Treating Ty

Bobby Michaels

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Tim has been working for months at helping to heal the scars from his lover Ty’s past but still more surface all the time. This time, it’s Halloween. What could be wrong with a holiday that mostly focuses on candy? How...
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Full Description

Tim has been working for months at helping to heal the scars from his lover Ty’s past but still more surface all the time. This time, it’s Halloween. What could be wrong with a holiday that mostly focuses on candy? How about the fact that Ty never experienced the holiday at all, let alone the trick or treating?

It’s all right. Tim has a plan. He’s going to help Ty go back and live that part of childhood, and give him a real adult treat at the same time.

  • Note:This book contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: m/m sex practices.
I awoke, very early -- long before the alarm clock -- with intense feelings of movement and pleasure deep inside my body. I felt something hard and smooth quivering within me, radiating pleasure throughout. It took me only a moment to recognize what it was. Since we had finally come together on Memorial Day, and especially since he’d gotten his cast off, I had woken many mornings like this, my lover Ty’s cock buried deep in my butt, his large, muscular body wrapped around mine, his gentle breath soft on the back of my neck as he nuzzled into my hair.

Sometimes, he’d fuck me before we went to sleep and just leave his still-hard cock in my ass, wrap his body around mine, and go to sleep. Sometimes he would actually withdraw his cock, but by morning he would have worked it back up my hole as I slept without me even feeling it or waking up. There were a couple of constants with Ty: he needs to hold me in his arms for him to feel secure enough to sleep; and he needs to have his cock up my ass as often and for as long as possible to feel like he possesses me. His traumatic experiences in Iraq (including having my beloved brother, Todd, die in his arms) had left Ty deeply scarred. It was only with me that he could truly relax and allow himself to experience his gentler, more tender emotions. Indeed, it was shocking to me when I first experienced how incredibly affectionate this hugely muscled warrior could be.

While I could feel his large, thick cock quivering inside my ass, Ty was not yet fully awake. It didn’t matter -- his body knew what to do without him being fully conscious. Already his hips had begun small, gentle movements, sliding his cock just a few millimeters in and out of my hole. The movements would not remain gentle or small for any great span of time. I knew it would not take long for the feelings of pleasure to bring Ty to some form of wakefulness. Usually to immediate, full wakefulness -- yet another holdover from his experiences as a Marine.

In fact, it was at that moment that I felt his wet, raspy tongue lick the back of my neck, and his thrusts become deeper and stronger. I groaned with pleasure.

“Good morning.” Ty’s deep voice, husky from sleep, breathed in my ear.

“Mmm,” was all I could reply. The feeling of his cock in my ass, his mouth on my ear, and his muscular arms wrapped around me dulled my ability to speak clearly.

“Fuck! Your hole feels so fuckin’ good.”

“You always say that,” I managed to groan.

“That’s because I love it. Almost as much as I love you.”

With his declaration of love, something else he did every morning, his arms squeezed tighter around me. When we were first together, this sometimes hurt; Ty didn’t know his own strength and I was not another Marine. Eventually, he learned how to gain better control, and now the hugs were energetic, warm, and only felt good. Some of this was because I’d put on muscle since we’d been together. Ty had me working out with him in our basement -- a place I had previously only used to do laundry. Now, we spent at least half an hour to an hour a day down there. I love the changes to my body and I know Ty does as well.

His cock was ramming harder and deeper now, brushing against my prostate with every stroke. I was equally hard and leaking pre-cum on the sheets below me. Slowly but surely, Ty pushed me over so that he could be on top of me, pounding himself into me with all of his magnificent muscle power.

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