Stone's Prisoner

Jade James

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Payback's a bitch, and Stone's more than ready to dish the punishment out. His ex-wife Valerie has stolen more than his heart and it's time for her to pay. He's been planning for three months, and this time, his heart won't be inv...
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Payback's a bitch, and Stone's more than ready to dish the punishment out. His ex-wife Valerie has stolen more than his heart and it's time for her to pay. He's been planning for three months, and this time, his heart won't be involved. With the help of his cousin Heath, he'll capture Valerie and fulfill her erotic fantasies -- and his.

Valerie's in shock when Stone appears inside her store and kidnaps her. She hasn't seen him in a year, ever since the divorce went through. The past is unsettled between them, and he holds her future right in the palm of his hand. Between the hot and heavy escapades, Valerie vows to find a way to make him believe in her again.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m).
“I’m not here to play games with you.” She tried desperately to represent a brave, nonchalant front as he carried her to their destination. Upside down and over Stone’s shoulder, Valerie only caught a glimpse of the house and the trees surrounding it. But before she could concentrate on exactly where they were, Stone entered the front door, deposited her on her feet, and cuffed her hands in front of her. Heath stood in the entryway, silent, watching them.

“This weekend will be filled with hot, erotic nastiness that will blow your mind. A ménage filled with heat, lust, and multiple orgasms. Every inch of you will be explored by both of us,” Stone replied taking a step toward her. “Every one of your orifices will be filled with my cock or Heath’s. And you’re going to enjoy it, Val. Because I know you better than you know yourself, and if I were to press my hand against the panties covering your cunt, I’d wage a million dollars that you’re hot and wet right now.”

Valerie licked her lips as Stone crowded her. She ignored the way her nipples were beaded tight, rubbing against her bra, and the way her pussy spilled its cream in response to his words and to him. She tried to remain calm, but the feat was impossible with the way her heart was hammering against her breast. Maybe she had just imagined the words he had spoken. That could be a possibility, since Stone and Heath were both handsome men in a rugged, rough, hot way, and imagining herself with them would be no hardship.

But the way Stone watched her, the way he crowded her space, left very little doubt in her mind that she hadn’t imagined his words.

And he knew her in certain ways, better than she knew herself. He had been the one to introduce her to the kind of bone-melting, aggressive sex that sparked her desires. She had loved being tied down by him, loved it when he took charge and had taken what they both needed, all because he knew the way she was built inside and out. She couldn’t deny his words, even though she wanted to just to spite him.

Valerie took a step back, but that only gave Stone the opportunity to pin her against the wall with his hard body, his arms on either side of her head, caging her in. A wash of heat flowed through her, sending a tingling sensation right to her clit as his cock pressed against her belly. For a second, she thought about forcing her hands up to grab his dick and show him that he was just as turned on by the idea, but she decided against it. She didn’t intend to become a one-night stand, even if it was with the man she loved.

His body pressed closer to hers, and he bent down, placing his lips against her ear. She shivered as he nipped her lobe with his teeth, and flicked the skin with his tongue. He pulled away, brushing his lips on her cheek before speaking. “Can you really say that a ménage isn’t something that has ever caught your interest, Val? Don’t even think of denying it. I can see the truth in your eyes.”

The urge to rub herself against him was strong, but she willed herself not to react to his nearness. “Some women fantasize about ménages. That doesn’t mean we act on them.”

He brought his mouth within inches of her lips. She was tempted to reach out with her tongue, to snatch a taste of him and grab him unawares, just as he had shocked her by kidnapping her and by pushing her to this aroused state.

“Are you testing me, Val? Do you want me to see if you’re as cold and indifferent as you pretend to be? One touch is all it will take and I’ll return you back to your shop or home.”

And once he touched her, Stone would know that she was wet with her cream, hot and horny, all because his take-charge attitude drew a reaction from her. “No.”

He pushed up, lifting himself a few inches. “That’s what I thought.”

She saw the way his lips twisted into a smirk, as if he knew she would say no all along. And she wanted to wipe that grin right off his face.

Without giving it further thought, and partially because there was a little devil inside of her who wanted to do it, Valerie rose to her tiptoes and swiped her tongue at Stone’s bottom lip. His surprised grunt allowed her to pull her hands up and force them between their bodies. She grabbed his cock, tightened her hands around his dick as he groaned, opening his mouth, and Valerie took the opportunity to slip her tongue inside. His hands moved to her hair, holding her head still as he took control of the kiss, eating at her like he was starved. She was okay with that, because she was just as hungry, and even though fate had deemed that they be apart, Valerie missed him fiercely. His cock pulsed in her grip, and she began an up-and-downward stroke that had him thrusting into her hand. His fingers shifted from her scalp down to her breast.

She turned her head to the side, breaking the kiss. A minute passed before she grasped some semblance of control and faced him. “And this proves you’re not as cold and immune as you portray yourself to be.”

She’d switched it up, and instead of her being the vulnerable one, he felt exposed. And Stone didn’t like the feeling one bit.

Stone felt his face flush with a sudden rush of anger as he stepped back from her, giving them both some much-needed space. She’d kissed him to prove that he could still be weak around her. “The only thing this proves is that my body still wants to fuck you.” The words fell out of his mouth, even though deep down inside he knew it was untrue.

Her cuffed hands tightened into fists. “If that was true, then my words wouldn’t have caused such a reaction from you.”

Fuck! Stone cursed silently. Did he have his emotions written all over his face? What the hell did she see? “I won’t deny that my cock is hard because it wants inside your cunt. But other than that, I don’t know of any other response.”

Valerie frowned. “Haven’t you learned?”

“Haven’t I learned what?”

“That lies will get us nowhere. Stone, what am I doing here? If there is no future for us, then this weekend is a waste. Just let me go now, before one of us gets hurt.”

He didn’t want to dissect his feelings and figure out what he felt for her. Not now. He retrieved the keys to the cuffs from his pocket and walked to Heath, handing them to him. “I can certainly assure you that I won’t be the one in pain. Heath, show her to her room.”

“So you’re going to pretend that there’s nothing left between us? That this weekend tryst you have planned had nothing to do with what you still feel for me?”

“All we have to share is this weekend. I won’t let you use me again, Val. Now the tables are turned, and they shall remain so.”

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