Trueblood: The Misfits

Barbara Elsborg

It's not easy being a faerie. Holly would know. She's the laughing stock of Fae, useless at magic and has wings that never cooperate. She can't understand why a high-born faerie she hardly knows would want to marry her because she...
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It's not easy being a faerie. Holly would know. She's the laughing stock of Fae, useless at magic and has wings that never cooperate. She can't understand why a high-born faerie she hardly knows would want to marry her because she certainly doesn't want to marry him. The mortal world looks far more enticing.

Being a vampire bites. Crippled with guilt over his part in the death of his twin, Dominic is estranged from his family. When he rescues an injured werewolf on the run from his pack, he sees a kindred spirit in the damaged outcast.

What use is a werewolf who can't scent or track? Victim of his conniving brother, Jay is viciously attacked by his pack. The wolves might not want him but once he's living with Dominic, they won't leave him alone.

After a night of passion with Dominic and Jay, Holly's ready to move in with them. But their enemies are intent on keeping them apart and the trio of misfits find themselves in a fight for survival. If they can't figure a way through the web of lies and deceit that bind them, they'll lose more than their families. They'll lose each other.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f), spanking/ flogging, violence.
As the last wrenching spurt died away, Jay allowed himself to blink. Dominic licked him clean, tucked him away, and zipped him up. As the pace of the car came down to something respectable, Jay’s breathing eased and his heartbeat slowed. Dominic patted Jay’s crotch and sat up, slipping the seat belt back in place. He leaned against the door, ran his tongue over his upper lip, and smirked. The fucker.

“What brought that on?” Jay asked.

“I was thirsty.”

“Bastard.” Jay tried not to laugh.

Dominic grinned. “Try loosening your grip on the wheel, sunshine boy, otherwise you’ll be stuck like that forever.”

Jay flexed his stiff fingers. “Don’t ever fucking do that again. I could have wrecked the car. How the hell would I explain why to the insurance company, assuming I survived the crash?”

“I was trying to relax you.”

He hadn’t, but Jay kept quiet. Was the blowjob supposed to be a gift for agreeing to this evening? He tightened his mouth and bristled.

“Next left,” Dominic said. “Third road on the right. Shit, this place is out in the middle of nowhere.”

Just what Jay had been thinking, except he’d also been thinking that he didn’t want to find it. With the sexy satellite navigation system sitting by his side, slim chance of that.

“Next left. Latham Village. That lane. Latham House. See the gates?”

Yeah, rusty and hanging off their hinges. Jay drove through. When he spotted the old colonnaded mansion sitting at the end of the long dusty drive, his shoulders slumped. He’d been hoping for a wild-goose chase so he could turn and drive home.

Jay felt Dominic’s gaze land on him and tried to keep his expression neutral.

“Changed your mind?” Dominic asked.



Jay’s heart pounded so hard, he could feel it banging against his ribs. Leaving the apartment made him anxious, going shopping tightened every muscle in his throat, and talking to people traumatized him, so the thought of a party sent a tidal wave of adrenaline rampaging around his body. But he’d promised Dominic because he’d seen how much he wanted to go. Jay kept his promises.

Before they set out this evening, Dominic had spent ages messing around in the bathroom while Jay paced outside. Jay wondered how the guy thought he could perfect perfection. Dominic changed clothes twice, made Jay change into the loose-fitting linen pants, and then made him take off his shirt because he’d dribbled beer on it. Only a couple of spots and it had been Dominic’s fault, jumping at him from behind and growling. Jay hated being so nervous, hated the change in him, hated that he didn’t want Dominic to be looking forward to this party so much.

Jay parked between a top-of-the-line black Lexus and a red Ferrari -- an indication of the types who partied inside. He switched off the engine and had to make a conscious effort to unclench his fists. Jay didn’t like meeting strangers or making conversation. He longed to go home and crawl into bed. Dominic put a hand over one of his fists and squeezed. Jay wanted him to say they didn’t need to stay except he wasn’t going to hold his breath. Once Dominic made up his mind, nothing swayed him.

“Okay?” Dominic asked.


“Liar.” He leaned to put his mouth next to Jay’s ear. “The moment we get inside, I’m going to shove you up against a wall and fuck your socks off.”

Jay’s cock sizzled to life, ready to play again, and he let out a little groan.

