The Pixie Prince

Lex Valentine

Max LeFevre, known to his fans as Max Fever, is on the hunt for a new mattress. Becoming the Pixie Prince means Max has inherited big gold wings that he must keep hidden. But the wings, and his sudden, unexpected sensitivities, ha...
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Full Description

Max LeFevre, known to his fans as Max Fever, is on the hunt for a new mattress. Becoming the Pixie Prince means Max has inherited big gold wings that he must keep hidden. But the wings, and his sudden, unexpected sensitivities, have made it impossible for Max to sleep. His mattress leaves him bruised and that’s a bad thing for a guy who makes his living modeling designer underwear. So when the waiter at Max’s favorite restaurant tells him he knows about a special mattress, Max can’t resist trying it.

Bliss Wilde never expected to meet Max in her own club. The fact that he’s there to try out her mattress doesn’t matter. Watching the big golden pixie roll around on her bed sets her libido on fire. When Max turns up later that night, unable to sleep, Bliss invites him to her bed. During the sexual romp that ensues, Bliss and Max discover they are mates. But they both know people for whom bonding has gone wrong, making them cautious about the process. Still, their desire for each other rages high and with Max getting a new mattress, he figures maybe he should break it in with a bonding.

  • Note:The Pixie Prince was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and reedited in this version.
Following Marty toward the bar, Max gazed around the large open area. The place looked expensive and upscale despite the cheesy vampire theme. Before they reached the brass-railed bar, a door behind it opened, and a woman came out. Instantly, the scent of caramel assailed him. For a moment, he wondered if he’d spilled his dessert on his clothes, then realized his senses were pinging. The scent of caramel came from the woman. She turned toward him, her inky black hair swaying like a swath of silk. The fine strands were cut in a short, stylish bob, and when her head tilted up, he could see the pale ivory oval of her face.

Electric blue eyes met his, and Max’s stomach dropped. Maybe he shouldn’t have eaten three dozen double suicide wings, he thought absently. Dry-mouthed, he swallowed hard as the woman glided toward them with an innate grace that shamed the studied poise of the models he worked with.

At about five feet nine to his six feet plus, she had a reed-slender body and nice round breasts that weren’t small but fell short of the lushness of Alexa’s. Max’s stomach flip-flopped as those electric blue eyes glowed at him, indicating her vampire heritage.

“Max Fever,” she greeted him in a low amused voice. “When Marty called and asked if he could show my mattress to one of his favorite customers, I didn’t realize he was bringing over a celebrity.”

“It’s LeFevre,” Max replied automatically, as he usually did when someone called him by the nickname his female fans had given him.

She grinned, and Marty said, “Bellisandra Wilde, this is Max LeFevre and Alexa Harte.”

Bliss Wilde was a stunner, Max thought. At least, she stunned him. His brain felt like Jell-O and his cock silently screamed at him to fuck her until her brain was Jell-O too.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Wilde,” Alexa murmured stiffly.

Bliss reached out and shook Alexa’s automatically proffered hand. “It’s nice to meet you too, Miss Harte,” she replied, her bright eyes assessing the other vampire.

To Max, Bliss seemed awfully curious about Alexa, although her words didn’t give that away. Despite her calm demeanor, he could sense her sizing up his companion. If the rumors Marty had mentioned were true, it would certainly explain why Bliss Wilde stared at Alexa with a mixture of curiosity and excitement. Wryly, he acknowledged his annoyance that she seemed more interested in his friend than in him.

“The mattress is upstairs. I have a small loft apartment for when I’m too tired to drive home,” Bliss explained, turning away and unlocking a black painted door that blended into the walls so well Max barely noticed it.

They climbed the stairs, and Max’s gaze zoomed in on the movement of Bliss’s well-toned ass. She wore plain jeans and a form-fitting black T-shirt that hugged her lean curves. Max thought she looked sexy as all hell, and the twitching of his cock inside his jeans confirmed his brain’s more objective opinion. In the space of a few minutes, he’d fallen completely in lust with her.

The apartment seemed unremarkable until she opened the bedroom door. Then, even Alexa gasped in shock. Deep, dark red carpeting covered the floor. The walls were dark gold, the crown molding in a slightly paler gold. The furnishings were all dark wood, possibly ebony, and included an armoire, a desk and matching chair, bedside tables, a bench at the foot of the chair that held a deep red quilt, and the bed itself.

The bed was riveting. King-size, draped in red and gold, the four posts of the frame were thick black twists that rose toward the ceiling. Max stared at the exotic-looking bed, his heart racing. He didn’t care about the mattress any longer. When he looked at that bed, all he could think about was Bliss lying naked on it while he licked her everywhere. His cock screamed, “Yes, yes, yes!”

“My brother Lucien found the mattress for me,” Bliss told them, her voice low and even. “I wanted something softer than the usual mattress. Something that stayed slightly cool as well.”

Max blinked. She’d used his exact words, and although he knew why he needed a mattress like that, he couldn’t imagine why a vampire would. “Where did he get it?” he asked, walking toward the bed.

