Tygers 3: Sweet Silence

Melinda Barron

Sorcha Morales knows a good story when she sees one. Even after a judge puts a gag order on the upcoming trial surrounding mob boss Dustin Jaymes, she goes after the story she hopes will restore her reputation as a journalist. ...
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Full Description

Sorcha Morales knows a good story when she sees one. Even after a judge puts a gag order on the upcoming trial surrounding mob boss Dustin Jaymes, she goes after the story she hopes will restore her reputation as a journalist.

Dom Diego Fuentes knows Sorcha from the past, and he knows that she's a hot little sub in the bedroom who attacks life in the real world head on. But when she starts hounding his friends for information he has to stop her. Things are going great, until she turns the tables on him and leaves him chained to a wall.

Now, Diego is out for a little payback. He's not sure if Sorcha submits to him because she wants to pump him for information or because she's attracted to him, but he doesn't care. After a stunning weekend of bondage he thinks the little hellion will lie down and behave herself.

But he doesn't know Sorcha that well. She keeps digging, and the digging gets her into trouble that brings Diego to the rescue. He decides there's only one thing to do: team up with her during the day to keep her safe, and keep her tied to his bed at night.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal sex, BDSM (including bondage, domination/submission, punishment/spanking), exhibitionism.
At the door to room seven, Sorcha paused. This could turn out to be one of the smartest things she’d ever done, or the dumbest. She knew Diego Fuentes’s reputation. Her former Master had given her to him one night for a bondage session. A short one, true, but still a bondage session. He’d been gentle and kind, and very, very dominant. He was a no-nonsense Dom who never let a situation spiral out of control. He was always on top of things. Always.

He reached around her and pushed open the door. She walked inside, keeping her purse close to her instead of placing it on the table in the antechamber. She walked through the curtain, hoping to find Eric and Angel.

The room was empty, which disappointed but didn’t surprise her.

“They’re not here, are they?”

“They were. They might still be. But they’re not going to talk to you.”

“You lured me up here under false pretenses. I should tell Ty. That’s against club rules.”

“Go right ahead. Trying to bribe someone is against the rules too, and I never mentioned anything about a scene. I just asked if you wanted to come upstairs, and you said yes.”

“With the condition I talk with the three of you.”

“There were no conditions.”

She reached into her purse and took out a tape recorder. She hit the record button and held it toward Diego.

“Tell me about the day Eric arrested Dustin Jaymes.”

“No comment.”

“Did he really threaten to kill you?”

“No comment.”

“Is your hair green?”

“No comment.”

She flipped the recorder off in anger.

“I can protect you as a source.”

His smile made her knees go weak. He wasn’t handsome in the classical sense. She guessed him to be around five feet ten, maybe two hundred pounds, with broad shoulders and a massive chest. His dark hair was cut short and there were little flecks of green in his deep brown eyes.

She swallowed hard. “You don’t believe me?”

“What I believe is a judge told me to keep my mouth shut. He can put me in jail. You can’t.”

He walked toward the wall of bondage equipment, trailing his fingers over ropes and handcuffs.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we play? Just a little bit.”

She shook her head violently. “I told you, I don’t trade sex for a story.”

“I don’t plan on giving you a story, and I wasn’t proposing sex, so there shouldn’t be a problem. However, I could give you a great orgasm. Would you like that, subbie Sorcha? As I recall, you liked the one I gave you the last time I topped you.”

Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as he selected two pairs of handcuffs from the wall. He moved to another wall and attached them to rings. Sorcha imagined herself stretched between the rings as Diego wrapped rope around her breasts, around her waist, and threaded it down through her pussy.

Memories of her experience with Diego flooded through her mind. She hated to think that two years later she could still remember the smell of his aftershave as he’d leaned over her and bound her hands, wrapped the ropes around her breasts, and tugged on her nipples. It had been the only real sexual contact they’d had that night, but it had fueled her fantasies for some time after that. Thomas had known, and it had made him angry. He’d told her that, although he’d wanted to see her bound, he hadn’t wanted her to lust after the Dom who was doing it. She had lusted after Diego, and truthfully, still did. But she had been Thomas’s sub, and it had been good. For a while. She forced the memory of Thomas out of her mind. He’d been from Pittsburgh, and his job had taken him back. They’d both agreed that it would be best if she stayed in Albuquerque. He’d been her last Dom, and that had been two years ago, right before her fall from grace.

