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The Circle 1: Blood Gift

The Circle 1: Blood Gift

Product Review (submitted on December 17, 2013):

Claire's personality engaged me from the first chapter, where she is shown using her vampire powers to help other women whom she perceives to be in bad situations. It soon becomes clear that Claire has issues of her own. Haunted by her past abusive relationships, not even turning into a super-powerful vampire can be an instant remedy for the damage she's suffered.

Many paranormals/dark fantasies feature lead characters with troubled pasts, but rarely are they presented with such realism. This is an unflinching window into the emotional aftermath of abusive situations. I love that Claire is not simply a victim, and that she must be in large part responsible for her own healing. Her growing into love is a powerful read.

Bood Gift looks to be the start of a terrific series. I've got high expectations for future installments. Claire, Andre, and Parker are such vivid characters with complex, believable personalities. It will be interesting to meet more characters from this author's story-verse!