The Bodyguard: Sorin

Michelle Hasker

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Kayla's a goddess, literally, and it's her job to protect Sorin, the king of the vampires. The catch is, she can't let him know she's his bodyguard. What's a goddess to do? Sex, of course. Lots of it. Hot, kinky, amazing sex, with...
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Kayla's a goddess, literally, and it's her job to protect Sorin, the king of the vampires. The catch is, she can't let him know she's his bodyguard. What's a goddess to do? Sex, of course. Lots of it. Hot, kinky, amazing sex, with a gorgeous vampire who has a taste for domination. This might just be her favorite assignment ever. Except the part about leaving when it's over.

Sorin's a good king, a strong leader who puts his people first. But he always has time for some playful sex. Especially with the hot number who appeared almost out of nowhere to become his favorite playmate. More than that, his mate. He's sure of it. At least until he learns she's been lying to him about who she is.

Between a temporary possession, Kayla getting kidnapped, and the sting of betrayal, their relationship is going to need a lot of work. That is, if there's even a relationship to work on--since mate or no, Kayla's still supposed to leave once Sorin is safe.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Exhibitionism, menage (m/f/m), spanking, violence.
So that was how it was. Sorin accepted the paper from Sheila, but tugged her into his lap as he read. He cupped her breast in his free hand and teased her nipple, eliciting a low moan from deep in her throat.

The scent of her desire and that of Dominic’s reached his sensitive nose, and he chuckled. Yes, maybe he would have some fun after all.

As he stroked her breast, he read the short note that Nicolas, his close friend and now brother-in-law, had sent, giving him an update on Elena and their progress with Nash and his witch. Victoire would hopefully bring them that victory they needed to maintain peace. If they failed… Sorin crumpled the paper and held it in the palm of his hand. With a small touch of magic, he burned the paper until his palm was empty, not an ash left in sight. He wondered what the surprise was that Nicolas mentioned.

Sheila cupped his cock and gripped it in both her hands as she turned her head and kissed his neck. This time he didn’t fake his moan.


“Yes, Sorin?”

“I’d like you to join me and the lovely Sheila.”

“Excuse me, my liege?”

“Sorin,” he corrected automatically. “I want you to take off your clothes and come join us in my bed.”

“Yes, Sorin.” Dominic stripped out of his suit and walked over to them with a haste that revealed his lust.

“Climb onto the bed and come over here.”

Dominic crawled over to them and waited. Sorin’s cock hardened at the desire in both Dominic and Sheila’s eyes. Yes.

“On your hands and knees, Sheila. I want you to suck my cock while Dominic eats your pussy.”

A visible shudder raced through her body, and both he and Dominic moaned. Sheila pressed him back on the bed, then slithered down his body and licked his cock before teasing the tip with her tongue. She licked the slit and moaned as he thrust into her mouth.

“You may not use your hands, only your mouth to pleasure me. Same for you, Dominic, no hands, just your mouth to pleasure Sheila.”

“Sire? Sorin?”

Sorin looked up at Dominic, not bothering to hide the fire in his eyes. “Do you wish to eat Sheila’s delectable pussy or not?”

“I do.” Dominic’s gaze moved to Sheila’s bare mound.

“Then do it, man. Before I punish you for your disobedience!” It was either the tone in his voice, or the sight of Sheila, but Dominic crawled under her legs and buried his face in her pussy.

As Dominic drew sounds of pleasure from Sheila, she rocked her pussy against him and sucked eagerly on Sorin, taking all of him into her throat. Sorin groaned and fought to stay still as Sheila worked him harder and faster. He reached down and cupped her breasts, massaging them while he teased her pebbled nipples. Sheila’s body tensed, her mouth clamping on him tight, then releasing him as she screamed, her body shuddering from the strength of her orgasm.

Sorin climbed out from under Sheila as she collapsed on his bed with a breathy sigh. He rolled her over and kissed her deeply as he caressed her body.

“I hope you’re not angry, my liege.” Sheila chewed on her lower lip when he pulled back.

“No, sweet Sheila. I’m not. But I hope you’re not tired. I’ve got plenty more that I want to do to you. And I don’t think it’s fair that neither Dominic nor I reached orgasm.”

Sheila scrambled to get up, but Sorin pressed her back down. “Stay there and don’t move.”

He leaned back on his heels and looked at Sheila’s body. Out of all the women who’d been sent to him over the years, she was his favorite. She’d already requested to stay here and not return to her former master. The problem was that once he took a mate, Sorin would no longer require his harem. Then what would he do with the ones like Sheila? The ones who wanted to stay here.

“Dominic, play with her breasts. Hands, mouth, whatever strikes your fancy.”

“Yes, Sorin.”

Sorin grinned as Dominic lowered his head and sucked one of Sheila’s rosy nipples into his mouth. She moaned and arched her back. So damn responsive. It was why she was his favorite.

As Dominic focused on her breasts, Sorin moved between her legs and spread them open. He traced a finger along her slit. She moaned when he dipped his digit between her folds, coating it in her juices. Her muscles clamped on him and squeezed.

“Mmm.” Sorin grinned and lowered his mouth. He purred against her clit. She gasped and squeezed even tighter on him. “That’s a good girl.”

“She’s such a good girl,” Dominic whispered.

“Do you like her?” Sorin paused and looked up at Dominic.

“Who wouldn’t?” Dominic froze. “I’m sorry, my king. I overstepped my bounds.”

“How? All you did was answer my question. Kiss her like you really mean it, and keep playing with her breasts.”

“Yes, Sorin.”

Sheila writhed under them as Sorin drew his tongue over her slit, then teased her by slipping it into her soaked entrance.

Sorin looked up at Sheila and Dominic. “You may not come, Sheila. If you orgasm, you will be punished.”

She gasped and stared at him wide-eyed. Then she grinned and answered, “Yes, my king.”

“Dominic, lay down on your back.”

Quick as a flash, Dominic lay flat on his back and looked at him. Sorin tugged Sheila up against his chest and kissed her again, leisurely this time, squeezing her breast with one hand and slipping two fingers from his other hand into her pussy. The scent of Dominic’s desire grew stronger and helped Sorin make his decision. He would grant Sheila’s request to stay on here and gift her to Dominic. No one would take better care of her than him.

When Sheila tightened on his fingers, he thrust them into her harder and faster. Part of him hoped she would come so he could punish her. She loved punishments as much as he did. More often than not she would disobey him on purpose, but perhaps with Dominic watching she wanted to appear completely subservient.

With his fingers still deep inside her, Sorin pressed her back down and kneeled over her. “Are you going to let me fuck you?”

“Yes, my king.”

“Will you let Dominic fuck you too?”

“Yes, my king.” Her gaze slid toward Dominic.

“At the same time?”

She gasped, and tightened even more. “Yes, my king.”

“Good.” Sorin looked over at Dominic and saw the smile on his friend’s face. A knock sounded on his door, and he sighed as he turned toward it. “What now?”

“Sorry, my liege, but there is a visitor waiting to meet with you in the throne room.”

Sorin looked back at Dominic and Sheila. “Carry on without me.”

Copyright © Michelle Hasker


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