Summer Amusements

A. R. McKinnon

Excitement isn’t something Robyn experiences in abundance. Normally, she’s too busy maintaining her “good girl” image to indulge in anything wild. Today is different. It’s the last day of the annual fair and all bets are...
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Excitement isn’t something Robyn experiences in abundance. Normally, she’s too busy maintaining her “good girl” image to indulge in anything wild. Today is different. It’s the last day of the annual fair and all bets are off as she throws caution to the wind with her lover.

Robyn smoothed her fingers thorough her mass of blonde curls that were already frizzing in the mid-summer humidity, trying to tame the strands into some semblance of order. When they sprang back into their original fluffy mess, she gave up on her hair and finished her makeup, slicking a coat of gloss over her lower lip before rubbing it against her upper lip to spread the soft pink color evenly across her mouth.

She pulled her jewelry from her fingers and placed it in a glass dish that sat on her dresser, ignoring the odd naked feeling of her hands. She gave herself one last glance in the mirror before smoothing her hands over her hips.

The skirt of the sundress she’d chosen fell to mid-thigh, and for a moment she wondered if her outfit was too short and thought about changing, but being conservative—playing it safe—wasn’t what today was about.

He’d be at the fair. He’d be waiting for her.

* * * *

Their rendezvous had become something of a tradition. This time they met on the last day of the fair, and it was already crowded when she arrived. She passed through the main gates, breathing a sigh of relief when she didn’t immediately run into someone she knew. It wasn’t that she worried they would notice she was behaving differently if she did bump into someone she knew, but it might spoil the fantasy for her.

Robyn made her way over to one of the many ticket booths, where she purchased a strip of tickets. She stepped onto the midway and was immediately surrounded by the scent of fried dough. It made her stomach growl. She hadn’t had lunch, too excited and nervous to eat anything. She chose one of the food carts, fishing change from the small purse she carried, and bought a fried pastry generously dusted in confectioners’ sugar. She bit into the treat, holding back her groan of enjoyment while she licked the sweetness from her thumb.

He was standing next to her before she saw him. Capturing her hand for himself, he gave her a smoldering look, then brought her fingers to his mouth and sucked off the remnants of the sticky coating. Robyn felt the pull of that suction on other more intimate parts of her body, as if her fingers had a direct connection to her sex. Robyn let her eyes fall shut as a moan escaped from her lips.

When he pulled back, she struggled to open her eyes, already caught under his spell and the anticipation of what she knew was coming.

“Sweet.” The one word held a wealth of promise. Robyn watched as he used his tongue to slick away the last of the sugar that clung to his lips, desperately aching for the sensation of his mouth on her flesh. When he took her hand she nearly whimpered as she remembered the crowd around them. She held back, knowing that there were too many people here and not wanting to draw too much attention to fact that she was ready to maul him in public.

His hand was large and firm in hers. His work-roughened skin chafed against her softer, more delicate skin. He held tight as if he expected her to pull away. He should have known better—she’d rather cut off her own arm than try to get away from him. She’d felt apprehension the first time they’d met at the fair, but since that first time she’d felt nothing but anticipation.

Copyright © A. R. McKinnon


Customer Reviews

enjoyable Review by OANA
I really did enjoy this book, it was a funny reading. (Posted on 11/17/2017)
Steamy Little Summer Read Review by Pandora Spocks
Robyn leaves her wedding rings at home as she heads out to meet a mystery man at the annual fair. What follows is hot, sexy, and sensual. Beyond that, I don't want to ruin anything. Looking for a quick, steamy read? Summer Amusements is for you! (Posted on 8/3/2017)
A Great Summer Read Review by Bernard
I needed a juicy book I could sink into and keep me company while on my Hawaiian vacation. I found it in Fling - Summer Amusements by A.R. Mckinnon. Loved the book and highly recommend it to those who enjoy enticing erotic romance novels. (Posted on 7/30/2017)

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