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Product Review (submitted on November 12, 2014):

I had a little trouble connecting with Nadine Monroe. Even from the blurb, I knew she was going to hit a trigger of mine; I don't like cheaters. Sheer curiosity about Santiago Duran and the disease that had him on crutches is the sole reason I read this book, knowing I probably wouldn't like the heroine.

I was wrong. I liked Di (pronounced Dee, not Die) almost immediately. She lost her parents when she was nineteen years old. Her future husband, Stephen, stepped into her life almost immediately, taking over to help her through her grief and eventually taking over her life. Di is fiercely loyal to him for ten years, even though he is the most emotionally disconnected character you could imagine. He's not mean, he doesn't cheat or do any of the things that drive couples apart; he simply has little time or regard for Di. He doesn't like french kissing and schedules ten minutes for sex once a week or so. He's never home, leaving Di to fend for herself far too often. I liked her and never blamed her for cheating. I just wondered why she stayed with Stephen as long as she did.

That brings me to Santiago Duran. Diego is wonderful. He's handsome, with dark hair and a glorious smile. He's also crippled with Becker's muscular dystrophy, the mildest form of the disease, but still terrible. I found his courage, his strength of character and his charm irresistible. So did Di. Their one night stand was a revelation to her. So sexy it was unforgettable. It was also unforgettable because she was pregnant and had no idea if the baby was Diego's or Stephen's.

Why was Di so attracted to Diego? Why was she willing to cheat with a man she hardly knew? Di tells us that she has always been attracted to men on crutches or in a wheelchair. She thinks it's a fetish, one she feels guilty and freaky over. Is it? I don't know. Why is anyone attracted to their partner? Does every woman who ogles a man in tight jeans have a fetish, or is it just attraction? I don't know the answer, but it seems like simple attraction to me. I was certainly attracted to Diego, and I have no fetish about it. He was attractive on many levels; a compelling and lovely man.

And this was a compelling and lovely book. It's written from Di's point of view, something I always enjoy. It. Is. Flawless. Beautifully written, easy to read and throughly enjoyable. I sincerely believe that any reader of romance will fall in love with Di and Diego, just as I did.

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