go have a chat with Gracie. I’ll be right back.”

Kennedy had long ago switched from wine to tea, but a dizzy feeling still came over her as she realized Cedric was staring at her like a hungry lion who’d just spotted his mate, sitting with her hips in the air in invitation.

“We’re all friends here,” he said, his voice deep. “As a submissive, I know you caught Grace’s little slip.”

“I don’t know what you’re -- I’m not a submissive.” She cast a nervous gaze at him. There was no way she was admitting to it, not with him. Her heart ticked faster.

“A good Dom always knows.” His smile was gentle and she relaxed just a little. “There are subtle hints. The way you lower your gaze, your eagerness to please, to serve at the table, to help when things need to be done. It’s been a while, though, hasn’t it?”

“You’re wrong.” What was she doing? He was making a move, all but offering to top her, and she was being an idiot. Do it, Kennedy, do it.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” The hungry lion look was back. This time it came with a lustful grin. “Unless you want me to.”

I belong to you, Master Cedric, only to you. Whip me. Mark me. “Well, since I’m not a sub, that’s a good thing to know.”

He slid his hand slowly over the wood table and stroked her arm. “Relax. Nobody’s sceneing tonight. At least, not right now.”

His touch burned, the heat searing through her to center in her nipples. Her clit begged for attention as his thumb moved down to her hand. Another denial sat on the tip of her tongue, except it wouldn’t come out. There was no sense denying it, really, since he already knew. What would he expect of her? And could she scene with Cedric Davenport?

“Take a deep breath. I’m not going to strip you and chain you to the wall.” Kennedy’s nipples tightened even more. The erotic image slammed into her body and her already-aching clit throbbed even more. Please do, I like being chained. His hand was still on hers, his touch gentle but firm. She focused on his hand, then lifted her gaze to Grace and Toffer as they came back in the room.

Toffer set down a deck of cards, then started to separate them into piles. “The name of the game is Truth or Dare. We each get a suit from the deck. We shuffle them, then lay them out one at a time. Winner gets to ask the loser a question. And, of course, the rules of Truth or Dare apply. If you don’t want to answer the question, you have to take a dare. And, if we think you’re lying…well, we’ll handle that situation when we come to it. Everyone game?”

“I’m in,” Cedric said. He’d moved his hand when their hosts came back, and Kennedy missed his warmth. Her subconscious was screaming at her to say it was late and ask which room she was going to sleep in.

Instead, she nodded. “Me too.”

“Good.” Toffer slid a stack of cards toward her. “And, for the sake of saving a question, I take it you’ve already established the fact Kennedy is submissive?”

“Yes,” Cedric said at the same time Kennedy said, “No.”

“That no sounded like a question,” Cedric replied as he shuffled his cards. “We already talked about it. Don’t be embarrassed to let people know your true nature.”

“Excellent,” Toffer said as he put a stack in front of Grace. “Then there’s no question about any of us. Two Doms. Two subs. One deck of cards. Let the game begin.”

Go upstairs, Kennedy. Go up now. She repeated the words to herself as she studied the cards in front of her. This was dangerous. Very dangerous. There’s no telling where it would lead. And if it did lead somewhere, was she prepared to follow through? It had been so long. She missed submitting to a Dom so very much.

The worst part of this was she was so frigging transparent he’d noticed her true nature right off the bat. She needed to learn to shield herself more, obviously.

The fact Grace was a sub really didn’t surprise her. The idea had occurred to her as she’d watched the two of them together, so obviously in love, with it being clear Toffer was in charge and Grace loved it that way. Besides, it wasn’t hard to figure out the black lace choker she wore was really a collar. Why couldn’t she have found something like that in her own life?

“Are you all right?” Kennedy answered Grace’s question with a nod.

“Yeah. Let’s play.”

Copyright © Melinda Barron


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Great sequel Review by Taylor
A good second book in the grace series. A little more intense than the first book but just as enjoyable. (Posted on 8/28/2013)

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