Strength in Numbers 2: Danger in Discovery

Rachel Bo

David Campbell has finally come to terms with his son Sutter's alternative relationship--a menage-a-trois in which he is very happy. But there's unfinished business in David's own personal life--two relationships from long ago th...
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David Campbell has finally come to terms with his son Sutter's alternative relationship--a menage-a-trois in which he is very happy. But there's unfinished business in David's own personal life--two relationships from long ago that still haunt him. After receiving a sizzling home video that brings the past vividly into the present, David is drawn inexorably into a menage-a-trois of his own.

But years of self-denial have taken their toll, and David finds himself resisting the urge to make the lasting commitment his lovers demand. Surrounded by danger and wild beauty among archaeological ruins in Mexico, David is forced to face his raging desires and make a final choice.

  • Note:
As David munched on ribs and potato salad, happy chatter washing over him, he realized that he couldn't remember the last time he'd had so much fun. Even the sand in the potato salad tasted wonderful. Everything seemed more immediate, more vibrant, somehow. Joy kept glancing at him as she ate, beaming when he smiled at her, making him feel welcome. They had slipped easily into the camaraderie of their college days.

Jason was quiet, though. David frowned slightly. He felt so self-conscious regarding Jason. As though everyone were watching them and wondering about their relationship. Which was stupid, because everyone here knew about their college liaison except the twins. He knew what the problem was. His damn self-conditioning. As long as he didn't acknowledge what had happened, he could pretend it never had. But did he really want to spend the rest of his life that way? Excluded from much of this family's life because Jason and Joy were an integral part of it and he just couldn't bring himself to be a man and face his desires?

David could feel himself growing tense, and made a conscious effort to relax. He had promised Kendall, in spirit at least, not to ruin this picnic. Hell, he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted, but he'd never find out this way. Squaring his shoulders, he cleared his throat. “So, Jason. I know you took a job with Big G magazine. Are you liking it?”

Jason's eyes widened in surprise. All the other adults emitted silent waves of approval that made David's cheeks burn. Nothing like having a handful of matchmakers working on you.

“Ummm, yeah. I'm loving it, actually.”

The truth was that David knew perfectly well Jason's career had skyrocketed since he signed on with the magazine. He had a regular monthly feature now, and David kept a notebook at home filled with clippings of those photo essays -- in addition to the one he kept of Joy's professional articles. “That's great.” He tried to think of something else to say, but his brain seemed to have shut down.

“How about you?” Jason wiped sauce-laden fingers on his napkin. “I heard you'll never have to work again, after winning the Manchester case.”

David started to protest, but then nodded. If he was going to try and mend fences, he needed to start being honest. False modesty wouldn't be appreciated by these people who knew him so well. “I have to admit, that's not far from the truth.” He scooped up the last bite of potato and swallowed it, sighing contentedly. “To be honest, I could have retired a few years ago. I toyed with the idea, but there didn't seem to be any point.” He looked around the gathering, knowing that they understood what he meant -- that there hadn't been anyone in his life that he wanted to spend that time with.

Joy surprised him by meeting his gaze and asking boldly. “How about now?”

David studied this new Joy. This bold, independent Joy whose eyes hid nothing and who challenged him to speak plainly. His heart beat a little faster. He decided he liked this confident, sassy woman even better than the person he'd known in college. “I don't know,” he answered honestly. “I'm still trying to decide.” He couldn't help glancing at Jason, and an electric tension seemed to build between the three of them.

Kendall interrupted the long silence. “David, you're going to burn to a crisp!” She was pointing at his chest.

David looked down. Indeed, his pale skin had been painted red by the sun. Joy stood, taking his empty plate and tossing it into the trash with hers. “Come on.” She held out a hand to him. “I've got something that will help with that.”

David grabbed her hand and let her pull him up and lead him over to her bag. Reaching in, she pulled out a bottle of aloe vera gel. “Walk with me.” Joy retained her grip on his hand as they meandered across the sand, rounding a pile of boulders that jutted out onto the beach. On the other side, she stopped him. “Sit down.”

David obliged, perching on a large rock. Joy moved close, pushing his legs apart to stand between them. David inhaled deeply, savoring her wind-blown, gulf-water scent. Joy squirted a dab of gel into her hands and reached out, gently massaging the cool substance into his forehead, his temples, his cheeks.

