The Veteran

Bobby Michaels

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Holiday: Memorial Day Tim's loss of his brother, Todd, a young marine in Iraq, leaves a big hole in his life. He tries desperately to fill his heart by working as a hospital social worker, but his weekly visits to his brother's...
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Holiday: Memorial Day

Tim's loss of his brother, Todd, a young marine in Iraq, leaves a big hole in his life. He tries desperately to fill his heart by working as a hospital social worker, but his weekly visits to his brother's grave are his only true comfort.

Into the hospital and into Tim's life comes a huge, muscular, young guy named Ty, sporting a Marine Corp tattoo just like the one that Tim remembers his brother wearing. He also sports a heavy load of anger and attitude. Ty is causing quite an uproar in the hospital ward, refusing to acclimate himself to the hospital's routine. Tim's boss feels that someone closer to his own age may help Ty become more cooperative and so she assigns Ty's case to Tim.

Cooperative or not, Tim finds himself caring deeply for the former warrior. Ty, however, has secrets in his past. Secrets that have more to do with Tim than he realizes. Secrets that will draw Tim and Ty closer than either ever thought possible.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.
I walked down the hall to the ward and found Ty asleep with the privacy curtains again pulled around his bed. He evidently didn’t want to interact with the other patients in the ward, something I couldn’t necessarily blame him for. Dealing with strangers was difficult when you were in pain or incapacitated.

I stood there for a moment, looking down at him while he slept. The angry lines of his face that were so visible when he was awake had disappeared as he slept. In fact, he looked much younger asleep – almost like an overgrown little boy. An incredibly handsome little boy, truth be told. I felt a heat building in my heart and in my gut as I stood there looking at him. However, I quickly brought myself up short. I had no business thinking of a patient in this way and I knew it. But I just couldn’t seem to help myself.

Suddenly, as I stood there watching, things began to change. Ty’s face started to react to something he was evidently dreaming. His body began to twitch and his arms to flail. Unexpectedly, he began to murmur, words that were not intelligible until he sat up in the bed, his eyes open and began to scream.


I dropped the package of clothing I had for him and grabbed hold of Ty instead, fearing he would rip out his IVs with his arms flailing as he shouted.

“Ty! Wake up! It’s a dream!” I shouted, hoping to snap him out of whatever nightmare he was having.

His fists grabbed my shirt, pulling me forward and bending me over the bedrail as he looked at me in confusion. It took several long moments for him to finally realize who I was.

“You had a nightmare,” I said quietly, looking into his frightened eyes.

He slowly released his hold on me, allowing me to right myself from bending over the rails on the side of the bed. He closed his eyes and lay back on the bed but one hand still grasped my shirt, almost as if he needed the contact with another human being. I don’t know why I did it – it was without conscious thought – but I reached up and covered his large hand with my smaller one, gently holding his hand against my chest.

He laid there, his eyes closed as his breathing slowed down. Finally, I could feel the tension go out of his body as the grip of his fingers loosened on my shirt. He opened his eyes and saw my hand holding his against me. He looked up at me questioningly and I let go so he could take his hand back.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, his voice in a rough growl.

“I brought you what you asked for.” Bending over, I retrieved the bag of clothing from where I’d dropped it and set it on the bed.

He stared at the bag and then at me. I reached inside and brought out the T-shirts and then the shorts along with the slippers. His eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas when he saw what I had brought him. Without any modesty about it, he stripped off the hospital gown and pulled on one of the huge T-shirts.

This did two things. First of all, it exposed most of his body to my vision for the first time, including his groin. Now, it is not true that just because a guy is tall and built large in body frame that he is necessarily going to be equally endowed in his manhood. However, in this case, Ty’s endowment more than equaled, if not exceeded, any estimate I might have made. Even soft, it was at least ten inches long, as well as thick and uncut, with a large amount of skin covering the head and beyond. While I couldn’t claim to have had all that much experience sexually, I’d seen my fair share of cocks in the high school locker room and in my college dorm. I’d even seen a few porn films but never had I seen a cock as big as the one between Ty’s legs.

The second thing stripping off his hospital gown did was to open his crotch to the air. My nose was instantly tantalized by that musky, warm scent of a man’s sweaty groin – a scent that had intrigued me all through high school in the locker rooms. A scent that caused a rapid movement of blood into my own cock. It was all I could do to keep myself under control given the intimacy of the situation. Of course, I didn’t think that Ty thought of it as intimate. After all, I was just another guy. I was sure that, to a Marine, even an ex-Marine, this was a fairly common situation. From what Todd had told me, there was no such thing as modesty in the barracks.

Ty looked up at me and I saw him smile for the very first time. If I thought his body and his manhood were stunning, his smile was devastating. While I had known he was handsome, when he smiled his face became like that of a young god. He was simply the most beautiful male I had ever seen in my life.

He grabbed a pair of the shorts and then stopped. I could see him trying to figure out how he was going to get them on. Of course he couldn’t, given the cast and all.

“Uhh…could you…could you help me with these?” He looked up at me in obvious embarrassment at having to ask for help. I could see exactly why he was such a difficult patient. I could also agree with Kathleen that a lot of it came from the loss of his sense of autonomy. Unfortunately, because of the enforced disability, Ty was going to have to learn some difficult lessons about seeking help from others.

I went to the foot of the bed and gently managed to lift the cast from the pillow where it was resting. I slipped the shorts over the cast and then helped him get his other leg into the shorts as well. This gave me a view straight up his groin so now I had not only the vision of his large cock but his rather hefty set of balls as well. I also noticed while it didn’t look like it had been trimmed or thinned in any way, Ty didn’t have a lot of pubic hair. Not that he looked boyish or anything, it was just sparse.

Working together, Ty and I managed to get him dressed in the shorts as well as the T-shirt. He then lay back on the bed, giving me a look of deep suspicion.

“Why did you get these for me?”

“Because I told you I would. And because you needed them.”

He looked at me for a long moment, seeming to decide if there was any hidden agenda beyond what I told him. He obviously couldn’t find one because his face lost its suspicious mien and relaxed into almost a smile.

“Uhh…well…thanks.” This was said with what was apparently some difficulty.

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