The Hawaiians 4: Hawaiian Ginger

Meg Amor

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Zane Andrews, a striking redhead and severely deaf dancer, has a love of pretty aloha dresses and girly feminine things. He comes from a poor, and extremely sheltered, cultish background. When he and Danny connect after the winnin...
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Full Description

Zane Andrews, a striking redhead and severely deaf dancer, has a love of pretty aloha dresses and girly feminine things. He comes from a poor, and extremely sheltered, cultish background. When he and Danny connect after the winning tango, things heat up quickly. But what about Zane’s relationship with Kaleho? Guilt eats at him and he wonders what he’s doing.

Danny’s a fourth-generation Hawaiian Big Islander, from the wealthy Lucerno ranching family. He’s a dark-haired, smoldering mix of Portuguese male and Argentine sensuality who was fighting his attraction to Zane. But even he can’t deny where his heart has taken him.

When Zane decides to face Kaleho, Danny disappears to Las Vegas. Zane’s worried he’s gone back to his old, glamorous life he had with Paolo. Has he lost Danny?

Zane’s first time on a plane to Vegas away from Hawai’i overwhelms him. And what if Danny rejects him? Then Zane’s past catches up with him. His abusive birth parents sue Danny and his adopted family, the Masterson-Mahikoas, sending everyone into turmoil.

Can they finally heal from the past abuse of dysfunctional family relationships? Will Danny and Zane be able to accept each other’s backgrounds, insecurities, and express their deep feelings for each other?


I throw on board shorts and go out to the kitchen. Zane’s already slicing up papaya for breakfast. Dad has an early morning therapy client, and KD’s making a phone call. His hair’s wet, so he’s probably already been out for a surf. The twins stand guard over a big batch of pancakes they’re making on the electric griddles.

It’s another typical day in our lives, but it’s heightened for me.

I just want to reach out and touch Zane. Smooch into him. Say “Good morning, baby,” like my dads do to each other, and share a lingering, personal kiss that shows a deep connection, like they do.

He looks up then, and that sweet smile blooms on his face when he sees me.

Fuck it.

I walk up to him and slide my hand around his waist, hugging him to me.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning,” he says, biting his lip and going a lovely soft shade of rose. He’s gorgeous.

As I release him, my hand slides across his ass and the texture of lacy panties through his sundress.

The rush of blood to my cock feels instant. A pair of boxers would have been a good idea. I don’t even think Paolo got me this instantly ramped up. A year ago I was being an asshole to Zane because he wears dresses and panties. Now I’m fighting a hard-on at breakfast.

I’m about to go and put some boxers on when the twins announce breakfast is ready.

At least the wooden table outside on the lanai will hide it until I deflate. I slide under the table, and we all help ourselves to warm pancakes and crispy bacon. With Dad not here, we can have all the bacon “crucified” as he puts it. In his country, they don’t cook it as much as we do. Zane sits down next to me and brushes my hand with his. It doesn’t help my blood flow.

I help myself to mac nut sprinkles for the papaya and squeeze a lime wedge over the glossy, orange slices. Each pancake gets a good spread of butter, and a huge dollop of different syrups. The scent of guava, liliko’i, and coconut drifts up to greet me.

I love early mornings here on the island. The fragrance of the plumerias is just waking up too, subtly rising throughout the heat of the day. The morning dew dots their thick, creamy petals. Not having this scent every day in Vegas did my head in.

“What’s everyone doing today?” asks KD.

“We don’t know. We might go to Roberto’s or something,” say the twins.

“I thought Zane and I could go over to Hilo for lunch, and just have a day on the other side,” I say.

I haven’t asked him, but I’m hoping he’ll agree. I mouth, Yeah? at him, and he nods eagerly. Hella good.

“Can we come?” says Kisho.


“Why not?” says Haru.

“Because.” I try to be nice and say it neutrally, hoping they’ll drop it.

“Well, why not?” Kisho has his hands on his hips, getting into attitude.

“Because Zane and I are going to lunch. We’ve been working hard for the dance competitions. I want to treat him to a nice lunch and day out before he starts at the dance academy.”

“So? We’ll pay for ourselves.”

“That’s not the point,” I try to say evenly.

“Well, what is the point?” says Haru.

“Because!” I’m almost hissing at him.

“But why not?” Haru looks at his twin with a determined scowl on his face.

“Oh, for God’s sake. Just rip me.”

“I don’t see why we can’t come. Anyone would think you were going on a date or something,” says Haru so indignantly, he’s almost pouting.

“We fucking are!”

“What?” my brothers say in unison. Jesus. How did they fucking miss that Zane and I have been getting close lately? They look so confused and genuinely muddled, it’s hard not to laugh.

KD says, “I’ll explain it to them.”

“Thanks, KD.”

When we finish stuffing ourselves, I get up to clear off the table, and Zane corners me in the kitchen.

“A dade?” he whispers, looking so pleased, I know I’ve done the right thing.

