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The Superstar's Nanny

The Superstar's Nanny

Product Review (submitted on July 15, 2014):

I don’t think that I’ve ever read a Contemporary novel by Treva Harte. But, I love her Alpha series and the cover of The Superstar’s Nanny is seriously hot.

For those of you, who read my reviews on a regular, know I’m kinda picky about my MMF romance. I hate when any one person is the center of the trio. But, Truth be told, Kenny is the center and he is not apologizing.

Jamal and Kenny have an interesting relationship. It’s more than friends, less than lovers and very codependent. Olivia unknowingly falls into the middle.

Now, I have a confession to make. I read so many sex scenes in a given week, that I generally just skim over them. Not this time. The sex in this book is seriously hot. Whether MF, MM, or MMF, these characters had, my poor little Kindle burning up.

As for the plot, it was good. Kenny is so lost in the beginning and pretty self-absorbed. Olivia has ulterior motives for working with Kenny, but they never come across as manipulative or malicious. And Jamal….we get to know him the least, but goddess I loved him. His love and devotion were on every page and I couldn’t blame Olivia for refusing to make Kenny choose.

This is a hot, steamy love affair. The characters are great. And you can’t help root for them. Highly recommend.