The Collector 8: The Onyx Palace

Diane Charles Linford & Jade Rivers

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Jasmine King, widowed wife of a war veteran, is a professional ecologist and broker. Her neighbor, pretty, white, Tabitha Mason still has her husband, but he treats her like a trophy wife. The unlikely pair become fast friends, a ...
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Jasmine King, widowed wife of a war veteran, is a professional ecologist and broker. Her neighbor, pretty, white, Tabitha Mason still has her husband, but he treats her like a trophy wife. The unlikely pair become fast friends, a bond they'll need to help them through the danger on their doorsteps.

Bradley and Benjamin Johnson have a private investigation firm called Johnson & Associates. But they're not brothers, hell, they're not even the same race. When the mysterious Collector sends them to retrieve a tainted artifact, they learn that love crosses even more boundaries than magic.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Violence.
“Jasmine, you’re an amazing woman. I think he would be proud.”

“So where does that put us? You want to sit around feeling sorry for me? Feeling proud of me, for him? I loved him -- but I’m done dwelling on it. Do you feel anything for me besides pity? Because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t pity we felt earlier at the pizza parlor, or in the kitchen tonight. I’m thinking you’re nursing a pretty powerful crush on me, Mr. Johnson.”

“Mr. Johnson? Why the formality? Please, call me Brad. Call me smitten, Miss Jasmine.” He nuzzled her neck with his lips, caressing her shoulders with one powerful hand.

Jasmine giggled. “Okay, smitten.”

He licked her neck from collarbone to earlobe. “Dazzled, enticed, enchanted -- so incredibly turned on…”

Jasmine reached for the front of his trousers and felt the bulge at his zipper.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Follow me, Mr. Dazzled. I have something I want to show you.”

She unzipped his fly and led him by the dick, pulling him playfully into her bedroom.

When she flicked on the lights, another riot of color hit him like a ton of bricks. “Peach and crimson? Hmmm… It seems to work in here.”

“Bravo! At least you recognized the hues. Most men probably would have said pink and red!”

“I admit I never would have tried it, but I like it.” Brad put a restraining hand on her arm. “Jasmine, I’m not…I’m not prepared. You know? I mean, I’m mentally prepared, but I don’t have a…”

Jasmine interrupted smoothly. “Condom? Prophylactic? Latex sheath?” She danced over to the nightstand and pulled a bright purple box from the drawer. “One of us has been prepared since the evening I met you at Wizza’s. I knew it was just a matter of time…”

He growled and chased her between the sheets, clothes flying in every direction. “Last one naked is the ‘love slave’.”

Jasmine rolled over and pulled her dress over her head in one fell swoop, revealing her panty-less fanny. “I win.”

Bradley groaned. “Oh, my God. You’ve been commando all night? If I think about all the ramifications, I’m going to come too fast. So that’s why the prawn smelled so tantalizing. You were wet, weren’t you, when you were teasing me? That’s why everything suddenly smelled like sex.”

Jasmine jumped into his arms and kissed him with the enthusiasm of a horny teenager. “Yes, I was wet for you, Mr. Bradley Johnson. In fact, I worried I’d leave a puddle in my seat. I’m wet right now, in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m so ready it hurts, so hold on, you’re in for a bumpy ride.”

Brad sighed with bliss as Jasmine slid a condom out of the box and slipped it casually over the head of his prick. Her fingers worked a new kind of prestidigitation; his already engorged penis surged in her hand like a wild animal.

Jasmine casually slid one smooth, brown leg the length of him, stroking his penis with her inner thigh. Her fingers circled his nipples, alternately pinching and rubbing. Her fingers played his body like an instrument, coaxing sensations from every nerve ending.

He leaned back against the pillows, letting the silken fabric caress his backside while the silken temptress worked his front.

“I thought I was the love-slave.”

Jasmine tickled his ribs and playfully slapped his shoulder. “Be quiet, slave. No talking. I’m having my way with you.”

Brad groaned and grabbed two handfuls of satin sheet to keep from crying out when her fingers found his balls. She cupped and kneaded them softly in one hand, using the other to gently stroke his penis through the condom.

She rolled astride him in one slick move and sensually arched her back, teasing him with the gorgeous mocha-latte globes of her breasts. Her nipples were rich, chocolate brown, two hardened points crying out for attention. “Touch them, slave. Take them in your mouth.”

Brad pushed off the pillows and granted her request, giving his whole being to the task. He laved her breasts, worshipped them, caressing them with fingers and tongue, suckling and nipping softly at the sensitive flesh.

“Aaah -- God, yes!”

Jasmine shivered, her skin alive with sensations she hadn’t experienced in years. She almost wept with relief learning her body could still respond this way, still give her so much pleasure. She pushed Bradley down onto the pillows and pinned his shoulders with her knees. “Dessert?”

“Chocolate pie? My favorite!”

He slipped lower, leaving Jasmine grasping the headboard, kneeling just in front of the pillows. His mouth tantalizingly close to her pussy, he waited. Drawing a finger through her dripping labia, he felt her shudder, knowing she was close to climax. “You’re beautiful, you know? Like an orchid, filled with sweet honey.”

“Shut up and eat me, Mr. Johnson, before I explode.”

Bradley chuckled and flicked his tongue over her clit, pushing a finger into her warm pussy. Her answering screams told him he’d found her “special place.” Reaching deeper, he pressed down with his fingertip and stroked her labia with his tongue, moving it in rhythm with his finger.

She bore down on his face, trying to force his tongue deeper. Removing his finger he cupped her ass cheeks in his hands, using his nose and tongue to service her like a human vibrator, moving deep and fast.

“Ooh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, yes. Oh, my God, yes! Right there, you almost have it, baby, keep going… Keep going. Oooh-ooh-oh-yes -- yeeesss!”

Jasmine enjoyed a noisy and enthusiastic climax.

Bradley preened, gently pushing her sensitive pussy lower. “Enjoying yourself much?”

Jasmine’s eyes were dilated; she ran her tongue over dry lips and panted, still in the moment. “Oh, man, you’re going to have to fuck me hard, Bradley, my pussy feels like it’s on fire!”

“My turn to be Master.”

“Whatever you say, Master. Just as long as you fuck me. Now!”

Brad chuckled. “That’s enough impertinence from you, slave. Get on your hands and knees.”

Jasmine sighed with pleasure and languorously assumed the position. She poked her smooth, round butt in the air for his inspection. “This what you had in mind?”

“Lord, you have the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen, Jazz. It comes flowing from your back like two perfect hills, little dimples right above each cheek. Is that a tattoo?” He leaned closer. “A lizard? You have a lizard crawling across the curve of your ass?”

“It’s not a lizard, it’s a salamander. Don’t ask. I was in an artsy phase.”

“It’s glorious. It looks like it’s having a lot of fun, if you ask me. I’d like to hang out there myself.”

He pointed his dick at the prize and dove in.

Copyright © Diane Charles Linford & Jade Rivers


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