The Brotherhood 2: Bite Me

Willa Okati

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Tattoos. Piercings. Leather. Attitude. Do anything, say anything, and damn the consequences. That's Bree of the Brotherhood, and he's not about to apologize for a thing. Little do they know that Bree's whole "tough-gu...
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Tattoos. Piercings. Leather. Attitude. Do anything, say anything, and damn the consequences. That's Bree of the Brotherhood, and he's not about to apologize for a thing.

Little do they know that Bree's whole "tough-guy" routine is a carefully constructed mask. Underneath it all lies a desperately lonely man who doubts everything about himself, and wishes more than anything else that he could find someone who really understands him.

When the incubus Liam invites the Brotherhood to a night at Amour Magique, one of Charleston's premier gay clubs, Bree's all for it. If he can keep his mask in place, he bets he can score a night of drinking, dancing, and possibly even landing a good lay. Anything to take his mind off his problems and give him one night of sweet oblivion.

Julian, a vampire, has long grown tired of ordinary men and seeks out those that will be a challenge. Bree is exactly what he wants. He can see the pain behind Bree's act, and knows he's been desperately hunting for something even he can't name. Julian promises him both the best sex of his life, and freedom from his fears.

The price, however, is belief in the supernatural. And Bree thinks that may be too high a cost to pay...

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.
Bree reached for his cock, half-wishing he could piss on the pile of clothes. Then he rolled his eyes and sighed. He'd cleaned up enough puddles for one day, thanks. Vengeance was one thing, being stupid was another.

But better yet …

Bree's hand lingered on his genitals. Maybe … maybe.

He stroked his cock, mostly out of curiosity

Soft. He tried again, this time picturing the latest movie star. That got a slight stir of interest, but no big hurrah. Fine. Not like he didn't have plenty other wank material.

One of the guys from the Brotherhood? Nah. Pansy asses, all of them. Except Liam, maybe, and he just wasn't Bree's type. Creeped him out, for one.

His dick went a little limper.

Uh-uh. You're gonna work with me, here. Bree pumped himself harder, ignoring the slight pain of insistent work on soft flesh. Hey, brain! Come up with something for me. Something good.

A visual flashed across his mind's eye. He paused, surprised. Dark red hair. Kind smile. Eyes like he'd never seen before.

His cock began to swell.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, there we go. Bree tilted his head back. What was that guy's name again? Julian. That was it. Julian. Fuck, he was gorgeous.

In his imagination, Julian smiled at Bree. Reached out to touch his face again, so cool and soft.

Bingo. Instant erection. “Now that's what I'm talkin' about,” Bree muttered. “Up, up, and fuckin' away, man! No one does this better than me, right? I'm the best there ever was. Oh, hell, yes. Yeah!” His cock throbbed in his hand, almost tingling as he imagined Julian's fingers running over the silky skin, his cool thumb circling the head. Catching a drip of precome and bringing it to his mouth for a taste.

Oh, man. Good, yeah, definitely good. Julian would be the kind of guy to do that. He wouldn't stop with just a little jack-and-tease, either. He'd take Bree all the way. Play him like a violin and not stop until the big finish. Ah, ah, ah -- he could feel the man's hand around him, tugging at his Prince Albert, slipping down to fondle his balls, tugging at the guiche hidden behind them.

Making him beg for mercy.

Bree let out a groan from somewhere deep in his gut. This was amazing. Didn't even feel like his own hand on his cock anymore, never mind fantasy. He felt Julian's cool touch and the softness of his fingers. Could all but see the man across from him, smiling that mysterious little smile, refusing him a kiss until he'd melted Bree into a puddle. Pushing him on, hard and fast, just the way he liked his hand jobs.

It'd been a long day. Too long. Whole lot longer since he'd gotten laid. Bree wasn't any stranger to jerking off, but this felt different. Like he was actually with someone, not just pretending.

A cool breath of wind blew across his forehead. Startled, Bree let his half-shut lids fly open. For a split second, he saw -- not imagined, saw -- Julian's eyes gazing at him from midair.

“I'll be seeing you, Bree,” Julian murmured. Bree heard a soft chuckle. The eyes disappeared.

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