Tech Support

Jet Mykles

Aaron is a whiz with computers but horrible with people. Painfully shy, it’s sometimes all he can do to communicate when he’s face to face with anyone. The fact that he has unusually red hair and gorgeous green eyes on...
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Aaron is a whiz with computers but horrible with people. Painfully shy, it’s sometimes all he can do to communicate when he’s face to face with anyone. The fact that he has unusually red hair and gorgeous green eyes only makes it worse because people don’t want him to hide.

But then he’s called upon to troubleshoot a problem with the laptop of Yoshiki Fukui, a big shot executive with his company. Ki is brash, outgoing and painfully handsome and just being in his presence makes Aaron all jittery.

When Ki asks Aaron to help him set up a state-of-the-art entertainment system in his new house, Aaron can’t resist the lure. Little does he suspect that Ki’s got more than just technical help in mind.

  • Note: Tech Support is a yaoi-inspired novella. As such, it contains material that may be offensive to some readers: male/male sexual practices.
Ki chuckled. “And when you’re embarrassed and caught off guard.” The hand on Aaron’s belly trailed up his chest, then lifted so Ki could use those beautiful fingers to brush red bangs from Aaron’s face. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Aaron’s mouth worked, but no sound emerged. He could only stare into that gorgeous face and vainly attempt to process the words that spilled from those softly rounded lips.

Ki cupped Aaron’s chin with his fingers, gently stopping its motion. His gaze focused on Aaron’s parted lips. Aaron had all the time in the world to watch Ki’s head descend. To see damp, dark blond hair fall forward over closing black eyes. To feel Ki’s warm breath when it gently caressed his lips. He’s going to kiss me, he had time to think. Stop him! The order sounded in his head, but it never reached his lips. Either that, or his lips had a mind of their own. So did his neck, since it tilted slightly to tip his jaw at a better angle to meet Ki’s kiss.

It was a simple meeting of lips, both pairs slightly open so their breath mingled. Ki’s lips brushed Aaron’s once, twice, again and again, each soft touch a lure until Aaron was unconsciously matching Ki’s rhythm and bobbing his chin slightly to keep up. Once he had him, Ki slid his fingers deep into Aaron’s hair, cradling and holding his skull as he deepened the kiss. Aaron started, his hand moving up to grip Ki’s wrist. But any thought of ripping away from Ki melted at the onslaught of the tongue that slipped into his mouth. Aaron’s protest turned into a moan.

The spell broke when Ki threw his leg over Aaron’s thighs and twisted so that he was full frontal on top of Aaron. The feel of that hot, bare chest pressed to his through the thin layer of t-shirt, the unmistakable feel of a hard cock against his, even through the fabric of both of their shorts, was too much. Aaron finally dropped the remote with a thump on the floor and scrabbled until both his palms were flat against Ki’s chest. Unintentionally, he brushed a nipple, which caused Ki to groan and increase the pressure of the kiss.

Aaron whimpered, pushing, until Ki finally relented and raised his head. Just his head. “What?”

Aaron gasped, trying to hear over his pounding heart. “Stop!”


“We can’t … I mean, I’m not …”

“Stop wiggling. You’re not what? Gay?”

That was yet to be determined, but it sounded good. “Yeah.”

“No sweat. Neither am I.”

“Stop!” Aaron slapped a hand over the lips Ki started to descend on his again. He stared into Ki’s intense black eyes, breathing hard. “I don’t want this.”

Ki backed off a little more, a skeptical curl to his moistened, slightly kiss-swollen lips. “Liar.” Ki rocked his hips against Aaron’s, causing the redhead to bite his lips over a moan. “Your dick tells me you want this plenty bad.”

“But … What do you mean, you’re not gay?”

Ki smiled, adjusting to a firmer hold on Aaron’s squirming body. “Man. Woman. Doesn’t matter to me, as long as the heat’s there. And, Red, we’ve got heat.”

Aaron pushed again. The man was strong! “No, we don’t!”

Ki rolled his eyes. “You learn to read people in the boardroom, and believe me, you’re an easy read. Don’t think I’ve missed all the signs. You go nuts when I touch you.”

Aaron scowled. “I do not.”

Ki touched the tip of his nose to the tip of Aaron’s, rubbing them together. “And don’t try to tell me that you don’t like kissing me.”

“I don’t.” The denial came through panic, not through rational thought.

Ki tugged at his hair, a small punishment. “Don’t lie to me. Or lie to yourself. You want me bad. And, beautiful, I’m more than happy to give.”

Aaron sagged, his hands now clutching at Ki’s shoulders rather than shoving. “But …”

Ki tenderly kissed the arch of Aaron’s right brow. “But what?”

“You want me?”

Lips brushed the corner of Aaron’s mouth. “Oh, yeah.”

“But all this time …”

“All this time, I’ve backed off because I got the clear impression that this was new to you. Am I wrong?”


“Right. I wanted to give you the chance to get to know me.”

“From the beginning?”

“Pretty much.”

Ki nibbled softly at the curve of Aaron’s jaw, his breath caressing the redhead’s neck just below his ear. “But I can’t take it anymore. I need to have you.”

Copyright © Jet Mykles


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Awesome Review by rm2h
This book is one of my favorites. Jet Mykles is a great author. This is a must read. (Posted on 12/5/2016)

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