The Zone: Implosion Zone

Barbara Karmazin

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Stationmaster Maris Claxon struggles to rein in panicked spacers at Nexus Station when a rogue vampire runs amok on the loading docks. Her lover and special homicide investigator, Pierce Grimaldi, rushes to the rescue of four c...
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Stationmaster Maris Claxon struggles to rein in panicked spacers at Nexus Station when a rogue vampire runs amok on the loading docks.

Her lover and special homicide investigator, Pierce Grimaldi, rushes to the rescue of four children and an infant A.I. stranded on the sealed section of the station with the ghoulish killer. The gruesome chase through the bloodstained docks where Pierce hunts the insane vampire shatters the station's fragile stability.

Confronted by the ugly knowledge that the virus embedded in Pierce's DNA can transform him into the same kind of mindless killer he hunts, Maris must choose between staying with her vampire lover or facing the future without him.

Love, passion and fear combine in a heroic and deadly dance of life and death for all.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Violence.
Maris bit her lip and stared at him. Her shoulders sagged as if she carried the weight of the entire station on her shoulders. She walked the two steps that separated her from him, flung her arms around his waist, and snuggled her cheek against his chest.

Sweet and familiar, her body burned against him like a torch beneath her nightshirt’s silken fabric. “I’m sorry.”

He hugged her close and breathed in the clean scent of her soft hair. Keep it simple. Don’t rush her. Don’t blow this chance. “There’s no need to apologize.”

She shook her head. “My nerves are shot. Not knowing when and where this killer is going to strike next has the entire station on edge. Fights, brawls, and domestic disputes have increased two hundred percent during the last seventy-two hours. I want this killer caught. This is my station and the safety of all inhabitants is my responsibility.”

“I know.”

Her gusty sigh battered his chest. She melted against him. “Tell you what. I’ll take off work early. That way you can bring Kayle to me right after lunch. After all, I am his godmother. It’s not fair to leave him with you all the time. I’ll keep him out of your hair for the rest of the day and you can focus on your investigation without worrying about him getting into trouble.”

Oh, yes. This was a much better way to start out his morning than dealing with the frightful and all-too-numerous responsibilities foisted on him as designated godfather to Lilith and Caliban’s cybernetic child. He tilted her head back with his thumb and flashed a wicked, fang-filled grin. “If you wish, there is time for me to reassure you.”

She laced her fingers through his hair, exposing the fragile column of her neck in instinctive surrender. “Remember our first time.” A sultry laugh burbled in her throat. “I made you promise not to bite me. I wanted to make sure you wanted me for me, not just for my blood.”

Oh yes, he remembered. Three years ago, his entire body had trembled with the strain of showing her he didn’t need the blood for arousal and climax. They’d collapsed in a tangle of arms and legs after the tremendous release of a mutual orgasm. He’d held her, traced the blue lines of the veins curving around her breasts until he fell asleep. The reassuring beat of her heart had pulsed through him all night long. No one had ever trusted him the way she did. He’d never betray that trust.

Pierce growled and fastened his mouth upon hers in greedy demand. The taste of her, the heat of her body under his hands, fuzzed his mind.

He pushed her against the wall and yanked her nightshirt to her waist.

She returned his kiss with fierce intensity and opened her legs to his probing hands. Her sweet, firm flesh waited for him to explore at his leisure. His cock jumped behind the constricting fabric of his pants, eager to plunge into the hot, welcome grip of her wet pussy.

He peeled his shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

Maris ran her hands over his chest. Her face commanded attention. She had high, wide cheekbones, a short, jutting nose and a wide, beautifully shaped mouth. He never tired of looked at her.

“I love the way your dragon tattoo ripples every time you move.” A sultry grin softened her mouth.

He unbuttoned her nightshirt. Soft and full, her breasts filled his hands easily.

She opened her arms and slid her nightshirt the rest of the way off. The shimmering fabric fell into a silken puddle on the floor. “Damn you. All you have to do is touch me and I let you do anything you want.”

Pierce grinned. He tweaked her nipples.

She sucked in a startled breath. Color flooded her face with the rich, teasing glow of fresh blood.

Her lovely nipples awaited his attention. He squeezed her breasts together and sucked on them one at a time, slowly and carefully, bringing the tips to swollen peaks of arousal.

Maris sighed deep in her throat with a little mewling catch that made him ache for release. With a wickedly devious twist of her body, she pushed her hands down his stomach and unzipped his pants.

His cock sprang out. She wrapped her strong fingers around the thick shaft. Pierce lifted his head, braced his hands on the wall, and stared into her lovely eyes while his pants slipped down and fell to his ankles. “Vampires,” he growled the words out past the tightness in his throat. “are bigger, better, stronger, and do it longer.”

Copyright © Barbara Karmazin


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