Thief of Hearts 2: Still a Thief

Doreen DeSalvo

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Jake's an ex-con with a chip on his shoulder. And if Little Miss District Attorney Kate thinks she can keep him in a brown paper bag and take him out in private, like a dirty little sex toy, she has another thought coming. If she ...
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Full Description

Jake's an ex-con with a chip on his shoulder. And if Little Miss District Attorney Kate thinks she can keep him in a brown paper bag and take him out in private, like a dirty little sex toy, she has another thought coming. If she wants to be his submissive, she has to accept that he owns her -- body and soul.

Only Jake can scratch Kate's secret itch for domination. But it's all new to her, and now Jake wants to blur the lines. If she lets him take their bedroom play into the real world, it's only a matter of time before her colleagues in the District Attorney's office find out.

But her submissive desires are impossible to hide...and when Jake pressures her for passion in public, she finds his dominance impossible to resist.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM, including Domination/submission, bondage, spanking, exhibitionism, voyeurism.
He kissed her softly, starting slowly. Cautiously. She met him halfway, opening a little in invitation. And he took it, tasting her with gentle strokes of his tongue, toying with the edges of her teeth.

She sighed into his mouth, then pulled away. Her forehead dropped to his chest. “I have to get to work.”

Time to show her who was boss. He gripped her ass with both hands. “Not just yet.”

She pushed against his chest – a token push, a feeble show of resistance. “I can’t, Jake.”

His grin felt like it would split his face. “I’m not hearing a no.”

Her lips turned down into a mulish frown. “No. Is that clear enough?”

Despite the pout, she’d pressed her lush, full breasts a little more against his chest. “No? I don’t hear that word.” She knew how to say “no” and mean it – they’d agreed on a safe word just last night.

Her chin went up in a stubborn tilt. “You wouldn’t stop anyway. All you can think about is getting your rocks off.”

“And yours, sweet Kate.” He stroked up the backs of her legs, taking the hem of her skirt with him. She was wearing pantyhose – nasty stuff that made it harder to get to her pussy, but he was up for the challenge. He tugged at her waistband until her panties came down in back, taking her nylons with them. Her skin was soft and warm. He stroked to the cleft of her ass and down, passing lightly over her asshole and back up again.

She bit her lip.

“Try to tell me you don’t want this.” His arm was long enough to reach between her legs. God, she was wet. No doubt about it, she liked it when he took charge and didn’t let her say no. He stroked the edges of her hole with one finger, teasing along the slick flesh, then inched his way forward to her clit. Her head fell to his shoulder as he rubbed gently, and her hips rocked against him, stroking his cock to full hardness.

When he backed off, she whimpered. He brought his hand to his lips, licking along the side of his forefinger. The scent of her cunt made his groin throb.

A sheen of sweat beaded on her upper lip. “Five minutes,” she whispered.

Thank God. But for show, he glared down into her face. “Don’t put conditions on me.”

Her eyes glittered with excitement – or was it defiance? “Yes, Jake,” she said meekly.

Master. He wanted her to call him Master. He didn’t think much of the Bondage scene – too fruity, with all those silly costumes – but he wanted Kate to call him Master. To willingly admit that she was his…to beg him to dominate her…to cling to his arm in public…to smile up at him for the whole world to see. But he’d have to break her in gently. If he pushed her too far, too fast, she’d run. This was all new to her.

He stroked her hair with one hand, taking care not to mess it up. “I think I’ll leave it in the bun. For now.”

She nodded. “I’d hate to waste time putting it back up.”

And no sense in wasting time now. He turned her until she faced the table and pushed her hips gently until she took the two steps that brought her belly to the edge. “Bend over.”

Her lips parted as she gasped, but she obeyed him, bending at the waist and bracing herself on the table with both arms. He pulled up the back of her skirt, then eased her pantyhose and panties down her legs. Without a word, she stepped out of her pumps, lifting each foot in turn as he peeled her clothes off.

When he straightened, the sight of her pert little ass in the air made his throat go dry. He pictured leather garters framing the soft white flesh, a lacy black garter belt holding the straps up…crisscrosses of pink and red across her milky white behind, exactly the width of his fingers.

Oh, yeah. He gave her a sharp slap on one side, and she jumped. Her back started to lift, but he pushed her down with one hand. She gave in, but turned her head to look up at him. “Should I pretend to struggle?”

He shrugged. “If I tell you, it isn’t as much fun.”

She sighed and buried her face in her arms. “We don’t have much time. You know what I like. Just do it.”

Ah, but he wanted to keep her guessing. He brought his hand down again, hard enough to sting his own palm, and she jumped and let out a tiny moan. Then he put one hand on her bare hip and stroked her soft skin in a small circle, winding his way down to dip between her legs, careful not to press too hard, keeping her on the teasing edge of frustrated desire. His cock felt hard enough to cut diamonds, but he’d drive her higher before he took her. After a few moments of gentle exploration he slid a fingertip back up the crack of her ass to toy with her asshole.

She jerked and made a little noise deep in her throat – pretending she didn’t like this? He knew better. He stroked over the puckered flesh again and again, teasing little touches, until she was rocking back against his hand. God, how he loved her ass. Especially when she was all submissive like this, offering herself up to his pleasure. If he had time he’d go for the Vaseline and give her a rousing good fuck in the ass. Hell, if he had time he’d take her back to bed and tie her to the headboard again.

But not now, not when she felt pressed for time, not when she’d barely agreed to go out with him tonight. No, instead he’d remind her of all the reasons she should see him later. He bent over her, covering her, and whispered in her ear. “I wanted to do this when we met in your office yesterday. Pull your skirt up and bend you over that perfectly organized desk.”

A shiver ran down her spine. He slid his hand lower and pressed a finger deep inside her, curling it against the walls of her vagina. She gasped and clenched down on him so tightly, his forehead broke out in sweat.

He bit the back of her neck gently – not hard enough to leave a mark. “I wanted to fuck you in the ass, too.”

She arched her back. “Don’t, Jake.”

A pretend objection. Hell, she was panting. He licked inside her ear, then whispered, “Maybe I’ll do it tonight. I’ll meet you at your office and fuck you in the ass, right there on your desk.”

Copyright © Doreen DeSalvo


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