“Yeah,” I say softly, quickly touching my lips to his. “I like that dress on you; you look pretty.”

“Thang you.” The crimson tide rises from his neck to his face. I love how this happens with him. He’s so cute.

“You loog beaudiful,” he says to me.

“I’ve only got ratty old boards on.”

“Yesh, and no shird, no undies.”

I laugh. I didn’t think he’d noticed.

I pull him into me for a hug, and dammit, why don’t we have our own place? I’d love to take him to bed right now. But our house is busy in the day sometimes. Especially with the twins off school for a teacher’s day or something. This is driving me hella crazy.

“You want to go soon?” I ask.

He bites his lip, nodding; his eyes lit up. And all I want to do is sweep him into my arms, cup my hands on his ass, and press him into the hard length of my cock. God, I’m horny.

He leaves the kitchen, running his palm casually over my groin before disappearing down the hallway. I inhale sharply, trying to get myself under control before anyone else comes in.

But it’s not happening. A fast shower and a handjob take care of me for now.

As we’re leaving, in a typical way the twins see the world, I hear them say to KD, “We need better boyfriends, who take us to lunch.”

“Le…git,” says Haru in a disgusted tone.

They make me laugh. I should have known they’d be cool once they knew.

But that brings me back to the question that’s been swirling around my head. What are Zane and I to each other? I know we need to talk, but I just want today to ourselves. No practice. Nobody else around. No questions. Just us. And if we go over to Hilo and the Hamakua Coast, we won’t stand much chance of running into anyone we know.

“Saddle or bottom road?” I ask.


“Sounds good. We need to take some flowers for the altar.”

He nods, and we cut some white orchid sprays from the ones on the lanai for Poliahu, the mountain goddess up there.

He slides into the middle truck seat, and I clip his seat belt, giving him a lingering, slow kiss. Then his hand settles on my thigh with mine over it, and we head up the hill.

This road has all been redone. Now it’s like a proper highway all the way through. It’s much faster, and it feels like we hit the altar a lot sooner than usual. The wind’s brisk as always, but I wrap a blanket around each of us. We walk up the rocks to the altar that sits at the T-intersection with the road for the observatories and Mauna Kea. It was built by a group of Hawaiians to honor the mountain gods and goddesses.

Holding hands, we lay the orchids on the altar and close our eyes. I ask for a sign that Zane and I are more than just friends with benefits. I open my eyes and am drawn to a coin on the lava-rock altar. When I turn it over, it’s a Chinese dragon coin. But what really rocks my world is that it’s sitting on top of a small dragonfly earring, almost like it’s protecting it from the elements.

I tell him what Dad said about the dragon and dragonfly, but not the question I asked. I’m not ready yet to be that vulnerable. But he’s even blown away by that, his eyes dancing. He lets me cuddle him closely to me, and I luxuriate in his body and energy.

When he starts shivering, I bundle him into the truck, and we kiss softly, then continue down the mountain pass to Hilo. It’s foggy and raining; the wet tree ferns and small ground ferns lining the road look vibrantly green. But as we come down into Hilo township, the sun is out on this damp little town. Anything under seventy inches of rain, and they consider it a drought.

This side has a completely different vibe to the sunny Kona side with its old Hawai’i energy feel. It’s almost like stepping back in time—old sugar plantation workers’ homes, their green or rust-colored tin roofs, some with Japanese peaked rooflines, are everywhere.

“Can we see Rainbo Valls?” he asks.

I nod, and we take the turn up past the hospital with its old abandoned buildings that haven’t had anything done with them. They completely creep me out every time I go past them.

But the twin falls in their wishbone shape look popping. A slight rainbow comes off the spray, the giant split-leaf monsteras line the bank, and the red, spiky gingers are in flower. I take some pretty shots with Zane in front of them, and someone takes an awesome one of us.

“This ilan accebts gay beople,” he says.

“Why?” I smile at him.

“Becauze we haff rainbos everwhere. An even on our driver licenze.”

He’s so cute, the things he thinks up. I love the different way he sees things sometimes. Like Zane believes unicorns used to be real. “Well, why not?” he’ll say. “There’s a rhinoceros with a single horn, and some goats; why couldn’t there be a horse with one too?”

And when he puts it like that, it does make sense.

I pull him into me as we sit on the lava-rock wall, watching the water tumble into the pool beneath the falls.

“You hungry?” I ask.

“I shodden be, we had a big breagfaz, bud I am.”

“It must be all that sneaking into someone’s room at night, making love, and running off again.”

He laughs, his eyes lit up, and I’m drowning. Just floating in a pool of happiness.

“Why did you leave?” I want to know.

“I diden no whad the das woud say.”

“They’re all good with it. I’ll tell you at lunch what Rob Dad said to me last night. I came in to see you, and you were out to it.”

“I waided for asias fo you.” He frowns.

“I’m sorry, baby. Rob Dad wanted a talk.” I do the air quotes.

