The Essence of Life: In the Cards

Liz Andrews

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Forrest Jankowski is the oldest child in a family with paranormal abilities. After quitting his last gig as a fortune-teller he takes a job in his sister's health food cafe. Unfortunately this incurs the wrath of his sister's only...
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Forrest Jankowski is the oldest child in a family with paranormal abilities. After quitting his last gig as a fortune-teller he takes a job in his sister's health food cafe. Unfortunately this incurs the wrath of his sister's only other employee, Josie Weston. The little spitfire believes he's more of a hindrance than a help. But when he has a vision of Josie in trouble, he needs to convince her that his powers aren't just an act.

Josie has a five year plan, but her business dreams seem all but doomed now that Forrest is in the mix. The annoying man obstructs her at every turn, driving her crazy with his strange ways. He reads tarot cards and thinks he can see into the future. Her attraction to the handsome man only makes his presence all the more maddening.

When she begins to suspect his vision may have a basis in reality, she realizes her life might very well be in danger. Only when the two discover the depths of their feelings for one another will they know their love was truly in the cards after all.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.
As Rayne ended the call he glanced up and noticed Josie emerging from the building. Tension prickled on his arms when he saw her talking with another man. He had no reason to be jealous. He knew that. It still didn’t stop him from loping up the steps.

She stiffened as soon as she caught sight of him. She quietly said good-bye to the lanky man she’d been conferring with, before turning to him. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you.”

“How did you even know where to find me?” Before he could answer she held her hand up. “Oh yeah, your mystical powers told you.”

“Yes…the power called Rayne. She’s mighty and all knowing.” With a disgusted snort, she pushed past him and headed toward the parking lot.

Cursing his stupidity, he took off after her. It would be a bit hard to apologize to her if she wouldn’t even stand still. “Come on, Josie. It was a joke.”

“I’m laughing on the inside. Can’t you hear?”

“Just let me explain.”

“No need. You thought it would be great fun to have a day at my expense. I get it. Sorry I’m not more appreciative.”

“Come on. Stop running away and let’s talk about this.”

She didn’t turn to respond and continued to stride ahead, ignoring his pleas to stop. He knew he’d been an ass and he was more than willing to admit it, but she wasn’t even listening to him. Although he’d tried to be patient and play the game her way it wasn’t working too well. It was time to try a different tactic. He caught up to her as she reached her car and grabbed her by the arm.

“When I ask you to stop, I’d appreciate it if you’d do it.”

“Excuse the hell out of me, but I don’t answer to you. You may be Rayne’s brother, but you have no authority over me.”

She tried to wrench her arm from his grasp, but he didn’t let go and held her firmly. He was trying his best to be careful of his strength and not hurt her, but he had no plans to release her any time soon. In fact, he stepped closer to her, and pinned her body against the car. The scent of her perfume wafted around him and drew his head down until he was just inches from her face.

“You’ve had your say. Now it’s my turn.” The words were spoken low, but firmly.

She gasped and once again pulled at her arm. He freed her from his grip, but immediately caged her body, with his arms on either side of her. Her breasts heaved as her breathing sped up. She seemed almost aroused.

“Why should I listen to you?” Her voice was edged with a hint of cynicism.

He thought it was obvious, but if she wanted him to spell it out he would. “Because I want to apologize.”

“So do it already.”

“You’re not willing to give an inch, are you?”

“Why should I?” she fired back.

“Look, I’m truly sorry. I never meant to offend you. And as far as the shop goes, my presence doesn’t change anything.”

She stared up at him as if she didn’t know whether or not to believe his apology. He saw her face harden as she shook her head. “Sorry, but your sincerity is a tad too little too late. And this caveman thing you have going for you doesn’t work for me either.”


He saw her eyes flare as he bent his head to capture her gasp of indignation. He wasn’t sure if it was the surprise of his actions or her desire, but her lips parted for his and he took full advantage of the bounty before him.

Since he’d had his first vision of her, he’d imagined them together in so many different ways. The one thing he hadn’t known was just how sweet her lips would taste.

He drank from her lips like a parched man, overdosing on the sheer pleasure that was her. He was wrong before. She wasn’t sweet. She was sweeter than sweet. Richer than the finest chocolates of the world, and she was all his.

He wanted to pull down her pants and unzip his, so he could plunge into her velvety warmth. If these lips tasted sweeter than wine, he could only imagine what the heady taste of her nether lips might be.

Just before he caved in and gave into his baser urges, Forrest broke their kiss and gulped in air as he tried to regain his breath. Her arms slowly dropped from where she had wrapped them around his neck and she began to push at his shoulders.

“That was a mistake.”

Her words were like a dousing of cold water. Hell no, she wasn’t escaping him that easily. Now that he’d had a taste of her, he wouldn’t settle for going back to their bitter bickering. He wanted to explore more of her than just her honeyed lips.

“Think again, baby. There’s no going back now.”

Copyright © Liz Andrews


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