Dominic breathed in his ear, and the sensation sent shivers whistling down his spine. Jay gritted his teeth, and Dominic laughed as if he knew the effect he had on Jay. Well, he did.

“I don’t care who’s watching,” Dominic whispered. “In fact, I hope we have an audience so they see how gorgeous you are when you come.”

Jay’s pulse leapt.

“I want them to see the way the muscles in your face tense and that little smile you get on your lips when you’re coming down. It makes my balls ache just thinking about it.”

Jay expected his cock to shrink at the idea of people watching, yet it didn’t. The bulge in his pants grew larger. Damn. Dominic jumped out of the car. Jay took his time, hoping his erection would subside before they reached the door at the top of the steps. He hoped even more that they’d got the right address and he wasn’t going to freak out some refined lady of the manor or the local vicar. Dominic tapped his fingers on the windshield, twitching with excitement.

“The gift?” Jay reminded him.

Dominic grabbed the car key and flipped open the trunk. Jay stood taller and straightened his clothes. He wore a white linen shirt -- heavily creased -- and khaki linen pants -- heavily tented. Dominic wore a collarless white linen shirt -- not a crease in sight -- how the fuck did he manage that? -- and blue pants with a distinct ridge up the left side of his zipper. Jay grinned.

“Here, catch,” Dominic shouted and threw the glass vase Jay had carefully packed that morning in bubble wrap and shiny green paper.

Jay had lightning fast reactions, but the only way he’d catch the falling package was to launch himself horizontally.

“Fuck.” The vase made it -- Jay didn’t. He sprawled on the gravel, his outstretched hand clutching the gift mere inches from disaster. That hurt. Only he pretended it hadn’t. Jay wanted no reminders of his old injuries to spoil things.

Dominic laughed and pulled him to his feet.

Jay spat dirt out of his mouth. “Great. Look at me now.”

Dominic brushed off the dust. Every stroke of his fingers jerked Jay’s cock further to attention. When Dominic cupped his balls, Jay sagged against him.

“Shit.” Jay hissed the word through clenched teeth.

“Steady,” Dominic whispered.

He bent his head and kissed Jay on the lips. Jay hoped for soft and as usual got hard. Dominic tightened his hold on Jay’s back with one hand and tightened his hold on Jay’s nuts with the other as he thrust his tongue down Jay’s throat. Jay was lost in an instant, his balls refilled to bursting, and his aching cock, trapped in the confines of his once-loose pants, was now jammed against Dominic’s groin.

Dominic eased back on fucking his mouth and began to explore, trailing the tip of his tongue along the line of Jay’s teeth while his fingers slid down to dig into his butt, pulling him harder against his hips. When Jay had a chance to slide his tongue alongside Dominic’s, he scratched it on a canine and a metallic tang flooded his mouth.

“Oh God.” Dominic moaned and pulled back. He licked his lips and stared at Jay with lust-soaked eyes. “You taste so good.”


Dominic’s jaw twitched. “Probably the lime. Damn, I miss alcohol. Ninety-three years. One day at a time.”

Jay smiled. “It’s not like you can’t drink if you wanted to.”

“Yeah, though there’s no point. I can’t get drunk.” He stroked Jay’s slight stubble and sighed. “I miss not having to shave too.”

“Christ, I don’t know why. Shaving’s a pain in the neck.”

Dominic laughed so hard he began to cough. “I thought I was your pain in the neck, though I’ve noticed you rarely manage to shave without cutting yourself.”

“Maybe I like to tease.”

Dominic slipped three fingers into Jay’s mouth and slid them in and out. “Maybe I like it when you do.” He let his hand drop. “We’re being watched.” He spun around and set off toward the house. “Come on.”

Jay tagged along behind clutching the gift. He couldn’t see anyone watching and the door was closed, but if Dominic said they were being watched, then they were being watched. The thought tightened Jay’s chest. His steps grew shorter while Dominic strode on ahead.

I can’t do this. I need to leave. I can get back in the car, drive home. Promise Dominic something to get him to agree. Let him tie me up. I know he wants to.

“Get your ass up here,” Dominic snapped.

“Sadistic bastard,” Jay muttered under his breath.

“I heard that.”

I know you did. He had hearing like a bat.

When Jay reached his side Dominic pulled a dangling rusty chain to ring the bell. The paneled front door was solid oak, each section carved with a different scene. Jay stared. Was that a guy being torn apart by four horses? What sort of person would want that to greet his guests?

