Truth, Dare, or...

Jade James

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Truth, Dare or Threeway Nicholas, half owner of Faso Security, sets a plan in motion to bring himself closer to his human resources manager, Vanessa. He traps himself in the elevator, along with his partner, Benito, and Vanessa, ...
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Truth, Dare or Threeway
Nicholas, half owner of Faso Security, sets a plan in motion to bring himself closer to his human resources manager, Vanessa. He traps himself in the elevator, along with his partner, Benito, and Vanessa, and suggests a game. It's his plan to get Vanessa to reveal the truth of her feelings and Nicholas will do anything to win Vanessa's heart.

Benito, half owner of Faso Security and best friend to Nicholas, shares his love for Vanessa. He only wants to woo her, give her time to get used to the both of them before making their move. But Nicholas isn't as patient as he and he hatches a plan that will shed all of their inhibitions, paving the way for their threesome affair.

Being stuck in the elevator with two gorgeous men isn't a good thing. With the air conditioning out, the phone not working, and her bosses half naked, Vanessa agrees to play a game of Truth or Dare. The stakes are high as clothes are shed, and a three-way as hot as a furnace reveals the ultimate truth.

Truth, Dare, or Handcuffs
A proposition that went wrong. That's how Kane Strong would describe the night he'd made a threesome proposal to his lover of ten months, Rain Forester. That same night, she packed up her clothes and left without one word. Now that she's back in his life and needs his protection, Kane isn't going to let her go so easily.

Her departure tore them apart. For ten months, Rain lost herself in the only man she's ever loved. Until his partner, Costas Montero, started spending more time at their place. The way he watched her when Kane wasn't around unnerved her. But it wasn't until Kane suggested a ménage that she left. Now both reenter her life to protect her from a stalker, and she's forced to confront her feelings head on.

Costas's last assignment is done, and he's sent to team up with Kane on a mission that has his insides twisted into knots. He lost Rain before he ever got the chance to get close. And being around her without touching her would drive him insane. But he'd do anything to protect her, even if it meant watching her with his partner instead of having her for himself.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m, no homoerotic content).
“Are you ready, partner?” Nicholas Faso’s voice came through clearly on Benito Callas’s com link.

“Got the suspect in my line of sight.” Benito tightened his hand around the pistol, his view solely on the man sneaking to the front of the home. He lay on the ground, the scent of flowers hitting his nostrils. He was just a couple of feet from the suspect, hidden between a Town & Country parked in the front yard and a garden full of plants.

“Let’s take this one down quick. Tomorrow is Friday and we have big plans for the weekend.”

Benito grimaced, his dick stirring even though it was pinned against his pants, not to mention pressed against the vegetation. “Fuck, Nicholas. Not now!” He couldn’t think about Vanessa now. That was one distraction he couldn’t afford, not when he needed to be focused on this assignment.

He squinted, aiming for the killer as Nicholas positioned himself behind the large oak tree in the yard.

“Go!” Benito shouted into the com link as he jumped to his feet. He lifted the gun high, keeping sight of the suspect. Nicholas slammed into the man, taking him down, wrenching his arm back, and cuffing him before the killer even knew what hit him.

It felt good to wrap up this particular case, because now he could exclusively concentrate on Vanessa and the plan Nicholas and he had set into motion to capture her heart.
* * * *

Denying them was becoming harder and harder with each day that passed. Vanessa Kramer gripped the pencil to the point of breaking before she dropped it. Taking out her nerves on a mere pencil wasn’t going to solve her problems. But trying to focus on work was hard. She needed to send out about twenty invoices, but her mind kept straying to her two bosses, Benito and Nicholas.

Seduction by two men was so new to her. And at first she thought it was only Benito she wanted. He seduced her slowly, with lingering caresses, and great conversation, showing her that he appreciated her mind along with her body.

Nicholas was practically the opposite of Benito. She hadn’t realized that he too wanted her, not until he had shown her physically what he thought of her body. And the heat that washed over her at his rugged roughness had her more than intrigued.

But two men? The thought sent jittery nerves fluttering in her stomach. Could she even handle Nicholas and Benito together? Fantasy is one thing, but reality was a completely different ball game. The situation wasn’t something she thought she would ever find herself in.

Vanessa forced her thoughts away. She needed to finish these invoices so she could head on home. In the peace and quiet of her apartment, she would be able to think of her two bosses and the fact that a ménage a trois was something she was actually considering.
* * * *
“So we’re really going through with this?”

Hearing the not-so-sure tone of voice, Nicholas turned his chair around and faced his business partner and longtime friend, Benito. “The plan is already set into motion. Unless an emergency arises, we have no further cases to tackle until next week. No one other than you, Vanessa, Kane, and I are in the building. The rest of the men went home. Vanessa’s currently in her office working on billing our customers. I can’t help but recognize that your words sound unsure. We have been through hell and back together, and I owe you more than my life. But I’ll do this with or without you. Your choice.”

Nicholas and Benito had both served in the Marines for fifteen years, fought beside and guarded one another, before deciding to open up their own security company. They were brothers in their hearts, born of a bond long ago, and were as close as if they shared the same mom and dad. And both held a lust-filled obsession that exclusively included Vanessa. They had shared women in the past, but she had somehow sneaked into their hearts with her charm and strength.

Nicholas didn’t mind sharing her with the one person who was like a brother to him. There was absolutely no jealousy involved. Few people understood the intimacy of a threesome, the bond that would result when three hearts gave their all for pleasure and ultimately love. They knew in their hearts that Vanessa was the one.

Benito narrowed his eyes and met Nicholas’s gaze head-on. “I’ve waited just as long as you have for someone like her to come into my life…into our life. You’re not doing this alone. In the long run, it wouldn’t be fair to any of us.”

Nicholas definitely had to agree with that. Putting Vanessa in a position where she would have to choose one of them was the last thing he wanted.

But Nicholas knew Benito thought things out a bit too much, and that’s what probably had him wound tight with anxiousness. Nicholas was the one who went with the moment and, in his opinion, two years was way too long to give the woman of his dreams time to get used to their presence. If Nicholas had a choice, Vanessa would’ve been in their bed long ago.


In today’s society, the thought was considered abnormal, indecent, and a whole slew of other negative words Nicholas could think of. But he and Benito did not live their lives by society’s standards. They chose to live in happiness, and the two men would not have their actions dictated by what others would consider normal. Life would have costs because of the way he and Benito chose to live it, but they would pay any price to have Vanessa share it with the both of them.

Nicholas rose to his feet, his cock lengthening at the thought of his plan. He would have Vanessa writhing beneath them before the night was through. “You’re ready, then? She leaves at four every day.” Nicholas checked his watch. “And according to my watch, that’s in ten minutes.”

“Kane knows the rules?”

Nicholas nodded. “He’ll dismantle the elevator controls from the basement and wait two hours before turning the controls back on. Hopefully by then, we’ll have convinced Vanessa that she’s our perfect match.”

Benito rose to his feet as well. “I’m ready. Let’s go capture the woman of our hearts.”

Nicholas just hoped Vanessa wanted to be captured by them.
Copyright © Jade James, January 2009
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Copyright © Jade James


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