The Wolves' Submissive

Ava Rose Johnson

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Six moons have passed since Abigail was mated with the Alphas of Drayzlake, yet she is still as human as ever. Though Caine and Stavros satisfy her every sexual craving, rocking her between their bodies every night until she comes...
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Six moons have passed since Abigail was mated with the Alphas of Drayzlake, yet she is still as human as ever. Though Caine and Stavros satisfy her every sexual craving, rocking her between their bodies every night until she comes apart in their arms, her desperation to become a wolf remains. But while Stavros is more than willing to turn her, Caine needs a lot more convincing and she soon finds out why.

Caine and Stavros still can't believe how lucky they are to have Abigail in their bed and Stavros can't wait to make her one of them. Caine, on the other hand, swears to resist. To become a wolf, Abigail must first learn to be their submissive and Caine is certain his dominant desires will cause her pain.

As the tension mounts between the three, their protege threatens to fall to pieces. Determined to save the relationship which she has come to cherish, Abigail sets out to prove she is the perfect submissive. If she can make Caine and Stavros see she's ready to be theirs in every way they desire, then maybe they'll finally have the happy ever after they've spent so much time fighting for.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM, Bondage (mild), Exhibitionism, menage m/f/m, Sex while in shifted animal form, Spanking, Voyeurism.
The creak of a door opening sent light shivers of anticipation down Abigail's spine. At four o'clock in the morning with a full moon hanging over the village above her quarters, she knew the footsteps on the floor of the living chamber could only belong to her two wolven lovers finally returning from their hunt.

Not wanting them to know she'd waited up for them, she rushed across the thickly piled carpet to the oak dresser in the corner of the room and blew out the candle. Then she threw herself onto the bed made for three and pulled the goose-feather blanket over her.

The satin sheets covering the monstrous bed were askew from her tossing and turning earlier that night. She slid her hands beneath her and tried to smooth out the wrinkles, then stopped. No reason to worry about the sheets when, in a few moments, Caine and Stavros would rumple them up again.

Beneath the thin silk of her nightgown, her nipples tightened, hardening into beads as she waited for her wolves to come to bed and claim her as they had for the past six months. The deep rumble of their voices carried from the chambers outside to the bed, teasing her ears. She strained to hear them better, but she couldn't discern their words.

She imagined them roaming the chambers as the maid brought a jug of water for them to bathe with. No doubt sweat was glistening all over their sculpted bodies after the hunt. She wouldn't mind slipping outside to greet them, perhaps slide against them, let her nipples scrape against their hard—

Biting her lip, she struggled to contain her desire. The longing to leap out of bed and greet them with her naked body simmered in her veins, but she ignored it. Caine and Stavros made no secret of how much pleasure they obtained from finding their mate compliant and ready to fulfill their desires. “You have no idea, Beauty, how arousing it is to return from a hunt and find your body warming our bed,” Stavros had told her once. Awaiting their command aroused her too. She loved nothing more than to open her thighs and submit to the desires of her mates.

Tonight, though, would be different. Six moons had passed since she'd first come to Fort Bestial, and still neither Caine nor Stavros had made any move to turn her, to make her a wolf. Despite her many hints, they ignored the subject, Caine worst of all. Time to take a stand. She'd given up her family and her way of life to be their mate. Now it was their turn to accept her fully as their partner, their lover.

The minutes ticked by, and her agitation grew. Where are they? Her limbs, stomach, breasts all seemed to vibrate with longing, and the knowledge that the two men who could satiate her desires were standing in the next room, probably naked, was almost too much to bear. Her feet itched to carry her to them, and she was ready to slide from the bed when the door opened.

Her eyelids flickered shut as they approached the bed. Amazing how she'd come to recognize and distinguish the footsteps of each wolf over the past few months, even when they strove to be stealthy.

“What time will the meeting take place tomorrow?” she heard Stavros ask in hushed tones.

“Noon,” Caine replied. Abigail sensed his presence at the side of the bed and nearly lifted her head when he ran a warm hand through her hair. “Krystof arrived just before the moon rose. Delia told me as she brought water to the bathtub.”

The rustle of a robe hitting the floor reached Abigail's ears, and then the bed dipped behind her as Stavros slid under the sheets. He enfolded her in his strong arms, pulling her back against his smooth, muscular chest. When his skin touched hers, she bit her lip to hold back a satisfied sigh as liquid heat surged to her core.

“Don't,” Caine said to his brother, dropping his hand from her hair. “Let her sleep.”

Stavros dipped his head to the nape of her neck, and his lips curved against her skin. “I'd let her sleep,” he said dryly, “if she wasn't already awake.”

Sighing heavily, she opened her eyes. “Fine,” she huffed in mock defeat. “I'm awake.”

Behind her, Stavros's laugh tickled her neck while Caine stared down at her in the dark. His eyes pierced into her, and she stared back. Though he didn't speak, she wondered if he'd already sensed the confrontation she'd prepared for. He'd been distant for weeks now, ever since she'd first pressed him to change her. He obviously didn't take pleasure in the idea, and she couldn't understand why.

Caine didn't say anything as he untied his robe and got into bed beside her. He didn't reach for her, and an unsettled feeling washed over her, leaving her cold despite Stavros's warm embrace.

“How did you enjoy your night, Beauty?” Stavros murmured in her ear.