As Jay checked another panel -- what the fuck? Disembowelment? What kind of weirdo lived here? The door swung open and possibly the best-looking guy Jay had ever seen, apart from Dominic, stood in front of them. He had fine, shoulder-length white-blond hair, blue eyes, a fizzing champagne flute in his hand, and not a stitch of clothing on his golden, chiseled body. Jay’s gaze dropped to his -- oh Jesus. His own cock, with its highly defined inferiority complex, shrank. Thank fuck for small mercies.

He didn’t dare look at Dominic’s face. Had he seen the size of this guy? Oh God, was that why he’d wanted to come to the party? Jay’s heart bounced on his stomach, and he felt sick.

“You came,” said Blondie, and looked straight at Jay.

How the fuck did he know? Desperate to check for a wet patch on his pants, Jay kept his gaze level with the guy smiling at him and lowered the vase to cover his crotch.

After a tussle Jay knew he wouldn’t win, Dominic yanked the package from him and held it out. “With a gift. Thanks for inviting us. This is Jay. Jay, meet Lorcan.”

Jay held out his hand. The hesitation was miniscule, yet there. Jay’s confidence slipped through a widening crack. This Lorcan guy didn’t want him here. He wanted Dominic. He’d not expected Dominic to bring anyone. But when Jay found his hand clasped tight by Lorcan, he didn’t miss the little squeeze that followed, and the surge of reassurance acted as an effective dam to his insecurity.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” Jay said.

“You too.”

Lorcan looked him up and down and smiled. Jay only just managed to stop himself stepping closer to Dominic.

“Come in. It’s an open house. A few doors are locked to keep the more…delicate items safe, but go anywhere you want; do anything you want; do what you like to anyone you like. Assuming they agree.” Lorcan grinned. “There’s a large, heated pool and a hot tub in the garden, a games room, fantasy rooms, food and drink all over the place. Everything your heart desires and a surprise on the top floor.”

Jay didn’t like the sound of that.

They followed Lorcan’s very cute butt into a circular hall with a marble floor. A winding staircase twisted up to a galleried landing from which faces peered down at them. Jay blinked and they’d gone. The sound of laughter echoed as he caught a fleeting glance of people running. Overhead arched a pale blue ceiling painted with fluffy white clouds, the faces of smiling angels and leering demons peeping from the edges.

“Everyone’s left their clothes in here.” Lorcan indicated a room on the left. “And I mean everyone, so you might feel uncomfortable if you decide to stay dressed. Unless you have some hideous disfigurement or excess body hair.”

He looked at Jay and smiled. Jay smiled back. He wanted to smash Lorcan’s perfect white teeth down his perfect long throat. Jay’s rage rose fast like a tidal bore, sweeping over his body until he vibrated like a tuning fork. Oh shit, my eyes will be red. Dominic slung a warning arm over his shoulder, squeezed hard, and Jay bit the inside of his cheek. As he tasted blood, he heard Dominic’s sharp intake of breath.

“No problem with Jay,” Dominic said. “He has a body to die for, but I hope my appendix scar doesn’t offend.”

Lorcan chuckled. “You’ll have to let me check it out, though I didn’t think your -- ah, a joke. Well, I’ll leave you to explore. You’ll find whatever you need.” He turned away and then faced them again. “One thing. Condoms are provided in various places. Individual choice. Almost anything goes. No violence without consent, no bestiality, though I’m tempted to make an exception.”

He laughed at Jay’s enraged face, and while he simmered in fury, Lorcan reached to stroke his hair. “Down, boy. I’d definitely make an exception for you. I’ve not had a wolf in ages.” He turned his gaze on Dominic. “Thanks for the gifts. Very thoughtful.”

Lorcan disappeared into a room at the end of the corridor. There was a brief blast of music and then the sound dimmed when the door closed.

Jay turned, and as he started to speak, Dominic slapped a hand over his mouth. “I did not tell him you’re a werewolf.”

Copyright © Barbara Elsborg


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Hot and Sexy Review by Teah
The fourth novel in the series by Barbara. Love this series and love the characters. We change it up with a menage this time which I'm always a sucker for.
Paranormal and romance what more can I say. Love it and recommend it to lovers of the genre.
(Posted on 8/26/2013)

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