Ta'e'sha Chronicles 1: Daughters of Terra

Theolyn Boese

Theadora Conner lived a quiet, solitary life until she met two strange men one night at a club. Several days later, after a surgically neat kidnapping, she awoke to find that her world has been turned upside down. Told that she w...
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Full Description

Theadora Conner lived a quiet, solitary life until she met two strange men one night at a club. Several days later, after a surgically neat kidnapping, she awoke to find that her world has been turned upside down. Told that she was mated to both men and altered to carry their children she finds herself thrown into a world and culture she knows nothing about, one where science, myth, and religion seem to blend seamlessly.

As she tries to accept her new life with Kyrin and Daeshen, her new husbands, a hidden danger stalks the human women. For not all of the Ta’e’sha are happy to accept these women, and one expresses his contempt with abuse.

  • Note: The Ta'e'sha Chronicles: Daughters of Terra contains subject matter that may be objectionable to some readers: menage, homoerotic sexual situations, BDSM, sex while in shapeshifted form, violence.
Checking his cereb for the time, Kyrin headed back to his quarters. He wanted to get a few more hours of sleep if he could. The last preparations for the trip back home had kept him up late far too often in the last few cycles. Damned if I’m going to start my mated life off dead tired! She going to be scared enough without having me looking like something the tide left on the beach!

Daeshen looked up from the computer screen as Kyrin entered and leaned back in his chair. He smiled faintly. “I found the files. Seems our little mate has a few fantasies involving two men and restraints.” He rolled his shoulders. “They are science fiction too. Goddess, I’m tired. Can we go back to bed? I’ll finish reading these tomorrow.” Daeshen stood and padded back to the bedroom.

Kyrin followed him, releasing the closures on his uniform as he went. He quickly stripped and slid into bed, curling his body around Daeshen’s. “She’ll be delivered in two days. Also, according to the CM she’ll be fertile by that time. If the Lithen smile we will begin our family this week.” Kyrin nuzzled Daeshen’s heavy topaz blue hair, inhaling his scent. “Her possessions will be delivered in the morning, will you be here?”

Daeshen nodded sleepily. “Yes, I made arrangements to work here for the next fifteen cycles after you told me she was being picked up. I’ll start setting up her rooms after everything is delivered. I’m sure they just boxed everything up and sent it through. There will be things that should be sent back down.” He rolled over to look at Kyrin uncertainly. “Are you sure you want to do this? Once she’s converted there’s no going back.”

Catching Daeshen’s wrists and pinning them above his head, Kyrin bit his lover’s throat sharply. “You’re mine.” He lapped the small wound soothingly when his lover twisted slightly in silent protest. “And so is she. We are finally going to have a family, she will be attracted to both of us and with her interests I think she’ll settle in easily.” His lips trailed lightly down his lover’s chest, stopping to swirl lazily around a taut nipple, drawing a gasp from his throat. He smiled around the tightening flesh, enjoying the shivers and gasps from his attentions. His body tightened in interest.

Daeshen’s nipple hardened under Kyrin’s lips and tongue making him hum happily. Holding his lover’s wrists in one hand he stroked slowly down Daeshen’s chest with his free hand. He paused for a moment to trail his fingers lightly over the ticklish spot where his leg met his groin.

Daeshen jumped and laughed, wiggling free. “Hey! Quit that!” He rolled onto his knees and stuck his tongue out at Kyrin. “I thought you wanted to sleep.”

Kyrin reached out and caught a handful of Daeshen’s hair. “We can sleep later, and I want you now. After she wakes we won’t have quiet time together for some time, we’ll have to focus on her.” He tugged gently, pulling his husband-to-be down to his chest. His lips slid firmly across Daeshen’s as his hands stroked a body he was achingly familiar with. Kyrin’s tongue teased Daeshen’s mouth open. Their tongues danced lightly together.

His lover’s body melted against his, fitting them together with the ease of long practice. Daeshen’s leg slid between his thighs to rub lightly against the erection hardening there. He swallowed the harsh groan that sounded into his mouth as Daeshen arched against him. Daeshen scooted lower, breaking free to lick his way down Kyrin’s chest. Kyrin felt the muscles in his abdomen jumping as Daeshen’s tongue swirled erotic patterns across it. The tip of his cock bounced against his lover’s chin urgently.

“My … Is this for me?” Daeshen crooned as he lapped the swollen flesh teasingly, and fluttered his lips gently along the series of frills that spiraled down the crown.

Kyrin released Daeshen’s hair to fist his cock and stroke it hard and slow from root to tip. “Why yes, I believe it is.” He watched a pink tongue dart out and taste the tip again and shuddered. “Gods, I love that.” He massaged the base of his dick slowly as those lovely lips pursed over the purple crown and slowly opened, taking it into the moist depths. He groaned at the wet suction. His hands gripped Daeshen’s shoulders and massaged the muscles firmly in time to the deep in and out movements. “Oh, yes, just like that …”

Copyright © Theolyn Boese


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Excellent Review by lillian
Love this series. Can't wait for more books. (Posted on 4/3/2017)

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