Surrender 3: Seduction of the Captain

Silvia Violet

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Kajinek is a Lalatian Dominant who must feed on fear, pain, and sex for survival. Since leaving his homeworld, he hasn’t met a woman who could truly satisfy his needs. Mercenary captain Saida Alexander needs a pilot for t...
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Full Description

Kajinek is a Lalatian Dominant who must feed on fear, pain, and sex for survival. Since leaving his homeworld, he hasn’t met a woman who could truly satisfy his needs.

Mercenary captain Saida Alexander needs a pilot for the most dangerous mission she’s ever undertaken. She chooses Kajinek, because he’s reputed to be the very best. She never suspects that he’ll awaken the submissive desires she’s ignored for years.

When Saida knocks on Kajinek’s door, he senses that she’s the partner he’s been looking for. He agrees to fly her ship under one condition; she must personally feed his darkest desires. Can Saida give in to what her body wants or will submitting sexually shatter the careful control she wields over the rest of her life?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, violence.

Kaj opened the door of his resort-class suite and nearly stumbled as a heady female scent hit him with tangible force. He’d yet to probe the mind of the woman who’d interrupted his quiet afternoon, but her submissive needs screamed at him, begging him to take notice. His cock hardened instantly.

Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a braid that reached her waist. He fought the urge wrap it around his hand and crush her against him. Her skintight flight suit left little of her body to his imagination. Her muscles tensed under his gaze, and her green-gold eyes studied him suspiciously. She reminded him of a feline preparing to spring. He could smell her desire. Apparently he was affecting her as much as she affected him.

“Kajinek of Lalatia?”

He nodded, not sure he could keep the predatory growl out of his voice.

“I’m Captain Saida Alexander of the Allied Mercenary Corporation ship the Ascendant. I’ve come to offer you a job.”

Kaj smiled. He’d heard of Captain Alexander. She was well respected as a hard-ass leader who always accomplished her mission objective. For a captain of her standing to show up unannounced at his personal quarters, she must be desperate for his help. This must be his lucky day. “Do come in.”

He pressed at the edges of her impressive mental shields and gleaned just enough information to confirm what was already clear to him. While he doubted anyone else realized it, Captain Alexander longed to find a man strong enough to dominate her. She was desperate for the release she could never find with a partner who refused to test the limits of her strong will.

He’d not met a woman this compatible for his needs since leaving Lalatia. And he wasn’t about to let her get away. Before this day ended, she would be his.

“Have a seat, Captain.” He gestured toward the plush chairs in the small seating area near the window, which overlooked the station garden. “I’ll order us some refreshments.”

The sexy captain moved through his quarters with silent, controlled grace. He suppressed a shudder of anticipation as he imagined how she would move under him as he thrust deep in her body. If he didn’t watch it, he wasn’t going to be able to focus on the business at hand. He’d take whatever job she was offering, but he doubted she’d like his terms.

He knew his smile must be particularly predatory when her eyes widened. By Varin, she was going to be a feast. “Would you like some coffee?”

She still looked wary, but now he saw a hint of a smile. “Real, honest-to-God coffee?”

He laughed. “Of course.”

“Yes, please.”

He walked to his comm unit and pressed down the button that connected him with the resort concierge. “Please send up coffee and an assortment of pastries immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

Captain Alexander smiled, briefly losing her controlled exterior and looking almost girlish. “You needn’t go to the trouble, but I do appreciate it. I haven’t tasted real coffee in months.”

Her joy at this simple gesture stirred something in him even stronger and more potent than lust. Hearing her cry out his name as he whipped her ass would be delicious. But satisfying her enough to bring that smile to her face might feed something more than physical hunger in him. The thought unnerved him but made him no less determined to have her.

He sat in the chair facing hers. “So you’re in need of a pilot?”

The captain nodded. “The last pilot I hired proved unsatisfactory. We have a job in three days. I’d like you in the pilot’s chair.”

“What is this job?” His sensitive ears heard her pulse accelerate. What was she up to?

“We will act as escort for three ships intent on sailing through the Rebel-controlled sector of Quadrant 16. They’ll appear to be private cargo ships, but they’ll be manned by Imperial Intelligence agents.”

Kaj snarled. “I don’t do Imperial jobs.”

Captain Alexander arched a brow and held his gaze. The delicious smell of her fear belied her confidence. “I’ve heard you’ll take any job as long as the price is right.”

He gestured at the opulent room. “Does it look like I’m in need of work?”

“Lovely as all this is, you don’t strike me as a man who likes to sit on his ass. I think you need to fly. I think you need the rush of danger.”

He smiled, knowing she could see the swirl of orange and yellow flames in his eyes, a sure sign of a Lalatian’s anger or lust. “I do enjoy a thrill, but I can get that right here. You seem like a rather dangerous woman.”

