The Society 2: Midas's Treasure

Brenda Bryce

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A vampire hunts dinner, but catches a mate. Aileen Slipsworthy, mild mannered children’s book writer, is attacked and nearly killed by a man who claims to be a vampire. She wakes transformed. Sure, she can see better, he...
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A vampire hunts dinner, but catches a mate.

Aileen Slipsworthy, mild mannered children’s book writer, is attacked and nearly killed by a man who claims to be a vampire. She wakes transformed. Sure, she can see better, hear things she couldn’t before and perhaps fly. But does she want to be a vampire? Does she want to stay with this muscular, tall, freakishly sexy male who continues to call her his mate? Maybe. If the bribe is right.

Mykil Votad, moneyman for the Society and vampire, loses himself in the taste of his prey. Who would have guessed she had the Sumerian gene and would be his mate? Wanting to convince her that being a vampire isn’t so bad after all, he begins a campaign to show her that living is an adventure. And wait till he shows her how great the sex can be.

Friends dropping by unannounced, family members disappearing, old boyfriends hanging around with ill intent, and only the hours of the night to work with, Mykil must solve a mystery, teach Aileen how to survive as a vampire, and convince her to live -- for him.

The sun sank into the ocean as it did every evening, its fiery fingers stretching to touch the very old and rambling house that overlooked the ocean. The house couldn’t be seen from the street, and the surrounding ivy-covered walls measured ten feet high. Nearly hidden by the foliage, large, sharp spikes ran along the top of the wall, a strong deterrent to keep out inquisitive visitors. Passersby who chanced to look through the large, locked iron gates saw a sculptured lawn with a fountain and a circular driveway.

As the sun completed its immersion into the ocean, a disturbance came from within the silent house. Lights flickered on in various rooms, and soft music began to play.

He took a deep breath, and the curtains of his large canopy bed flew open. His eyes scanned the specially designed room that was deep within the bowels of the old house. Finding everything as it should be, he rose from the depths of the bed and, grabbing the clothing that sat neatly on the dresser, stalked across the floor to the only visible exit. A set of stairs led to a wall that gave way when he approached it. He passed through the house without looking left or right, pulling on the clothing, and when he reached the door to the outside, it opened for him.

Mykil stepped outside and took to the air, heading inland to feed. He needed blood.

Skimming above the tree line, he scented the air for a likely donor. The forest was bereft of humans, but a tendril of a scent caught his attention and his interest. Following the odor, he arrived at a small house on the edge of the forest.

The scent was strong, but hours old. The human wasn’t home, but the succulent smell was wafting from the road that came from town, and growing stronger. Still intrigued by the aroma of the home’s occupant, he decided to be patient and wait. His next meal was heading his way.

* * * * *

Aileen had enjoyed the movie. Still chuckling over the funniest parts of Adventures of the Soul, she gathered her belongings and put her trash in the overflowing receptacle. Waving a cheery goodnight to the regular cashier at the snack bar, she called out, “See you next week, Janice.”

She liked the routine of her Friday nights. Eat dinner, catch a movie, walk home, and go to bed. Like clockwork.

Humming one of the songs from the movie soundtrack, she strolled toward her house, which wasn’t far and was on the outskirts of town at the edge of the forest. Sometimes she got a little lonely, especially since hers was the only house in sight, but living surrounded by such beauty seemed well worth it.

Having all this natural beauty around her had also been good for her work. The forest, the ocean, and fields of grass were all within walking distance and perfect as the scenery in the children’s books she wrote.

Aileen sighed. She had been worried about writer’s burnout three months ago. Los Angeles was a crowded city, with all of its big-city distractions, and no matter how hard she’d tried, she hadn’t been able to think of one happy ending for her stories. When the depression got so bad that she stopped smiling, she packed.

Thinking of how she’d found the scenic town she lived in now, she laughed. She’d unfolded the California map onto the table, closed her eyes, and pointed.

Once she arrived in Oceanview, she had stopped at the only realtor’s office around and told them she wanted privacy. They’d shown her several places, but one house, sitting at the end of a secluded lane, with no neighbors, just fields of grass, wildflowers, and a small brook meandering throughout the property, caught her interest. She’d fallen for it immediately and had signed a rental agreement on the spot.

The house was small, only two bedrooms, one of which she had turned into an office. The living room and the kitchen were just large enough for her, but the best feature was the bathroom. It had a large, claw-foot tub bracketed with shelves. Her idea of heaven on earth after writing all day was spending an evening lounging in that tub full of bubbles, surrounded by scented candles and reading a book someone else had written. It hadn’t taken her long to get settled and comfortable in her little house.

So, here she was, smiling again. More importantly, writing again. The last three months had been good for her.

Using the moon as her light, she looked in her purse for the house keys and walked up the stairs that led to the porch surrounding her house. As she reached the top step, she stopped. The moonlight didn’t reach the porch.

“Ah-ha. There you are.” She gripped the elusive keys. Pulling them out of her purse, she looked up and froze. A man stood in front of her, blocking the door. In under a second, she was able to take in a lot of details. He was taller than she was, at least six foot three, and he towered over her as very few men did. He had long black hair, and despite his dark clothing and his position in the shadows, she could tell that he had well-developed muscles.

She started to take a step back, then noticed his eyes. They glowed a fiery red. My God, oh, my God! She couldn’t even voice her fright.

Aileen turned and had taken a single step when he acted. It happened so quickly that she missed his movement. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back toward him, fitting her perfectly in the shadow of his body, back to front.

“No, no, no, no, no.” She finally voiced the only thought racing through her mind. As he lowered his mouth to her neck, she started to moan.

“Shh, don’t be afraid; I won’t hurt you,” he whispered into her ear.

Wrapping one arm firmly around her waist and the other around her chest, he pulled her in tightly. He kissed the pulse point on her neck softly, then bit down.

There was a pinch, and then extreme warmth penetrated the area as his teeth pierced her neck. While he drew deeply on the wound he had inflicted, Aileen felt tremendous fear ... and heat. Sexual heat, like nothing she had ever felt before. She moaned again at the white-hot flames shooting through her body. Electricity flowed from her neck to her sex. Never had she even imagined anything such as this.

She moaned again at the exquisite sensations zipping through her body. Her eyes closed and her knees sagged until he was the only thing holding her up. Then everything went black ...

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