The Flavor of Summer

Lyra Marlowe

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The first time David saw Ariel, she was pinned against the lockers, being fingered by a football player -- and smiling. He never forgot that smile. But he let her get away. Ten years later, a summer class reunion brings him a...
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The first time David saw Ariel, she was pinned against the lockers, being fingered by a football player -- and smiling. He never forgot that smile. But he let her get away.

Ten years later, a summer class reunion brings him another chance.

Ariel is still beautiful, free, and erotically unpredictable; David, even in his own mind, is dull as dry toast. She wants to be sexually dominated -- by him. He'd be happy just to get laid. But with the help of the Internet, an experienced Dom who's willing to give advice, and Ariel's drawer full of toys, he'll take a shot at being everything she wants and needs.

Twenty-four hours of submission, bondage, erotic toys and one old-fashioned spanking convince David that Ariel's sexual preferences suit him perfectly. But if they're going to stay together, they'll have to deal with other issues: The suffocating summer heat. The specter of Ariel's free-love past. The disapproval of their old classmates. Their mutual insecurities. And maybe the most important question: Can a dedicated tax accountant really be happy with a woman who never balances her checkbook?

Whatever happens, the flavor of their summer isn't going to be vanilla any more.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements and themes, domination/submission.
The first time David Green saw Ariel Sanborn, she was pinned against the lockers on the third floor, just outside the chemistry lab, being finger fucked by a football player.

It was his first day in a new high school. He’d stayed after his last class to talk with the teacher about moving to advanced physics. By the time he left the classroom, the halls were empty. David was a senior, but because he was a new student, he’d been stuck with a locker on the third floor among the freshmen. He climbed the steps and came around a corner and there they were: a beautiful blonde-haired girl with her wrists pinned over her head by a broad-shouldered boy in a football jersey. The boy’s other hand was moving vigorously under her skirt between her legs.

David froze. He wasn’t sure if he should rescue her -- jump on Football Boy’s back and let the girl escape while her massive assailant beat him to a pulp -- or if she was a willing participant.

In the instant he hesitated, the girl looked at him over the jock’s shoulder. Her mouth opened in a little red O of pleasure. Her body squirmed against the boy’s hand. She met David’s eyes squarely. Then she smiled.

It wasn’t a relieved smile or an embarrassed one. It was, unexpectedly, a smile that said, “Hi. I’m glad you’re enjoying watching me enjoy this.”

As he watched, dumbfounded, she rolled her head back and gave a soft cry. Her body shuddered into climax.

He would never forget the expressions on her face: the lack of shame, the openness, the release. The joy. David felt her pleasure in every inch of his body. For that one instant, they were connected, as if they were one person. He was shocked but fiercely happy to share her secret.

David had seen it in movies, but he’d never seen a woman climax in real life. The sensation shot directly from his brain to his cock, which strained painfully against his khaki shorts.

The jersey-clad boy, Smith #24, pulled his hand out from under her skirt and licked his fingers. “Damn, girl,” he said, in a locker-room-volume voice. “That English teacher gets you goin’, doesn’t he?”

“It’s the Shakespeare,” she agreed huskily.

“My turn.” He released her wrists. “On your knees.”

David thought his cock would explode. He wanted the girl to say no. He wanted to watch her suck Smith. He wanted to shove the jock out of the way and take his place.

The blonde dropped to her knees. As she reached for the boy’s zipper, David could swear he felt her hands on his own rock-hard erection. His dick throbbed.

The girl peeked at him again. It was quick, hidden; she didn’t want Smith to know they were being watched. David shared a secret smile with her as she took the other man’s cock into her pretty mouth.

He felt sudden dampness at the tip of his raging hard-on. As the girl’s lips closed, David shook with his own imminent orgasm. He raced back around the corner. Just down the hall was a door marked Men -- Staff Only. David bolted into the stall and managed to unzip his khakis before he came in his own hands.

The image of the beautiful girl, on her knees, smiling, never left his mind.

Copyright © Lyra Marlowe


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