His inquiry provided the perfect opportunity to bring attention to the problem at hand. “I managed,” she said, feeling annoyance bubble up within her. Why on earth did she have to make the first move? Surely as the men who'd brought her here, Caine and Stavros would want her to be like them. “It was quite sedate.”

Neither brother commented on her sharp tone. Instead, Stavros let his hand slide over her silk-covered belly. The heat of his touch seared through her nightdress, and as moisture coated her pussy, she lost her grip on hostility.

“We missed you,” Stavros whispered before tracing the tip of his tongue along the shell of her ear. A shiver skipped down her spine, and she shifted back against him, rubbing her buttocks into his groin. The hard thickness of his erection pressed against her, its length growing with every wiggle of her bottom. His hand slid farther down and cupped her pussy. “I think you missed us too.”

The tip of his middle finger grazed her swollen bud, and she moaned, pressing into his palm and feeling her juices seep through the material of her dress.

Damn him, damn him, damn him!

A rumble of approval vibrated in Stavros's chest as his fingers glided over her pussy and teased her clit. “I can smell you, sweetheart.” His words were an aching groan.

She turned her head and nuzzled into his stubble-covered jaw, loving how the grizzly hairs scraped her face. There was no point resisting now, not when he knew her arousal.

Reaching down, she gathered her dress up around her hips and gasped when Stavros's hand found her bare sex. He stroked her wet folds and flicked his thumb over her nub, sending tiny electric shocks through her body. Instinctively, she reached out to Caine, her hands finding the wall of his chest. She scratched her nails over his taut skin, and in the dark, her eyes found his.

“Did you miss me, Caine?” she asked, breathless as Stavros continued to strum her pussy.

A few moments passed before Caine replied. “I did,” he said, his voice strained with an emotion she couldn't discern. Still, he didn't reach for her.

“How could he not?” Stavros asked, sinking the length of one finger deep inside her. The delicate muscles of her sex tensed around him, and blood thrummed heavily in her veins. Her nipples throbbed painfully.

“Caine,” she pleaded when he remained motionless. “Please touch me.”

He hesitated a bare second, then reached out and cupped her breast in one large palm. At his light squeeze, she shivered as heat flared across the surface of her skin. Between her thighs, Stavros upped the pace of his strokes, sliding his finger in and out of her cunt in smooth, quick movements. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and pressed into Caine's hand. What skillful devils they were. They knew exactly how to arouse her, how to touch her.

“Did you dream about this while you awaited our return?” Stavros murmured, entering his finger in her pussy and hooking it back to find the pillowed spot which made her writhe. “Did you find release in your sleep?”

She clenched her thighs around his wrist. “No,” she whimpered as he stroked the sweet spot again. “I never sleep while you're in the forest.”

Caine shifted closer and slipped his hand beneath the neckline of her dress. His expert fingers found one stiff nipple, and he pinched the aching peak. A soft cry fell from her lips as the sharp sensation connected with her clit.

“Why don't you sleep, Beauty?” Caine asked, rolling her nipple between his fingers. His tone was casual, merely inquiring. “Surely it would be easier to rest without our hands all over you.”

She shook her head and sucked in a breath when Stavros rubbed her swollen nub again. “I miss you too much. This bed is far too big for one woman.”

Caine's mouth descended on her breast, and he sucked her silk-covered nipple between his lips. The walls of her pussy tightened around Stavros's fingers, a sure sign of her oncoming climax. He quickly pulled his finger free, and she moaned at the loss.

“Shhh,” Stavros soothed, nipping gently at her shoulder. “I want you to come when I'm inside you.”

Her stomach clenched in anticipation at the thought of his cock pushing deep inside her, and she drew up her leg and pushed out her buttocks for him. He ran his hands over her thighs, then gripped her hips. Slowly, he eased inside her, stretching her open with his cock. She sucked in a sharp breath and tangled her fingers in Caine's silky hair, pulling at it as the base of Stavros's cock brushed her clit. Behind her, he gave a growl of approval and started pumping his hips in long, lazy strokes.

At her breast, Caine closed his teeth around her nipple, sending a jolt of sensation through her body. She tugged at his hair until he lifted his head, then ran the tip of her tongue over his lips. “I wish I could have been with you tonight,” she whispered, still needing him to understand, even as she reached between their bodies and wrapped her hand around the throbbing length of his erection.

“Well, we're here now.”

We're here now wasn't a good enough response, but her argument stuck in her throat as Stavros's cock pushed even deeper inside her. He burned hot in her pussy, pulsing in a rhythm which matched her heartbeat.

Pushing her head back into the crook of his neck, she squeezed Caine's cock. He was throbbing too, so heavy and thick. She gripped him and moved her hand up and down his length, savoring the velvety-soft skin which covered his shaft.

Why isn't he touching me? The distance between them was palpable. She couldn't climax like this, not when he was holding so much of himself out of her reach.

She released him and pulled away from Stavros. “I want to change,” she whispered, climbing over Caine's body and settling in his lap. He stiffened beneath her even as his cock leaped against her belly.

She ignored the tension in his body and focused on the heat in hers. Need clawed through her body, rising with every breath. She needed them. Needed them to make love to her, needed them to make her like them, needed them to accept her fully into their lives. “I want you both inside me,” she gasped, feeling tears well behind her eyes. Soon, she'd make them understand. But if they didn't claim her body now, she thought she'd die.

Stavros rose up on his knees behind her and parted her buttocks with his hands. “Then that's what you'll get, Beauty.”

Copyright © Ava Rose Johnson


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