The Society 3: Enforcing Justice

Brenda Bryce

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After centuries of waiting, Alexi Torkilov has located his mate. Times are dangerous, and The Gathering is about to commence. There, he will finally acquire his woman. He learns of an imminent attack and as the Head Enforcer, he ...
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After centuries of waiting, Alexi Torkilov has located his mate. Times are dangerous, and The Gathering is about to commence. There, he will finally acquire his woman. He learns of an imminent attack and as the Head Enforcer, he must lead his warriors into battle to save his people. The problem? His mate will be a member of the opposing force. She is a Pocatsu soldier, hated enemy of his kind and the terrorists he’s spent his existence fighting.

Trained all her life to despise and kill vampires, Chanda Petruse is plagued with dreams of her enemy. He calls to her, night after night and in her heart and soul, she knows she must join him. Getting to where he is will be the easy part. Staying alive long enough to meet him face to face is much more difficult. Her chances are slim. The Society will kill her on sight, and the Pocatsu force leader wants her head. Resigned to her fate, Chanda boards the bus to her future.

Abuse, murder, training and mistrust have forged them in fire. If the flames grow hot enough, will their hearts melt or will it turn them to ashes?

Sleeping, she dreamed of him. Ice-blue eyes invaded her entire existence. Chanda could smell his essence of musk and male. She could feel the contours of his body pressing against hers, and could hear his husky voice calling to her.

Do you come to me, my small warrior? She could feel his breath on her ear and she shivered.

I’m coming but I still don’t understand. Who are you? She needed to know why she reacted to him in such a strange way when she had never acted this way before in all her twenty-one years. Her body tingled and she ached in places she had never given a second thought.

You don’t need to understand. We have a battle to fight, but you must come to me if we are to win it. As to who I am; you only need to know that you are the most important thing in my existence. I’ll be able to tell you more when we are together. His voice was dark velvet. As it passed over her, she felt the caress of it as if it were an actual touch.

The ghostly touch of a hand brushed her waist. It caused her to shiver and she couldn’t contain a groan. The wisp of feeling strengthened until it felt as if he were actually touching her. His hand slid over her stomach to her breast. Her back arched into the caress, and a gasp left her mouth. She could feel his lips at her ear, pressing, licking, sucking, sliding down to the curve of her neck around her necklace, repeating the exciting kisses there.

She knew it was a dream, but her body didn’t seem to realize it. Every touch, every kiss felt so real, she couldn’t keep still. His lips traveled from her neck, over her chin, to her mouth. Opening her lips to him, she felt his tongue enter her mouth. She could actually taste him. Wild and smoky. Exciting. She couldn’t get enough of his flavor. It made her heart pound and her breathing quicken in expectancy. Of what, she didn’t know, but whatever he was doing to her, she wanted more. Much more.

His fingers tightened on her nipple, tugging lightly. The sensation of white-hot flames shot from her breast to her clit. Digging her head into the mattress, her chest arched into his hand and her hips moved uncontrollably.

A whisper of a chuckle echoed against her ear. Yes, you like that.

Chanda moaned, unable to speak.

His hand slid down her side, causing ripples to erupt in her stomach muscles. Her lungs expanded with air when he slid his fingers between her pussy lips and touched her aching clit.

She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. The lightning licked her body, she couldn’t breathe, she was going to faint.

When he smoothed his finger over and over the sensitive bundle of nerves, her world shattered. She bit her wrist to keep from yelling her completion. Fast and furious, the waves hit her and slowly faded.

Her entire body relaxed, and she felt soft kisses to her neck and shoulder.

You belong to me, Chanda. Never forget that.

But what’s your name? She could sense him leaving her. It felt as if part of her were being removed forcibly. She needed this small part of him to keep to herself. Please, what is your name?

Copyright © Brenda Bryce


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