“Ohh.” His face drops.

“It’s all good. Let’s go to lunch, then have a look at the Farmer’s Market.”

He nods happily, and we hold hands back to the truck. Every touch with him feels special to me. I don’t remember feeling this way with Paolo. It had a different feel to it. Somehow it was less intimate.

We park on Mamo Street and walk up to Pineapples with its bright yellow sign, on the corner of Awakea, just down from the Farmer’s Market. The restaurant’s housed in the historic pineapple building, but I’ve never found out why it’s called that. It could just be the old carved pineapple decorations along its roofline, but I wonder if it was used by someone in the pineapple-growing business. Maybe one of the Big Five who ruled these islands at one point. It’s old Hilo—could be.

“Arn we going to Ken’s?”

“No, why?”

“Is lez isbensive.”

“I’m paying.”

He twists his nose at me, but I’m not going to get into an argument with him over this.

“We doan nee to go somewhere isbensive.”

“I want to take you somewhere more upmarket. I’m taking you to lunch on a date. You deserve nice things. I know that’s hard for you sometimes, but I like to eat at these places too. I don’t feel like Ken’s today. If you do, that’s okay. But not because of a price consideration. Okay?”

“Are we reely on a dade?” he asks with an impish look on his face, his eyes dancing.

I lean in and kiss his soft lips. “Yes.” I don’t take my eyes off him, and there he goes, his cheeks getting rosier.

Fuck, I love this.

We go inside the open-air restaurant with its yellow walls and black tables, and get a nice table on the edge. Zane oohs and aahs at all the pineapple decorations and beautiful Hawaiian art, which I thought he’d like. I take pictures of him, and the restaurant. I want to record as many moments as possible.


Oh, my God, I’m on a real date with Danny.

I’m having the best time.

But now I don’t know what to order. I know Danny will pay for this, but I don’t want to take advantage or spend too much.

“Do you want a virgin Lava Flow?” asks Danny.

“Yesh, pleaze.”

They come out in the coolest glass tiki mugs, the layers of red and white showing through the glass faces. They look pretty with their slice of orange, pineapple, and a cherry with a white orchid as the garnish. I breathe in the fruity scent of ripe pineapple, strawberries, and coconut, and take my first sip. Yummy.

God, what will I order? Danny will get mad with me if I don’t order enough or take too long. We love fusion cuisine, but there are so many choices. I like to look at everything and make sure I get the best thing. I haven’t been here before, so it’ll take me longer.

After ten minutes, I’m still deciding.

Danny puts his hand on mine, and I look up.

“Baby. Have what you want.”

“Am sorrie.”

“No.” He looks like he’s getting annoyed. “Zane, I have money. Please let me take you to lunch. It makes me happy.” He pleads with me, and I don’t know what to do. I feel awkward because I know I’m not good at this stuff.

“Kaleo and I haff alway pay for our own meals.”

Danny shuts his eyes, looking like he’s pained, and I realize what a stupid thing that was to say.

“Sorrie.” Now I’m getting anxious.

“No. It’s okay.” I can see the genuine concern in Danny’s face, and it makes me feel worse.

“I doan no whad to ged.”

He seems to take a deep breath, then says, “I have an idea of some of the things you might like.”

I nod. I know I have issues with money. I have to get better.

“We’ll share so we can try everything. What about the cheese puffs with bacon, cilantro cream, and chipotle ranch?”

I clap my hands together. I was looking at those.

He runs through everything else, and I just nod because I don’t want to spoil the date. It’s special.

When it comes, though, I do better, and we taste everything together. Danny offers me a seared scallop with a chipotle and mango butter sauce, plus a crunch of baguette.

“What do you think?” he asks.

“Sooo good,” I say, dipping the bread in the tangy, sweet sauce.

He nods, his eyes getting round like they do when he loves something, and I laugh. He dips a finger in the sauce and paints my lips with it until I lick his finger clean.

His eyes go black, and I nearly drop my drink.

I feed sticks of the cheesy garlic fries to Danny, who licks my fingers, his eyes on my face.

“You haff nortie bedroom eyes,” I whisper.

“You make me have naughty bedroom eyes.” He grins, and I lean in to kiss him quickly before going back to my food, feeling happy.

The server asks us if we’d like dessert, and Danny orders a Haupia Dream for us to share. I’m so full, I don’t even know if I can eat any of it. But we take turns having a bite each of the coconut-cream dessert. I like the shortbread crust with the toasted coconut and mac nuts on top, even though mac nuts get soggy.

“Am sooo fall, I can harly move.” I poke my tongue out, and Danny agrees. We ate way too much, but it was all delicious.

“Thang you, my Danni,” I say. Shit. It just slipped out.

“Am I your Danny?” he asks seriously.

After what feels like the longest minute of my life, I whisper, “Yesh.” The wonder and joy in his eyes takes my breath away.

He closes his eyes with a smile on his lips.

Copyright © Meg Amor


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