She’d been excited at her first meeting with the famous Diego, and she could admit now that she’d wanted to have sex with him, but Thomas had refused. Lisa, another subbie, had told her about sex with Diego, how explosive and intense it was, how his pierced cock felt sliding in and out of her body.

She looked down, and he cocked his head at her.


“Is it really pierced?”

His eyebrows arched with mischief. “Is what pierced?”

“Your cock.”

“Would you like to see it?”

Focus, Sorcha, focus! You’re not here for this. Maybe, just maybe she could sneak out, lock him in the room, and knock on doors until she found Eric and Angel. She’d been nice and tried calling, but they wouldn’t return calls or take hers, so she’d resorted to coming here, where she knew they played, hoping they would be relaxed and more in the mood to talk. Instead, she’d found Diego.



“You didn’t answer my question. Would you like to see my cock?”

Oh, fuck yes. I’d like to see it sliding into my mouth, and other places.

“Yes, but, that’s not why --”

“Come over here. No pain. Just pleasure. Submit to me tonight.”

Sorcha was tempted, oh so tempted. She wanted to build on their first experience together, and she could use the release, that was for sure. But, that wasn’t why she’d come here, and if she submitted to him tonight it would feel too much like compromising her journalistic morals, like she was trying to trade sex for his cooperation. She might have fallen in her career, but she hadn’t fallen that far.

She knew that if she just left, he would let her. No Dom in Tygers was into forcing a sub into submitting. But, she wouldn’t have time to search for Eric and Angel.

He turned his back to her, his hand still wrapped around the ring from which the handcuff hung. She had to get away from him, give herself time to search for her sources. She bit her lip as an idea formed. She knew it would end up badly for her, but she really had no choice. And he was going to be so pissed at her.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

She walked toward him and caressed his hand.

“Good girl. I think you and I might --”

She clicked the manacle over his wrist and locked it into place. The sound echoed in the quiet room.

He pulled against the chain, and laughed deeply. He turned toward her. He was smiling, but he wasn’t happy.

“You shouldn’t have done that. You’ve gone from being a good girl to a bad girl. I’m going to have to punish you.”

She backed away from him. “This story is too important to me, and you’re not going to talk. Tell me where I can find the other two.”

“Unlock me.” His voice was steely. “The key’s over on the wall.”

She shook her head and moved to the door. “I just need the time to search for them. I’m sorry.”

“Sorcha.” The anger in his voice was clear. “Don’t leave me here like this. I will find you, and you’ll pay, I promise.”

She hurried through the curtain as he yelled her name again. His deep, “fuck!” and the rattle of the handcuffs sounded ominous as she stood in the antechamber and tried to catch her breath.

Oh, my God…I just chained Diego Fuentes to a wall.

She would have little time, she knew. She was sure he had a cell phone in his pocket and was probably dialing it right now. The idea that had seemed so smart seconds ago now seemed so stupid. Why hadn’t she thought of a cell phone, or of what would happen when he was loose? Oh lord, what had she done?

Sorcha hurried into the hall, wondering which door to try. Would she be banned for this? She hadn’t played in a while, true, but she always loved it when she did. But she was pretty sure that handcuffing a Dom to the wall was breaking the rules, unless he’d given her his permission. She heard Diego yell again and turned toward the inner part of the club. Master Ty was coming toward her, a frown on his face.


“Crap.” She clutched her purse and took off for the stairs at a dead run. So much for her brilliant plan. Ty called out her name again, with more force, but she kept running. Not only wasn’t she getting an interview, but now Diego Fuentes was going to hunt her down, and probably spank her until she couldn’t sit for a week.

Copyright © Melinda Barron


Customer Reviews

Muy caliente Review by Crystal
This was very captivating (Posted on 8/25/2013)
heed this mindfuck alert Review by Michele
For a dom who promises her a weekend of mostly pleasure, Diego sure seems preoccupied with punishing Sorcha for every minor infraction he can charge her with. (Yes, I know many love the idea of being "punished," although I think the fantasy is much more exciting than having it done in real life. OUCH!) One scene in this book really squicked me out. Diego brings Sorcha into a dive bar and orders her to give him a blow job in front of a stranger. That idea already leaves me cold, but then he tells her that the guy is really his brother! EEWW. Diego thinks she should be ok with it because he kept her safe. But to me, that's abuse of power. (Posted on 10/1/2012)

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