Ta'e'sha Chronicles 2: Shards of the Mind

Theolyn Boese

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Several months have passed since Thea was attacked, but the nightmares have yet to fade. Her dreams are filled with blood, knives and a fear that even the comforting weight of her husbands beside her cannot banish. As they draw...
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Several months have passed since Thea was attacked, but the nightmares have yet to fade. Her dreams are filled with blood, knives and a fear that even the comforting weight of her husbands beside her cannot banish.

As they draw closer to Ta'e and the trial, mysterious pranks begin to plague the ship's crew. Thea has her suspicions but is distracted by her own life. She has prepared a marriage veil and her husbands encourage her to offer it to Sya'tia, a Warrior Chosen woman they have come to care for. Will Sya'tia accept it and join her life to theirs?

But, Ta'e is not the paradise she believed it would be. While the Ta'e'shians do not harbor the same hatred her attacker did, there is a subtle disdain in the air that disturbs her. And, occasionally not so subtle, she discovers, when she meets her new in-laws.

Meanwhile, Kyrin and Daeshen are making their own sexy plans to regain Thea's trust in them. They have no intention of letting her pull away from them. Even if they have to tie her up to do it.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage (mild), homoerotic sexual encounters, menage, spanking, violence (mild).
Thea flopped backward onto the bed and stared at the ceiling pensively. She had just returned from a session with Reba, her counselor. They had spent more time discussing her new life than the attack. She wondered if Reba was talking to one of the other counselors about the same things. Did all of the women feel the way she did?

Daeshen came into the room. She watched as he eyed her for a moment before sprawling on his back next to her.

They stared at the ceiling in silence.

After a few minutes, he turned his head and looked at her. “How was your day?” he inquired softly.

She shrugged. “Okay, I guess. I worked for a few hours, pondered how Perry Mason never defends a guilty person for an hour or so, then went to see Reba.” Her hand stretched across the bed and she laced her fingers through his. She had introduced Daeshen to old Perry Mason reruns a few days ago. He was completely fascinated by them.

He rubbed his thumb along the back of her hand before releasing it and rolling onto his side, propping his head up on his hand. “What do you want to do tonight?”

“I dunno. I’m not really in the mood for a movie. We could go swimming. I wouldn’t mind getting some exercise. Or I could see if Sya’tia wants to go jogging instead of swimming. We could pick up dinner in the galley. I don’t feel like cooking. Reba says I need to force myself to go out in public. I don’t think it would be so bad if you guys were with me.” She toyed with a strand of Daeshen’s hair; it curled around her fingers, squeezing gently.

He leered at her comically. “Well, I know one way to get some exercise…”

She giggled and pushed him over. “You always want to exercise that way, ya perv.” She rolled over and rested her arms and chin on his chest.

He rubbed her back. “It’s part of my charm.” He smirked.

She wiggled up and kissed his chin. Their sex life had suffered because of the attack. She occasionally panicked when the men leaned over her. It had caused several aborted seduction attempts on their part. Kyrin had ended up with a black eye once when he had tried one of the bondage games they had all enjoyed before the attack. Thea was still mortified she had struck him.

Daeshen threaded his fingers through her hair and gently massaged her scalp. He pulled her closer for a deeper kiss, nibbling gently on her lips.

She pulled away slowly and nuzzled his neck. His hands slid down to rub her lower back. Thea smiled against the skin of his throat and rocked her hips against his. He hardened against her hip eagerly. She slid down his body and opened his suit. His cock pulsed in her hand when she gently freed it from the cloth.

Her tongue flickered quickly across the crown. She pursed her lips and slowly sucked him inside her mouth. His moan of obvious enjoyment was music to her ears and she took more of him. She hummed softly and peeked up at him. His eyes were glazed and his hands fisted in the blanket covering their bed. Her tongue rubbed up and down the firm muscle in her mouth. She drew upward slowly, sucking strongly until she reached the tip.

Her hand slid back inside his clothing and cupped the heavy weight of his jewels. She squeezed them gently as her tongue explored under the sensitive frills spiraling down his glans. They fluttered anxiously against her tongue. Daeshen moved under her, leaning up on his elbows to watch her. He murmured encouragingly. She took him back into her mouth in a smooth motion until he touched the back of her throat.

Thea began to move her lips slowly up and down, letting her teeth graze his sensitive flesh every so often. He moaned and fell back, arching his hips. She felt his balls tighten in her palm. She knew he would not last long. Daeshen loved watching her suck him. She took him as deeply as she could and sucked hard, sealing him in her mouth. Then, she began to hum again, low and deep in her throat. She felt his frills tremble.

With a hoarse shout, he pulled her mouth off of him. His frills popped open and hot, sweet liquid splattered her mouth and cheeks. Thea quickly curled her fingers around him and stroked him as he continued to shoot stream after stream. He shuddered under her and relaxed, the last of his sap flowed sluggishly over her hand. She smiled with pleasure, petting his cock and the frills that still stood out from the tip. He shivered under her caresses. Thea lapped him clean, carefully working her tongue under the rigid frills. He tasted sweet and faintly of licorice.

She rested her chin on his thigh as his frills folded and he panted.

Daeshen looked down at her and laughed softly. “You have cum in your hair again.” He laughed again when she just grinned at him. He sat up and pulled her up beside him. “Let’s go take a shower and go swimming. I’ll com Kyrin and Sya’tia to join us when their shifts end. You could even leave off wearing that flimsy excuse for modesty you call a bikini,” he added with a teasing leer.

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