David relaxed, closing his eyes as she caressed his jawline, smoothed his neck, cooled his shoulders. Her fingers were magical, gliding smoothly down his arms and between his fingers. Joy lifted his hand, surrounding each finger with her palm, twisting as she ran it up and down the length of each digit.

David opened his eyes, fervently hoping that she wouldn't notice the bulge at his crotch. Joy met his eyes, then lowered her gaze very deliberately. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she looked back at him. Picking up his other hand, she massaged each finger as she wet her lips with her tongue. David was afraid to speak, afraid she would stop if he said the wrong thing.

Joy placed his hand gently at his side. She squirted a huge mound of the clear gel into her hands, rubbing them together, then placing them on his thighs. David breathed in sharply as she ran her hands up under his trunks.


His mouth was so dry he had to swallow twice before he could speak. “What?”

Her slick hands were beneath his cock, cradling his balls. “I'm thirsty, David.”

“Thirsty?” he croaked. He couldn't quite bring himself to accept that this was happening. Not so soon, though he wanted it badly.

“Yes, David.” Joy ran her thumbs up along the thick vein running the length of his cock.

“God.” David arched, spreading his legs wide.

“Take them off.” Joy removed her hands and stepped back.

David stripped hastily and resumed his seat.

Reaching back, Joy grasped one end of her suit tie and pulled. Her cups slipped down, revealing plump breasts with dark, swollen peaks he ached to taste. In one swift movement, Joy had pushed her swimsuit off and was stepping out of it. Picking up the bottle again, she squeezed glistening jewels onto her chest, slathering the slippery substance between her breasts.

David groaned in anticipation, and Joy grinned. “I know you want to fuck them,” she purred. “Don't you, David?” She glided forward, pressing herself into him as she whispered against his lips. “You always loved fucking my breasts.”

David moaned and trapped her head against him, ravaging her mouth with his tongue. The swollen pebbles of her nipples grew harder where they pressed against his flesh.

Joy drew back and bent, capturing his cock between her breasts. “I'm thirsty, David,” she repeated. “Is there something you can do about that?”

David tangled his hand in her hair, pushing her roughly toward his member as he grasped her shoulder with the other hand, urging her to glide against him. Joy pressed her breasts tight around his shaft as she took the tip of his cock into her warm, hungry mouth.

“Joy.” David thrust against her. Joy chuckled, the sensation causing a trickle of pre-cum to escape into her mouth.

“Damn.” Though he wanted to, David couldn't wait; couldn't be gentle. It had been too long. He grasped Joy's hands where they were cradled around her breasts and crushed them against him, urging her back and forth, faster and faster.

“Mmm.” Her sound of satisfaction vibrated along his cock. David squeezed her ripe orbs mercilessly, and Joy amazed him by chuckling deep in her throat, sucking greedily. She ran her forefinger up beneath her breasts, tickling the base of his cock with her nail.

“Oh, God!” David wrapped his legs around her, spasming as his cock exploded in her mouth. After what seemed an eternity, he was finally empty, staring in astonishment as Joy stood, licking her bruised lips, and said, “God, I've missed that.” She brought her lips to his mouth. “You always tasted so good.” Her tongue darted between his lips, and the taste of him in her mouth filled his loins with renewed fire.

David drew his hand down her abdomen. Joy cocked her leg as his finger crept into her slit. Liquid warmth dripped down his hand as he slid another finger in, murmuring, “You're so fucking wet !”

A shock ran through him as Joy placed a hand between her legs, sliding two fingers down along the back of his hand, to join his inside her. This was not the shy, tentative girl he'd initiated in college. She was a vixen, and he wanted to fuck her until she screamed. David grabbed her waist as she raised her leg even higher, resting her heel beside his hip on the rock. Damn flexible, too, for a woman her age.

David looked down, watching their fingers slide in and out of Joy's pussy, coated with her arousal. He was shocked as hell when he felt a twinge in his cock. He'd been pretty randy years ago, but he hadn't come twice in one sitting in a long time. He studied the beautiful woman moaning before him. Joy had closed her eyes, her lashes just kissing the faint pink sunburn on her cheeks. He looked down again, enjoying the way her pussy sucked at their fingers. I wish Jason were here, he thought.

Joy's eyelids flew up. “Do you?”

God, did I say that out loud?

“Do you, David?” Joy gasped, and he felt her muscles tightening on his fingers. “Because he wants to be.”

Copyright © Rachel Bo


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