“A company online that makes mattresses from a substance called space foam. It’s very unusual material.” Bliss followed Max over to the side of the bed, reaching down to grab the embroidered silk coverlet.

She whipped the coverlet back, revealing champagne-colored cotton sheets. Max touched them lightly with one finger. High quality, high thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets. They would be softer than satin on naked skin.

In his mind’s eye, Max could see himself lying naked on those sheets while Bliss rose above him, her pale ivory skin glowing in the light from the brass lamps. He suppressed a shudder and sternly instructed his twitching cock to behave.

“Do you mind?” he asked softly as he tested the springiness of the mattress with his hand.

Bliss gave him an amused smile, her dark pink lips quirked up at the corners. “By all means, give it a try.”

Taking a deep breath, which didn’t help calm his dick because the inhalation filled his nose and head with the scent of caramel, Max kicked off his shoes and eased onto the bed. Once lying on his back, he let out his breath. The mattress molded to his body softly, and he couldn’t feel any of the conventional things they made mattresses of. No springs, no coils, no batting… Just soft, cloudlike foam that cradled his body, making him feel as if he floated on air. And instead of heating up as memory foam did, the mattress remained somewhat cool beneath him. He bit back a moan of pleasure.

Max breathed in and out, concentrating on his body; Bliss, Alexa, and Marty all faded into the background. One minute went by, then two. Even his cock went quiet while he tested the mattress. All of his senses focused on how the mattress felt beneath him. Three minutes… elation began to spread throughout his body. He twitched his shoulders. No pain. He wriggled his torso, his chest and abdomen undulating. No discomfort. His heart began to pound. Four minutes…

“Max? Did you fall asleep?”

Alexa’s voice broke his concentration, and he opened his eyes, meeting her slightly worried gaze. Suddenly, he grinned and saw relief flood her expression.

“By the Goddess,” she breathed. “He’s found his mattress.”

“Ha! I knew it!” Marty exclaimed.

Max smiled up at them. Alexa’s expression had gone from relief to a slightly mocking smile. Marty grinned happily. Bliss looked at him with an odd expression in her blue eyes, but her beautiful mouth quirked up in a pleased smile. He threw his arms out, feeling how the mattress cradled him without placing any pressure on any point of his body. It felt like heaven.

Reluctantly, he sat up and shoved his feet back into his shoes. Sensing Bliss’s gaze on him, he turned his eyes to her. “Thank you. You’ve saved my life. Do you have the phone number for the mattress company?”

She walked over to the desk and opened the drawer, removing a card. She wrote something on it and then came toward him, extending the card. Max took it. Expensive card stock caressed his fingertips. He glanced at the elegant script that spelled out the club name and address, her name, a phone number, email address and the club’s website address. He flipped the card over and found, written in neat, dark letters, the words CLOUD NINE and a phone number.

“I’m so happy I could help,” she murmured as she pulled her hand away, her slender fingers brushing against his.

A little electric shock went through him at her touch. His gaze flew to hers. He could tell she’d felt that shock too. A frisson of awareness snaked down his spine. Bliss Wilde was unlike anyone he’d ever met. Special didn’t seem to cover it.

“Well, I gotta get back. I’m glad you found a mattress, Max.”

Marty’s voice sounded more smug than it had a right to be over a mattress. Max jerked his gaze from Bliss to eye the waiter. Triumph dominated his expression, and an evil delight lurked in his green eyes. Max decided Marty must be more than just another guy waiting tables to get through college, but oddly, his senses couldn’t even tell him Marty’s species.

“Bye, Marty.” Bliss gifted the waiter with a smile.

“See you later, Bliss. Good to see you again, Alexa. Take care!” Marty half waved and disappeared through the door. They heard his feet going down the stairs, and then the door thudded.

Alexa drew in an audible breath. “Thank you for your help, Bliss. You saved my feet hours of agony,” she said ruefully, glancing down at her Jimmy Choo pumps.

Bliss chuckled, the sound as rich as her caramel scent. Max’s senses tingled again. “You’re welcome,” she replied easily, walking toward the door.

They followed her downstairs to the club, where Max saw Alexa suppressing a shudder. He also observed that Bliss had picked up on Alexa’s revulsion to the club as well. Just like Marty, a smugness in the back of her eyes told Max something besides helping him find a mattress was going on.

The overwhelming scent of caramel filled his nostrils as Bliss stepped closer, holding out her hand to him. “It was great meeting you, Max.”

She smiled up at him, and Max’s cock began its silent howl again. Apparently, his dick had become completely enamored with her. As he shook her hand, the feel of her flesh against his had his heart pounding like a jackhammer. No, it wasn’t just his dick. His whole body had fallen deep in lust with her. For the first time in a long time, he had a huge instantaneous reaction to a woman. He shoved the thought aside though. Time enough to dwell on it later, when he was alone.

Copyright © Lex Valentine


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Outstanding!!! Review by rm2h
I read the old version and thought it was terrific. Lex Valentine writing is awesome. You have got to read this book. (Posted on 10/11/2016)

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