The Preacher's Daughters 1: Eye for an Eye

Sheri Gilmore

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Regina Chappel runs away from one man on the day of her wedding straight into the arms of another, but she's not sure which is the more dangerous--or deadly. But good girls just don’t dump their high-society fiances on the d...
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Regina Chappel runs away from one man on the day of her wedding straight into the arms of another, but she's not sure which is the more dangerous--or deadly. But good girls just don’t dump their high-society fiances on the day of the wedding, then end up in bed the next morning with a complete stranger. Even if said stranger is the most tantalizing man she’s ever met--spider-tattooed scar and all.

Quin Tertulliano has enough excitement in his life after being released from a two-year stint in prison for being falsely accused of rape by a debutante, who had wanted to experience the 'wilder side of life' before settling down. Nowadays, with running his French Quarter club, The Spider’s Web, and avoiding his voudon priestess sister’s love spells, he has enough to keep him busy. He just wants to lead a quiet peaceful existence. He definitely hasn't planned on waking up next to a runaway bride naked and hungover in his bed! She makes an offer he just can’t refuse.

Deciding to make the most of the situation, he has sex with the blond goddess only to discover she’s as pure as the white dress she had worn the night before when she passed out. Well, maybe in body, but her naughty mind is another thing all together.

Sunlight shafted across her eyelids. Gina groaned and flung an arm over her eyes. Who opened the drapes?

Birds twittered outside the window. The sound pounded through her mind like a sledgehammer. God bless, who opened the windows?

The faint scent of coffee wafted across her nostrils. She twitched her nose in appreciation of the dark, rich aroma. She sighed and rolled onto her side. Everything would be okay when she got her first cup of --

Her arm brushed warm skin. One eye opened. She froze, letting her gaze continue to move over the body next to hers. Make that warm male skin!

The naked man rolled over, pulling the sheet with him. The movement exposed the firm muscles of the tightest ass she'd ever seen. She gasped.

Drool dampened the side of her mouth, forcing her to swallow. She opened her other eye to view the clean, sculpted lines of his back and shoulders. Black hair, shiny like a raven's wing, fell halfway down his back.

Her fingers itched to stroke the silky mass, but she pulled her hand back an inch away from temptation. She realized she was clutching the sheet that had fallen from this god's body. Horror shot through her with the realization that she lay as naked as he beneath the sheet. A flame of heat spread over her body and up her face. “Oh, my God, what have I done?”

Beside her, the man shifted his weight. Muscles flexed and relaxed beneath the deep-tanned tone of his skin. Even his buttocks were the same rich color, like he sunbathed in the buff. Temptation returned.

An ache clenched hard in her abdomen and traveled to her clit. She had to close her eyes to force the shaft of need back where it belonged -- buried deep. She'd not given into her baser needs all these years; she wouldn't start now. Or had she already?

The man emitted a deep sigh. Gina held her breath and watched a strand of black silk fall to the other side of his back. If she'd already “known” him last night, surely she could sneak a feel of his hair. Hoping she wouldn't wake him, she bit her lip, but eased her fingers forward the small distance that separated them.

Her fingertip touched a hank of hair gathered at his side toward the mattress. Another finger dipped further into the mass. She sighed at the contact. Warm and silky, but richer than the fabric. The black strands had a life of their own, gliding through her fingers over and over. She traveled higher, to where the base of his skull met his neck. The warmth grew hotter there.

She scooted closer, careful not to rock the bed. The need to smell his hair rose so fast and hard within her, she couldn't stop herself. Flush with his body, she felt his heat through the sheet, from her head to her toes. She breathed in deeply, closing her eyes in appreciation of the chicory scent of his hair mingled with the scent of ... sandalwood.

“Umm.” She threw a hand over her mouth, hoping he hadn't heard her.

“Don't stop, babe. I liked that.” The deep voice, slurred with sleep and a heavy New Orleans accent, rumbled through her body.

Damn, what do I do? If they'd been lovers last night, he'd think it strange if she screamed and jumped out of his bed, especially after she'd been stroking his hair. Gina sucked on her bottom lip, but eased her hand forward to tunnel under the thickest part, near his neck.

“Um, yeah, like that.” He sighed, leaning his head back into her fingernails, letting them scratch his scalp. He wriggled his hips closer to her, brushing the tops of her thighs.

Gina swallowed hard. If she weren't so scared, she'd laugh at how he reminded her of her black tomcat, Hades, the way he would arch his back whenever she rubbed him.

Rubbed him . Her fingers stilled with that thought. Her gaze traveled the length of the long, lean body. This close, she could see over his hip. She shut her eyes, quickly, but slowly opened them again to study the cock that she had apparently taken into her body the night before.

Even at rest on a nest of black hair, his penis lay at least six inches long. The darker skin contrasted with the creamy brown of his body, making her wonder at his ethnic background. A long vein ran the length of the shaft up to the dusky purple, mushroomed head.

I fucked that monster? Oh, my God.

She felt his muscles stiffen before he sat up on the side of the bed with quick, jerky movements.

“W-What's wrong?” Her voice sounded scratchy and hoarse. Hell, she'd probably screamed her head off if she'd been doing him all night. She reached out to stroke his back, but he angled his head and body, arching away from her touch.

“If I offend you so much, I don't want to be in the same bed with you.”

“What?” She thought over the last few minutes and realized she'd spoken out loud.

“Oh, oh ... that's not what I meant.”

He stood up, ass bare, and stalked across the room to a pack of cigarettes lying on a small, black wrought-iron table with matching chairs on either side. He picked up the pack and shook a cigarette out, lighting it with the same jerky motions, angling his face so she could only see the barest profile over his shoulder.

He's pissed. Crap . “I'm sorry. I didn't realize I'd spoken out loud. It's just ... I don't ... sleep around ... a lot --” That's an understatement. “-- and your, well, your ... penis ... took me by surprise, that's all.”

The only response was a puff of smoke as he ran his left hand through his hair to let the dark mane fall gracefully down his back, shining and crackling with life. Such a feminine gesture, but on him the action appeared masculine, like a panther flicking his tail in irritation.

“It's very large.” Her stomach growled with those whispered words, but not from desire for food. She bit the right side of her bottom lip. “Please ... come back to bed.”

His right hand stopped in midair on the way to his lips. Smoke circled around and above his head, forming a wavering halo.

Gina smiled. God trying to tell her the man in front of her probably leaned, like the smoke, more toward the demonic side than the angelic. At least, I hope so .

“You want me?”

Gina stuffed an imaginary fist in her mouth to stop a groan. Did she want him? Every nerve in her body screamed for him to touch her. Her pussy clenched and dripped with the need to experience him between her legs, but with her memory intact this time. Her gazed traveled over his buttocks and long legs. She wanted to remember what he felt like inside her. She closed her eyes, her voice husky with need. “Yes. I want you.”

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