The Biggest Kahuna

Ciar Cullen

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Nikkie thought she was running from all of her problems when she left her two-timing husband and came to an island paradise. A change of pace is just what she needed. Maui sure is different -- hot and steamy, just like the men. E...
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Nikkie thought she was running from all of her problems when she left her two-timing husband and came to an island paradise. A change of pace is just what she needed. Maui sure is different -- hot and steamy, just like the men. Especially Shark, who is mysterious, sexy and says he’s a god. Too bad Nikki's a little man-shy after that nasty divorce. Kal may be out of her league, but he looks awfully good on a surfboard and even better when he's close to her.

It’s been a long time since Kal, aka Shark, has been worshipped. Even longer since he thought about actually getting serious with a woman. A few generations longer, to be exact. Now Nikkie is making him change his mind, reminding him how lonely it is to be immortal. Too bad she’s the one who has to decide if sacrificing herself to become his mate would be worth it.

“I must be dreaming, Kalahiki Kamohoali’i.”

“Why don’t you dream yourself out of that bikini, Orchid?” His eyes took on the darkness that spoke more of shark than man.

“Some change comes over you, doesn’t it? When you’re …”

Ready. Like now. Yes, it does.”

He was ready, hot and gorgeous, and growing impatient. He ran his hand along the length of his shaft, and Nikkie quickly pulled off her bikini.

“You have the body of a stripper, Orchid.” His palm burned a path along the skin of her breast.

“Seen a lot of strippers, Kal?” He’s been with so many women.

“You can fit a lot of bachelor parties into two thousand years. I can’t change my past, and you can’t change yours. If it matters, and it seems that it does, you are everything I’ve ever desired in a woman. Now, please stop talking.”

Nikkie tentatively reached her hand out to touch Kal’s cock, to replace his strokes with hers. He grabbed her wrist so tightly she cried out, more in surprise than pain. In an instant, she was on her back, legs pushed apart.

“Grab onto me, Nikkie. This first time, it may feel rough.”

Nikkie felt a flash of fear at the sight of his eyes, grown nearly completely black, pupils down to pinholes. Feel rough? Why is he rushing this?

“You belong to me, Orchid, don’t forget it. No others.”

He brought his mouth onto her neck, nipping gently at first, then harder. She cried out in mixed pain and passion, blood boiling. Breaking away from her neck, moaning as if it pained him to do so, he kissed her deeply, and she tasted the dark liquor of his lips, his tongue. His kiss made her mouth tingle, and a slow burning sensation spread through her body.

“What is it?”

“It will numb the pain of my bites. The water in the canteen has a bit of the oeala root. Like alcohol to you. It becomes a different kind of nectar in my veins, in my body.”

Nikkie fought the questions on the tip of her tongue and then couldn’t remember what they were as Kal brushed his magical hand down her belly and toyed with the moist folds of her pussy. The fire intensified, and she arched to meet his hand.

“Now.” Kal pressed the head of his cock to her folds and worked his length in, slowly at first, then pushed in hard.

“Oh, my God!” Nikkie thrust her pelvis to take him in. He burned inside of her, setting her nerves on fire, pressing against the walls of her core as he slid in, filled her completely. Kal ravaged her mouth in a desperate kiss as he began his thrusts. Waves of pleasure tore through her, and she lost all measure of time and place, lost herself in his black eyes and the feel of his thick cock pumping, her wet core squeezing him in response.

“Look at me!”

Nikkie looked up into his dark eyes, smoldering with heat. He bit at his lip, moaning his pleasure, grabbing her hips and lifting her off the blanket to angle deeper. Sweat beaded on his forehead and glistened on his smooth chest.

He moaned and muttered a few Hawaiian words, then fell onto her neck, turning her head so he could grasp the nape in his teeth. As she felt her world spinning away in bliss, a scorching pain seared through her flesh.

“Kal?” She gasped as he bit again.

“Let go.” His voice was unnatural, reverberating through her. Let go. Let go. She didn’t understand. The pain tore through her, and she struggled, pushing him away slightly. He bore down on her hard, in a frenzy, pounding his cock into her, moaning her name, moving his mouth to her shoulder.

Kal nipped at her again lightly, and she felt his cock grow huge within her, felt the throbbing of his imminent release.

He growled and pulled out of her, leaving her aching, empty. He guided her to her knees and pushed her head to the blanket and knelt behind her, steadying her by the waist with one arm and guiding his cock into her again with the other. His mouth roamed across her shoulders and neck as he fucked her like his life depended upon it.

She met his thrusts with her own and reached back to caress his chest, arched back to grab his hair and pull him in. A woman she barely knew took over, a wild woman, uttering profanities and begging for pleasure, demanding it.

“An den, Nikita! I’ll fuck you good now!”

True to his word, he did. He changed his pace and angle and rhythm with every few strokes, until Nikkie cried his name over and over, falling into a haze of pleasure and pain. He slapped at her ass so hard she gasped, and then he rubbed the tingling burn with his palm, easing the pain, turning it into a gift.

“Tell me this is good, Orchid. Tell me what you want!”

She couldn’t talk, her world nothing but sensation, bright lights flashing in a cloudless sky. No Kal, no body, nothing but forever. From far away, she heard a man call her name. Then a whisper, barely audible. ldquo;You’re mine. You’ll take Pele’s walk one day.”

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