The Wildling

Treva Harte

In the uncivilized out-country known as Aridzone, Arness is the best at what she does. The wildlings she captures and domesticates worship her. In return she always matches her pets with doting, wealthy mistresses who reward hard ...
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In the uncivilized out-country known as Aridzone, Arness is the best at what she does. The wildlings she captures and domesticates worship her. In return she always matches her pets with doting, wealthy mistresses who reward hard work. She loves her job...

Until the uncontrollable Adan enters her life. He insists he is a man, not a pet. Will Adan fall under her spell, or will Arness learn that submission can work both ways?

  • Note:This book was previously released by Loose Id.

    The Wildling
She turned to Six, a slighter and younger male. His head was already bowed, though the chains had been taken off for the grooming. Arness shook her head. Each one was different, and each required different treatment. Some wildling handlers never learned that, or missed the nuances needed with a particular capture.

Six was a bit shyer than the others. He blushed as Four groaned and spurted, an act which caused the others to laugh and nudge each other. Arness absently patted Four's haunches in approval as he recovered himself, licking her lips a bit as she saw his seed spill out over his cock and hand. Four was a tasty sight. If she wasn't so busy, she might ...

Well, she hoped the patroness saw what a fine potential breeder Four was. Meanwhile, she had more work to do.

“Six.” She made her voice even more gentle and seductive. She held out her hands, palms stretched open. “Here, Six. Come.”

He was shy, but he was as male as the others. His cock twitched for a moment as he obeyed her. Thank Goddess. Sometimes you discovered you'd captured one that couldn't be bred or even used for pleasure because he had no interest in females. There were markets for that, too, but Arness rarely trafficked in them. Watching males cavort with other males might be some patroness's particular bent, but there weren't enough to make it worth Arness's time.

“Six, take the oil and put it on your body.” She gestured, making sure he understood.

The young wildling placed the oil on his chest and thighs and waited. He didn't look eager, though his cock was now slightly stiff. Curse it. He was still more fearful than excited.

She'd neglected him in favor of some who were more forceful in their bids for attention. Hopefully she had time to rectify that problem before tomorrow. After all, he was a pretty thing -- a bit delicate perhaps, but plenty enjoyed such beauty.

“Sec, work more carefully on the other two,” Arness called. “This one will take a bit longer.”

Arness put her hands over Six's. She saw the flush come over his neck and cheeks again. Gently she began to guide his hands over his skin. Sometimes her wildlings had been captured before, only to have been released or escaped later. She could tell by their behavior if they were used to women. Some had been treated badly, others perhaps a little too well.

But Six had not.

She would lay a wager that he was a virgin. She couldn't swear to a few of the others in this particular group, but Six was untried.

Untried and afraid. Perhaps even shamed. She could feel it in his responses to her. How Six tried to cover his erection with one hand instead of obeying her. His shame was deeper than his obedience.

Arness hissed a little with displeasure. Six stopped his rubbing motion completely, staring at her.

“Come.” She pulled him behind some shrubbery.

“But, Mistress, we need you!” Secondary called.

Arness ignored him. Six needed her more.

For now he couldn't be displayed in public. That could make things difficult, but she'd see what she could do to accustom him to his role.

Six trembled, as Four had, but for a different reason.

She tilted his chin up to face her. She was a tall woman and usually preferred pets who were taller. Six was her height, almost exactly. Well, that had its compensations. She stared into his eyes, long and deliberately.

Then, just as deliberately, she stroked his oiled body as she put her lips on his. She absorbed his startled cry into her own mouth as she flicked his lips open and inserted her tongue.

He jerked, but she placed her hands behind the small of his back and pressed him closer to her. She could feel him begin to swell more forcefully now. Excellent. She had to take enough time to show him how erogenous it was when a woman stroked and petted him. She pulled her head back.

“Six, tilt your head so.” Puzzled, he tilted his head to the side.

She bit at a tender part of his neck. He flinched, but she could tell he was interested. She licked the bite gently, and he made the first pleased sound she'd heard from him. Yes. A little domination, a little pleasure ... that was what this one needed. With just a little care, he would become a treasure of a pet.

Unbidden, he tilted his head to the other side. Arness almost laughed. Instead she pinched one male nipple, and he yelped. But his nipple grew hard and firm. Better yet. He couldn't be allowed to expect a certain caress. He must learn to respond to a range of possibilities. Whatever his mistress wanted, he should be eager to accept.

“Six. Take your cloth off.”

His eyes grew wider as he understood. Captures were dressed usually in nothing but a cloth over their genitals, perhaps some leggings if the weather was bad or the underbrush too heavy. Six had kept his covering on despite his bath and grooming.

His fingers trembled, but he obediently stripped his body of that one remaining protection. Arness took the oil flask and slowly dripped it over his pubic bush and cock. With each drop, his cock grew more eager. She watched his erection swell and then begin to bob as the oil hit. Six licked sweat from his top lip.

Now he was more eager than shamed.

Arness dropped to her knees. There were different requirements for each potential pet, after all. Holding his rear firmly, she placed her mouth directly on the head of his penis.

He let out one sharp, surprised cry and then seemed to forget how to breathe.

She lingered a little at first, allowing him to absorb the sensations that she could almost feel humming inside his body. Her first long, smooth glide took his cock down her throat and had him clutching his hands into her hair for support. Then she paused to lick the throbbing vein in his cock.

From outside the shrubbery came the loud sounds of the other captures splashing in the water, yelping as they were readied for market. Inside, silence reigned except for the sounds Arness's tongue and lips made as she licked and sucked.

Shame and inexperience couldn't hold out for long against experience and desire.

Copyright © Treva Harte


Customer Reviews

4 stars = I REALLY liked this book! Review by asgoodrich
The Wildling has got to be one of the oddest books I have read in a while. It’s definitely a sci-fi romance as it is set on Prosperity, hundreds of years after the destruction of Earth. It’s got a good bit of erotica as men are slaves on Prosperity and the wildlings that Arness captures and tames are traded primarily as breeders – and as we get to see the “taming” and “breeding” scenes, there’s plenty of sex to go around. And there were definitely moments during which I felt like I was in the middle of a soap opera. The most notable one was towards the end when Salla confronts Primary – and I have to say that Arness wasn’t the only one who felt she needed a dictionary – and then Adan confronting Arness. I was laughing almost hysterically at everyone’s antics while reading that scene. Add to that the impression of being set in the Wild West with characters who have an Old English feel to their speech and mannerisms … yeah, that really shouldn’t work. Yet Ms. Harte has managed to combine all of these elements with some extremely interesting characters to create a wildly entertaining read – at least for me it was.

While I definitely enjoyed reading The Wildling, it is most certainly a niche read. For those readers that enjoy sci-fi romances with a side of weird, I suspect they will find the book refreshing. However, I fear that those who don’t will think that those of us who enjoyed it have lost their mind and won’t be kind in their assessment of the book. I truly believe that this is one of those books the people are either going to love or hate – I don’t foresee much middle ground. I for one am glad I got the opportunity to read The Wildling and am looking forward to more oh Ms. Harte’s writing.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
(Posted on 10/27/2014)

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