Tea for Three

Anne Douglas

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Straight, gay or in between, turning thirty is never easy. Craig wonders just where his life heading. His relationship with Jack is satisfying, to say the least. But deep down, he sometimes still craves the soft touches of a wo...
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Full Description

Straight, gay or in between, turning thirty is never easy.

Craig wonders just where his life heading. His relationship with Jack is satisfying, to say the least. But deep down, he sometimes still craves the soft touches of a woman.

Something's bugging Craig, and Jack knows it. Some sort of pre midlife crisis that he just can't understand. The sex is hot and demanding. Their home life is comfortable without being too familiar. But he just can't help feeling he might be about to lose the love of his life.

Then they meet lovely, loyal and slightly broken Wren Browne. It doesn't take long to realize, they might have just have found the solution to both of their problems.

Love isn't tidy or simple; it doesn't come packaged in neat little boxes. And sometimes you have to set the table with tea for three.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: m/m sex practices, m/m/f menage.
Craig grabbed hold of the hard cock waving in front of his face and fell back onto the sheet-covered king-sized bed, pulling Jack down on top of him. The duvet had already been hurriedly stripped, then dumped onto the floor at the foot of the bed.

“Someone’s in a rush.” Jack’s chuckle ran down through his chest, and Craig felt it vibrate through the stiff member still firmly held in his hand.

“Always, when you’re around, babe.” Craig slowly drew his fist up the stiff column and, using his thumb, smeared the drops of fluid that welled out of Jack’s cock over the purpling head as Jack thrust against Craig, rubbing their groins together.

“What has you so raring to go tonight?” Craig knew he was baiting the beast; after all, that had been the point of all his flirting this evening.

“I was watching this hot guy all night while we were in the club. He was wearing these jeans that looked as if they had been spray painted on his tight, luscious ass.” Craig could feel said jeans crumpled under his feet, soft from years of wear, and piled into a heap from their frantic disrobing. “He kept brushing up against me on the dance floor…giving me a hard-on that kept digging into my zipper and making me ache.”

Lacing his free hand around Jack’s neck, he pulled his lover’s mouth down to his, plunging deep as he thrust between Jack’s stubble-reddened lips with his tongue. Jack reared back and regained his feet, grabbing hold of Craig’s hips. Craig was aggressively flipped from his back to his stomach, exposing his self-confessed rather impressive ass.

Craig groaned as the pressure of his body pushed his throbbing cock into the bed, providing little relief for his hard-on.

Jack ran his open hands possessively over the ass of the man splayed before him on the bed. Palming the plump cheeks, he forced them apart, exposing the tight, salmon-pink rosette of Craig’s asshole to his view. He pressed forcefully with both thumbs into the tight tunnel that gave him such pleasure, making Craig moan at the rough penetration.

One thumb went farther, stroking along the front wall of the canal with the pad of the thick digit. Pulling his other hand away, he caressed tenderly over one ass cheek before landing a resounding smack, leaving a pink handprint. Three more spanks followed in quick succession, spread over both buttocks.

“Someone who spends so much time behaving badly deserves punishment.” Another series of blows landed rapidly, turning the rounded flesh a brighter shade of red.

Fuck you!

The object of his desire writhed in front of him, drawing his knees up onto the edge of the bed as Craig tried to escape the slaps pounding his ass.

Hooking the thumb still in Craig’s ass, Jack quickly brought Craig up short, stalling him in the position that was most useful to him – Craig on his hands and knees with his fleshy butt pointed in the air at the perfect height for Jack to slide his hard cock straight in.

Craig groaned and pushed back as Jack nudged the tip of his dick up against the pink ass presented so nicely before him.

“You can fuck me later. Right now I think I prefer to fuck you.”

Replacing his thumb with the head of his pre-cum-slicked cock, Jack worked his way past the tight ring of muscle guarding Craig’s hole. From tonight’s behavior, Jack assumed Craig was craving a good hard fuck, so he grabbed his lover’s hips and slammed Craig back onto his cock. Years of carnal knowledge of the man speared on his prick meant that Jack knew just how far he could push Craig before there was any chance of causing true pain or injury.

Craig dropped his chest to the bed in surrender as Jack started a heavy, pounding rhythm that slapped his belly and balls against the backside that was still pink from its recent paddling. The palm of his hand burned in sympathy, while his balls squeezed tighter, seeking release.

Shaking his head in denial, Jack slowed down to a gentler motion, easing the urge to come – Craig was getting a hard fuck tonight, not a quick one.

The thin cotton of the bed sheet crumpled and knotted in Craig’s clenched fists, and his ass progressively thrust back at Jack, even as Craig scrambled to brace himself against the deep, hammering rhythm Jack set. Craig would have toppled off the bed if it hadn’t been for the firm grip Jack had on his hips.

“No…no, no!” Craig wailed, righting himself and tried to drive back onto the cock filling his ass, earning him another sharp slap.

“I don’t think so, babe; you’re not getting off that easy after all your teasing tonight…making me watch you dance with that young stud that latched on to you.” Pulling back ’til just the thick head of his cock teased Craig’s sphincter, Jack popped his cock in and out with sharp little jabs, giving himself great pleasure as the ring of muscle rubbed the sensitive spot behind his glans, but denying Craig the deeper, harsher fucking he lusted after.

“I’m on to your game, you know. Every couple of months you drag me along to a club, then flirt all night with some twink just to rile me up, so I’ll come home and fuck you senseless rather than make love to you.” Jack punctuated his words, alternating short jabs with longer, deeper lunges, taunting Craig and punishing him for his foolishness.

“Next time you want a bit of rough, lover mine, just ask, hmm?” Looping his forearm under Craig’s hips, he forced his way deeper and then stopped, holding them both motionless, except for where his hand now stroked along Craig’s straining cock. His mate heaved in his arms, struggling to control the orgasm that was swiftly approaching.

Copyright © Anne Douglas


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