Tales of the Magician 2: The Lost One

Melinda Barron

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Derrick Matthews has found the woman of his dreams, an Egyptian concubine named Nebetta. There's only one problem: She in spirit form and trapped in an archaeological relic. He's not the sort to let that deter him, though. Espe...
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Full Description

Derrick Matthews has found the woman of his dreams, an Egyptian concubine named Nebetta. There's only one problem: She in spirit form and trapped in an archaeological relic.

He's not the sort to let that deter him, though. Especially not when his dreams have been invaded by vivid, graphic sexual sessions with her.

With the help of an ancient Egyptian priest and magician, and his fellow archeologists, Noble Walters and Julia Rafferty, Derrick travels back to Ancient Egypt to find the woman, quite literally, of his dreams. Now... if only she weren't the concubine of a pharaoh and he hadn't caught the eye of an evil magician.

But Derrick knows what he wants, and he won't stop until he recovers his Lost One.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: menage and same-sex interactions (male/male and female/female).
Derrick needed no further encouragement. He shed his clothes and joined her, the warm water hitting him just above his waist. She danced around him as he neared, her hands drifting down and stroking his erection.

“My love, there is a huge crocodile under the waves that wants to devour me. Whatever shall I do?” She grinned mischievously.

“Perhaps you can tame that crocodile.” Nebetta circled around Derrick, the water lapping at their bodies.

Her wicked smile returned and her dark eyes flashed desire.

“Will this help?” She dropped to her knees, her head disappearing moments before her mouth closed around his hardness. Pleasure spread through his body as she ran her tongue up and down his length.

“Betta, baby, oh yes.” He wove his fingers into her hair and massaged her scalp as she sucked him. She pulled away and shot out of the water, a large smile on her face.

“Perhaps the warm spot between my thighs will work better to soothe your hungry beast.”

She moved slowly toward the edge of the pond. Derrick followed, his cock throbbing so hard he feared he would burst before he entered her.

When she reached the edge she turned and braced her hands on the stone. She gave him a sensuous grin.

“Take me. Take me now.” Her breathy words floated around the stone columns, winding around them and weaving back to Derrick.

He took her hips in his hands and bent close to her ear. “I love you, Betta.”

“And I you.”

He placed his cock at the opening to her wetness and pushed …

“Derrick? Derrick, wake up. Are you all right?”

Derrick opened his eyes. Instead of Nebetta’s brown gaze hazed with lust he looked into Julia’s concerned green eyes.

“You were moaning loudly, and saying something about crocodiles.”

Noble’s grin appeared over Julia’s shoulder. “I think our lover was having an old-fashioned wet dream about Nebetta.”

Derrick lifted the sheet and groaned. “Crap. I haven’t done that since I was in high school.”

Julia followed his gaze and laughed. She covered her mouth when Derrick shot her an evil look, and Noble squeezed her shoulder.

“That’s OK. It’s washday anyway. Was it an incredible dream?” Julia reached down and cupped his deflated cock.

“Almost too real to be a dream.”

“I felt it, too.”

The three people turned toward the disembodied voice that came from the table sitting near the bed. Resting atop the table was a beautiful ivory paddle doll. Inside the doll rested the spirit of a concubine to Ramesses III.

“How is that possible? It was my dream.”

“I don’t think it was a dream, Derrick. I think it was a memory, something we both shared.”

“That’s not likely. It was obvious to me that the dream was from ancient times.”

Noble sat up and stared at his friend. “How do you know that?”

“No electricity. Lights came from braziers placed around the pond. The building was a temple, and it looked newly finished. The reliefs were bright, as if they’d just been done.”

“Ramesses’s temple,” Nebetta said. “It was built right before Peneb-Ra captured my ka in the doll.”

Julia bounded from the bed. “The temple! It’s in Medinet Habu. If your memories are from the Temple then maybe that’s where Nebetta’s body is hidden.”

She ran from the room and the two men lying in the bed stared at each other.

“Memories?” Nob shook his head and Derrick shrugged his shoulders.

Julia jumped back on the bed, kneeling at the bottom as she thumbed through a book.

“Baby, Derrick’s not having memories. It was a wet dream.”

“No, Derrick, remember you told us the story that Nebetta told you about her and a man making love in the temple pond? It’s a memory.”

Derrick shook his head and then laughed out loud. “The only problem with that is you have to live something to have it become a memory. And I wasn’t alive when the temple was built.”

“The memory belonged to Nebetta. She projected it into your mind. We all know that she can do that.”

Even as the words left her mouth Julia knew that to anyone else they would sound crazy. The spirit of a concubine who could project thoughts…who could live in a paddle doll?

“Look, the temple was finished around 1175 BC. That would be the right timeframe. If she spent a lot of time there maybe that’s where Peneb-Ra hid her body!” Julia’s voice was rising with each syllable. She shook the book back and forth at the naked men who stared at her with smiles on their faces.

“You know what’s sexy, Derrick? A naked Egyptologist sitting at the end of a bed spouting dates and holding nothing but a book. Makes me wanna fuck her.”

“Oh, I like that idea. Can I watch?”

“Of course. Come here, baby.” Noble raised his eyebrows and quirked his finger at Julia.

“Would you two be serious, please?”

“I’d join you if I hadn’t just doused the sheets dreaming about Betta.”

“Noble! Listen to me.” Julia’s voice rose with anger, even as she felt wetness form between her thighs.

“Are you coming up here or do I have to come and get you?”

Julia crossed her arms over her chest. “Our main goal in life should be finding a way to locate Nebetta’s body and transfer her ka back inside. I have a legitimate idea here and you two are ignoring it.”

“Sweetie, it’s almost three in the morning. We can’t jump in the car and head for Luxor. We have to work tomorrow, and the next day. Maybe this weekend we can plan a trip and go visit the temple. Until then, my cock is hard, and it’s crying out for you.”

“Well…” Julia giggled as Nob sprang toward her, deftly turned her and pushed her into a prone position, her head resting on Derrick’s chest. He covered her body with his and rained kisses along her neck and shoulders.

“My main goal in life, right at this moment, is pleasuring you. We’ll talk about finding Nebetta in the morning.”

Julia relaxed into Derrick’s chest as Nob kissed his way down her body toward the now aching V between her legs. His tongue flicked back and forth across her clit as Derrick’s hands drifted to her breasts, tweaking her nipples until she sighed in pleasure.

“Whatever you say, my darlings, whatever you say.”

Copyright © Melinda Barron


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