Anger flashed in her eyes. The scent of fear deepened.

The doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of coffee. Kaj was thankful for the distraction. His cock was harder than a steel rod, and he was close to pinning Captain Alexander to the wall and taking exactly what he wanted. His lack of control was appalling, but she was doing things to his libido that made him feel like a boy with his first trainer.

He took the tray from the delivery bot and poured coffee for the captain. As he handed her the mug, he let his fingers brush hers. He was rewarded by her sharp intake of breath.

The contact distracted her, and he felt her fear ease, supplanted in part by lust. He couldn’t help but smile as he sat down, taking a sip of the delicious, strong coffee he’d grown addicted to. “What’s Allied Merc doing working for the empire?”

She stared at him, her face revealing nothing of the emotions he could smell swirling around her. “Making money.”

He arched a brow. Something felt off. He tasted apprehension, and he was certain she wasn’t a woman to be unnerved easily. She would never have been made captain otherwise.

“We have no allegiance. We go where the money is. They want the best, and they’re willing to pay for it.”

Allied Merc might not owe anyone allegiance, but he damn well bet Captain Alexander did, and it wouldn’t be the empire. “Why?”

The captain shrugged. “That information is classified. But whatever will be on those ships is worth a hell of a lot to them.”

Kaj shook his head. “You can’t expect me to believe you’re guarding a ship without any idea what’s on board.”

“I don’t give a fuck what you believe as long as you do your job.” She handed him a nano tablet. “This contract should answer further questions. If you would like to contact me after you’ve had a chance to peruse it, I --”

“No. Stay. I would rather settle our business now.” He sensed that she was disturbed by the lust he stirred in her. No way in hell was he going to let her run away.

He read through the details of the contract, impressed by the sum she was offering him and more than satisfied with the level of responsibility he would have in the pilot’s chair. Now it was time to see how she would react to what he really wanted.

He passed the contract back to her. “A nice offer, but there’s only one thing that would tempt me to take an Imperial job.”

Captain Alexander raised her brow. “What might that be?”

“First, tell me what you know of my people.”

“Lalatians are born dominant or submissive, and you must feed on the energy of others.”

He nodded. “As a dominant, I feed on fear and pain and sex.” He paused a moment to drink in the torrent of lust and unease pouring off her. “Are you prepared to feed me?”

* * * * *

Saida fought the urge to grab the arms of the chair for support. Dizziness washed over her along with images of her under Kajinek, his strong arms holding her down while he pounded into her. Goddamn it! What was wrong with her?

He was without a doubt one of the most attractive men she’d ever met. His straight, midnight hair fell to his shoulders. His red eyes that often flickered like fire should have been disturbing. Instead, they were beautiful. He was tall, muscular, powerful. She could almost believe he could defend himself against her, even in blood rage.

She fought to steady her voice. “I will see that your needs are met.” Perhaps there was someone among her crew who would welcome Kajinek’s attentions. If not, she could hire someone for him as long as the pleasure girl stayed in Kajinek’s quarters and did not interfere in the life of the ship.

“I’m afraid that’s not good enough.”

Saida fought the urge to yell or slam her fist against the table. “I’m offering you twice what you’d make elsewhere.”

“True, but the one thing that could tempt me to accept is you.”

His voice was low and silky, and it did things to her no mere words should have the power to do. “I’m the ship’s captain, not a fuck toy. I expect obedience from my crew. That will include you if you take this job.”

He leaned toward her and captured her braid in his hands. His fingers slid down its length, and her pussy clenched as if he’d touched something far more intimate. “Your body is crying for a man to dominate you.”

“I am not a submissive.” Her protest sounded weak. How could this man know things about her she never confessed to anyone, fantasies she rarely even acknowledged when she was alone in her own bed?

“Your nature doesn’t lie. I know what you want. I bet you’re so fucking wet right now you’ve soaked right through your flight suit.”

He was right. If the suit’s fabric hadn’t been moisture repellent, she’d have left a wet spot on the chair. She wanted him like she’d never wanted a man before, even with the knowledge that he wanted to control her, to give her pain instead of only pleasure. But no matter what she wanted, she couldn’t keep order on the ship while submitting to the pilot.

“I don’t have time to waste. Either take the job on my terms, or let me get on with hiring someone else.”

His seductive smile made her pussy flutter. “I’d love to take the job, but you have to be part of the package. You need this as much as I do.”

“Come on --”

“I’d love to come on you, right after I’ve whipped your ass. I’d love to watch you writhe under me, begging for more.”

Images of him doing just that flashed in Saida’s head as though he’d put them there. With an inexplicable intensity, she needed him, wanted him, felt like she would die if she walked away. She remembered Anna’s warning. But while Kajinek was trying to manipulate her, he wasn’t using psychic powers. Her shields were solid, and she detected no mental probe. He was so fucking sexy, he didn’t need mind tricks.

