Tales of the Magician 1: The Captive One

Melinda Barron

Julia Rafferty has it all, or does she? A successful archeologist, she has finally realized her dream of working on a dig in Egypt. Professionally, she’s on top of the world. Personally, she battles self-esteem issues becaus...
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Full Description

Julia Rafferty has it all, or does she? A successful archeologist, she has finally realized her dream of working on a dig in Egypt. Professionally, she’s on top of the world. Personally, she battles self-esteem issues because of her weight and the fact that the man she wants doesn’t want her.

Noble Walters is known for being one of the best archeologists in the field. He hand-picked his staff for the dig in Egypt and made sure that Julia was on board. He wants Julia for more than her archeological skills. Now he just has to convince her of that.

While the pair are working on the dig site, Nob discovers the house of Peneb-Ra, an evil magician that lived 2,500 years ago. Julia discovers a paddle doll, an ancient Egyptian tomb artifact that was used as a sexual companion to the deceased. What they learn, is that this paddle doll contains the spirit of Nebetta, a concubine to Pharaoh Ramesses III.

While Julia and Noble, with the help of his friend Derrick Mathers, try to find a way to free Nebetta from her prison, Peneb-Ra is searching for a body to inhabit. And he wants Nebetta for himself.

Noble helps Julia discover many things about herself and her sexuality, with help from Derrick and Nebetta. But while the trio is searching for a way to break the spell binding Nebetta to the paddle doll, Peneb-Ra’s power is growing. A final face off will determine all of their fates. Or will it?

  • Note:This book contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: menage and BDSM sexual practices.
“Watch your step,” Nob said as he led Julia down the hall. He’d loved seeing the smile on her face when he’d mentioned the hieroglyphs. The minute he’d set eyes on the rooms he’d wanted to bring her down here, wanted to watch her face light up as she examined the walls. Wanted to watch her trace her hands along the walls. And if he could talk her into running those hands along his body, so much the better. His cock twitched at the thought.

He motioned her inside the chamber and then stood back to watch her reaction. He wasn’t disappointed.

She ran to the wall and pushed her hat off her head, exposing the bun of long brown hair that had been hidden underneath. She placed her hands on her curvy hips and let her gaze roam over the walls. Then she put her fingers on the carvings and turned to Nob and laughed.

The smile on her beautiful face could light up the entire room. Nob felt himself harden further. Damn, she was beautiful. Not classically so, but Nob couldn’t wait to get her in his arms. He wanted to see her green eyes flashing desire as he pumped into her. Wanted to see her full lips pursed as she moaned his name. He knew that she was uneasy about the fact that she wasn’t rail thin, as society demanded these days, but Nob didn’t care. She was curvy in all the right places and that was fine with him.

Nob grinned as she traced the glyphs with her fingers. God, how he wanted her to use those fingers on him. His now fully hard cock jumped as if to scream for her to stroke him. He would stroke her right back and then let his hands drop down to those luscious, full breasts. Her nipples would be rock hard and he would … Nob shook his head. He’d screwed up once, one time, and she hadn’t forgiven him. And it wasn’t as if he hadn’t left her a message canceling the date and asking her to join him with the university reps that had come into town unexpectedly. But she hadn’t bothered to show up. She’d just gotten pissed. And she was still pissed.

Every time she focused those beautiful eyes on him, he saw nothing but anger. If he could turn that anger back into the lust he used to see, things would be great. Maybe working in these rooms would be the first step.

“This room is as big as the main chamber,” Nob said in an effort to refocus his thoughts. “The other room with glyphs is smaller. Both rooms have this table in the middle.”

Jules was still running her fingers from side to side, reading the glyphs. A frown appeared on her face.

“I think that table may be an altar,” she said, pulling her hand back and giving Nob a frightened look.

“Why do you think that?” He took a step toward her and prayed that in the darkness she wouldn’t notice his hard cock begging to be released, begging to be inside her pussy.

“Because these glyphs were used to write out spells,” she whispered as she shone her light around the walls. “Enchantments of dark magic. At least this one is. Its title is How to Kill the One You Hate. And if one is a curse, I’m sure they all are.”

“Spells?” Nob walked to her and ran his fingers along the lines of markings. It was times like this he wished he’d paid more attention in language classes. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I think this may be a magician’s house.”

Copyright © Melinda Barron


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Have some story with your seduction Review by SuzieBlue
I liked the historical setting and the supernatural elements of the plot - the author nailed the sense of magical realism, and Nebetta is such a tease! The steamy parts were a fun read rather than super-fiery; the ménage was hot and the BDSM wasn't off-putting for someone like me who isn't a great fan of it. I do wish, though, that the heroine's self-esteem issues were better played rather than just a plot device. (Posted on 8/11/2016)

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