The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo

Anne Douglas

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Three best friends forever? Not if the two men of this trio can help it. Jo has spent many a long night fantasizing over what her best friends Matt and Brian get up to together in their bedroom and kitchen and garden...well you...
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Three best friends forever? Not if the two men of this trio can help it.

Jo has spent many a long night fantasizing over what her best friends Matt and Brian get up to together in their bedroom and kitchen and garden...well you get the idea. Life kept throwing her losers when she wanted a strong and caring man--someone a lot like either Matt or Brian. But they’re committed to each other for the long run...aren’t they?

This dynamic duo has a surprise in store for the girl they always knew was destined for them. Jo is about to find out that while two is company, three in a bed is a hell of a lot more fun.

  • Note:This book contains menage scenes and sexual content that may be offensive to some readers.
Well, this was progressing better than expected.

He had started to grin like a loon back at Jo after she kissed him, so he had done a quick grab into the basket for something to drink. He wanted to loosen Jo up just a little so his planned opening bid of seduction went a little easier. Well, not seduction so much as a little make-out session. The real seduction would be part of next week's plan.

He was feeling a bit like he was seventeen again, quivery on the inside and palms itching to touch the tempting flesh all around him. Horribly nervous that some teenage girl would reject him for doing something outrageously stupid and he would end up being disappointed in love. Turned out that despite his nervousness the girls had thrown themselves at him, which, in turn, had made his anxiety worse because he wasn't attracted to the skinny, pert cheerleaders at all. The curvy, intelligent girls always drew his eye.

Matt shifted just a little to ease his jeans over his cock; even the thought of just making out with Jo had him more than half hard. Brian was going to get one good workout later that night to ease the pain he would be in after this afternoon.

The sun and the cider had reddened her cheeks a little. Watching her enjoy the sinfully good pastries was definitely an experience of the sexy kind. Jo enjoyed her food; no half salads with dressing on the side for her. She watched what she ate and exercised, but didn't starve herself of nice things, either. Watching her lick flakes of pastry from her plump lips was enough to make him sweat, but the groan of pleasure at the first bite of one of the custard flans was enough to have him drooling and begging.

Time for some action, Matt thought.

He started packing up some of the empty containers, putting aside a tart and two more ciders; he had plans for them. Feeling pretty pleased with his picnic plans so far, he turned to Jo.

"Here, honey. This is the last one. Open up."

Jo looked up at him, a little puzzled.

Matt dropped a soft kiss to her lips, and when her jaw dropped in surprise, he nudged the sweet treat into her mouth so she had no choice but to open wider.

Watching her mouth open so she could take the pastry had him jumping to a visual of his cock replacing the pastry. Dreaming of her mouth sucking his hard cock was going beyond sin. The thought of having both Jo and Brian together ...

Okay. Time to think of cold. Ice ... frozen tundra wastelands. Aunt Gertie ... Aunt Gertie's deformed cat, George.

Nope, nothing worked.

He pushed the last bite of the tasty morsel into her mouth and brushed the few remaining flakes of pastry from her lips with his thumb.

"Oops, missed one." He swiped across her lower lip with his tongue. Before she had realized what he had done he was sitting behind her, pulling her back into the cradle of his thighs, his erection rubbing against the small of her back. Torturing himself even more with the sensation of being close to Jo.

Hoping she would feel how hard he was, he snuggled himself closer to her. Every opportunity to show how much she tempted them sexually couldn't go to waste.

Arm raised, he pointed to the geese on the lake. "Hey, look, we have a few visitors on their way south to the sunny climes of Florida." Jo gave a small laugh at his comments. He had a feeling she was a little stunned about the kisses.

"Just sit back and relax, Jo, it's too nice a day to head home yet. You can use me as a pillow if you want to take a nap."

Relax? Relax, the man says. Relax after he just did two things she had least expected in the world, feed her then kiss away the crumbs? What planet does he think he's from?

Geese? Who gives a shit about the geese when I can feel your cock in the small of my back, and you have snuggled up closer than a baby to his teddy bear?

Huh? Huh? Huh?

"I wouldn't mind a nap. You guys had me up early, and this was supposed to be my sleep-in morning." Take that, Mr. Kiss Me and Cuddle Me. Ms. Fat Lump in your lap for an hour should teach you a lesson.

Wiggling her bottom a little and falling back onto his oh so firm and warm body, smelling of Matt, outdoors, and a little touch of sandalwood -- oops bad, bad thoughts. She sank back into Matt and closed her eyes.

The minx!

A little butt wiggle here, a little ass jiggle there, and he was harder than the rocks down by the lake. He wanted to pull down his zipper, take out his cock, and rub it against the soft, silky small of her back. Matt knew it was soft and silky, because her shirt had ridden up when she had moved back into his embrace, and he had given in to the temptation to stroke it with his fingers when she had drifted off. He decided to give in to a lot more temptation to wake his sleeping beauty, as it was getting towards time to head back to the car.

"Wake up, sleepyhead." He whispered into her neck, not really wanting to wake her till he had his fill of tasting her. The smell and taste of her thrilled his senses as he tongued her nape, running up to the back of her ear. He carried on by nibbling on her lobe. She tasted sweet, of sun and fresh breezes. Matt carried on round her jaw, making his way to her lips.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," he murmured into her lips before pressing his own firmly to hers, hands coming up to gently caress her breasts as she arched into the kiss. She wasn't entirely awake yet so he decided to try his luck and ran his hand under her shirt to take the fullness of her breast in his hand. Plucking at the nipple through the lace, he felt her gasp, and Jo opened to him, pressing her lips to his.

Matt knew she was more than half asleep, but he couldn't help himself and ran his other hand over her stomach and jeans to cup her pussy. She felt hot even through the denim. He pushed down on the seam as Jo groaned into his mouth and her body pushed up into his hands. He desperately wanted to release her zipper and plunge his hand into the heat he could feel burning through the thick denim.

"Baby, can I touch you?" A small groan he decided to take as acceptance to his whispered question came from Jo.

He knew he shouldn't, but damn, it had been years of waiting, and after seeing her, rumpled and sexy in her bed that morning he was due a little bit of the gold at the end of the rainbow. Releasing the button and pulling down the zip, he slowly slid his hand into her jeans.

"Ah. Jo. Satin and lace. You're too tempting!"

She was slick and hot, nipples taut under his hand, mouth gasping as he brushed his fingers over her clit. He looked up into Brian's eyes. He had arrived at the property about half an hour before with the plans for the house Matt had collected earlier that day. But on seeing Jo curled up in Matt's lap, he had put aside the papers and sat and watched them, his eyes glazing over with lust the more Matt kissed her. Matt could see the bulge in Brian's jeans and watched as he stroked himself over the denim.

Copyright © Anne Douglas


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