He stroked her thigh. “Why are you so reluctant to allow yourself the pleasure you need?”

“The needs of my crew come first. I can’t run a ship if I’m taking orders as your pleasure girl. Any sign of weakness, and I’ll lose the respect of my crew. Hell, why would you follow my orders if you’re getting to toss me about in bed any time you please?”

Flames leaped in Kajinek’s eyes, and he growled low and fierce. “I’ve never shown disrespect for any woman I’ve taken to bed. I have nothing but admiration for a strong woman who’s brave enough to seek out what she truly desires.”

Saida frowned. “I did not mean to offend your honor, but I don’t think my crew would feel like you do.”

He took a long, slow breath. “My apologies for snapping at you. I often forget the strange beliefs of humans. On Lalatia, we do not see sexual submission as an indication of weakness. The fact that a man or woman derives pleasure from giving up control to one’s lover hardly prevents them from taking control in other aspects of their lives. Lalatian submissives run businesses, hold positions in the government, even fight in the army. I have no intention of compromising your position as captain. When we are in private, you will submit to me. Otherwise, I am simply another member of your crew.”

Saida sucked in a shaky breath. Was she actually considering this arrangement? No! Her crew weren’t Lalatians, and she was not that self-indulgent.

Kajinek used a finger to tilt her chin up. She looked into his red eyes and watched fire swirl. She felt as if she were falling into them.

He caressed her cheek, sending heat racing to her core. “Perhaps you need a sample of what I can offer you.”

She wanted a sample. She wanted him. But that was impossible. She glared at him, grabbing his wrist and pushing his arm away. “Do not touch me again.”

He sat back in his chair, seemingly unruffled by her anger. “I will not take this job unless you personally serve my needs.”

“Then I will find another pilot.”

He smiled, looking far too satisfied with himself. What was he up to?

“You are free to do so, unless... Perhaps you could be tempted by a wager.” His voice was all silk and lust again.

Saida felt a trap closing around her. She needed to get up and get the hell out of there, but she couldn’t make herself move. “What wager?”

“Give me one hour to make you scream. If I win, whenever we are alone, you will feed me any way I see fit. If you win, I will fly the ship for free and make my own arrangements for sustenance.”

This was insane. “You want my permission to torture me?”

Kaj shook his head. “I want to show you the exquisite sensations I can give you when you ride the fine line between pleasure and pain.”

Why oh why was that the sexiest proposition she’d ever heard? “Done.” The word slipped from her mouth before she could stop it.

He smiled like a wolf that had cornered its prey. “Excellent. Before we begin, we need to establish a few rules.”

Saida’s heart hammered against her chest. She was not prey. Dear God. What had she done? Saida desperately tried to gather her dignity. “You hurt me, and I resist the urge to scream. What else is there to establish? Let’s get it over with.”

His bloodred eyes sparkled. “I think you know there is far more to what will happen between us than that. You don’t strike me as a woman who is afraid of pain. I imagine you’ve ignored it successfully in many a battle. Pain that becomes pleasure is far more difficult to fight.”

A wave of heat Saida didn’t understand washed over her body. She was in way over her head. She could already hear Anna telling her I told you so. “Fine. What rules do you suggest?”

“First, I do not want to injure you. Human bodies are far more fragile than Lalatian ones. However, rumor has it that you are an Assassin, the only one to ever successfully escape from the Imperial Army.”

Saida nodded. “Occasionally rumors are true. But I must warn you that Assassins are triggered to go into blood rage as we focus on our kills. My body...alters. It’s not easy to return to normal without making a kill. I’ve never lost control of this change, but --”

“I trust you.”

His quiet words got to her more than any of the erotic things he’d said. Something inside her softened. “Why?”

“For the same reason you are trusting me, I imagine.”

Why was she trusting him? She wasn’t sure. Instinct was all she had to go on. Her instincts told her he was the most dangerous man she’d ever met, but she also believed he was honorable. “What else?”

“I assume Allied Merc requires both birth control and STD implants.”

Saida nodded. “And you?”

“I’m clean, and I had my implant checked just last week. I have documentation if you require it.”

Saida shook her head. “Any more rules?”

He smiled. “Feel free to struggle, beg, and say no all you want. I will not stop.”

She rolled her eyes. “Great.”

His smiled widened. “Ascendant is your safe word. If you say it, I will stop whatever I am doing, no questions asked.”

She raised her brow. “Does using it mean I’ve forfeited our wager?”

“No. I will continue my efforts to make you scream, but I will use a different tactic.”

“Are you finished?”

“Yes. Are you ready?”

“I made a deal. I’m ready when you are.”

Copyright © Silvia Violet


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