Spurs and Mistletoe 1: Santa in Spurs

Maggie Casper

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Bullfighter extraordinaire, Lauren O'Shea was glad to be home. Leaving the rodeo circuit had been a hard decision to make but once done, getting home, to O'Shea Haven, was top priority. The only problem was, things didn't seem to...
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Bullfighter extraordinaire, Lauren O'Shea was glad to be home. Leaving the rodeo circuit had been a hard decision to make but once done, getting home, to O'Shea Haven, was top priority. The only problem was, things didn't seem to be going quite as she had planned. Used to love 'em and leave 'em cowboys and their larger than life egos, Lauren isn't quite sure what to think when the sensually erotic businessman her father has partnered her with claims her for his very own.

Polished and shined, Nathan Mills doesn't quite fit in with the rodeo crowd. His expensive suits and leather loafers set him a world apart. When the 'city boy' taunts get to be a little too much, Nathan and his new lover work out a deal. Lauren will help Nathan with his cowboy wardrobe and in return, he will play Santa for the Rancho Viejo Rodeo Days toy drive. Little does Nathan know but spending long days and steamy nights with Lauren O'Shea will change his life forever.

The hair on the back of her neck stood at attention. Every nerve ending in her body suddenly seemed ultra aware, forcing upon her sensations so strong she couldn't help but turn around to see who or what was behind her.

Wicked brown eyes stared back from across the grassy expanse of the ranch yard. The man was sex personified and seemed to know it. His mouth curved sensually at the corners when Lauren's gaze raked him from head to toe.

With a quirk of his brow he seemed to be asking if she liked what she saw. If the answer to the silent question had anything to do with damp panties and an aching core, then the answer would be a resounding yes.

It took everything Lauren had left in her to tear her gaze from his. Being the strong woman she was, Lauren knew that in her current physical and emotional state, she'd be no match for the man.

The best thing to do, Lauren thought as she made her way through the crowd on her father's arm, would be to make a quick exit and hope with everything in her that she'd meet the man at a later date, one where she felt more together.

It didn't dawn on Lauren's sensually befuddled mind to protest as her father led her across the yard to where the sexy stranger stood. He wielded a spatula in one hand and a plate of hamburger patties in the other. As they drew closer, he turned and placed the plate on the table beside him then wiped his hands on a towel as if preparing to touch her with his long, blunt-tipped fingers.

The delicious thought of feeling his hands on her heated flesh made Lauren shiver with awareness. The idea of his fingers buried deep within her caused a sudden release of moisture from her pussy. Her already damp panties now clung to her.

Lauren wouldn't even imagine being bound to his bed -- or better yet, bound at his feet, ready for whatever he had to offer. To do so would surely leave her struggling for control. Aching and in need.

When they reached the stranger her father stopped.

“Laurie, I'd like you to meet Nathan Mills. Nathan, this is my baby girl, Lauren.”

Lauren couldn't seem to pull her gaze from the deep dark brown of his eyes. He was beautiful, handsome in a polished way that had never before beckoned to her.

“Pleased to meet you.” His voice was smooth and dark. She wanted to drink his rumbling words. To taste his lips as her tongue delved into the warm recess of his mouth.

Mesmerized, she simply placed her hand in his outstretched palm. “The pleasure is all mine.” The words came easy.

When her father turned to talk to someone behind him, Lauren wasn't sure what to do. Nathan Mills was an overwhelming presence. Giving a slight tug, she attempted to free her hand from his grasp.

He didn't release her. Instead, he leaned in close. “It will be.”


“Your pleasure.” Two words. Two simple words, was all it took to send a shiver of delight down the length of her spine. Lauren was positive he meant exactly what he said. It was written across his face as clear as day.

* * * * *

Wide green cat eyes stared back at him. Her pupils were dilated. The soft flesh at her wrist gave away the rapid beat of her pulse. She was a sensual creature and Nathan had no doubt he would find out firsthand just how sensual she was.

Would she enjoy his love for bondage?

Would his need to see the globes of her ass turn a beautiful shade of rose scare her?

There was something about her wide-legged stance, about the slight tilt of her chin that warned of stubbornness. The way she was poured so compactly into her petite frame intrigued him. Soon he would have her. The need to taste her was high on his list. Nathan saw the same need mirrored across her features and decided to tease her a bit before he gave her what her body craved.

Once he had a taste of her there would be no turning back. Something about the feel of her against the palm of his hand warned him she might very well be the woman he'd been waiting his whole life for. The thought of her pouty lips whispering words of love just before she took his length into her mouth brought Nathan to full arousal. She would look so beautiful collared.

His thoughts were interrupted when Bill O'Shea turned back toward them. He candidly eyed them both, taking notice of Lauren's hand still clasped tightly within his own. Nathan didn't want to let her go but it was too early yet to publicly stake his claim.

The wily old reprobate winked at him then turned his full gaze back on Lauren before announcing, “Good. Good to see the two of you getting along, since you'll be spending so much time together.”

His words seemed to snap Lauren out of her trance. Her gaze flickered from her father and then to him before she settled back on her father. “Excuse me?”

“Nathan here owns High Impact PR. He's the head honcho for rodeo promotions now, and since the Rancho Viejo Rodeo Days are right around the corner, he came out to have a look around. The rest of the board members and I figured you'd be the perfect person to show him the ropes.”

Nathan watched as her eyes narrowed. She seemed to be weighing his words as if she could tell he was up to something.

“Come on, darlin'. You know you've got more know-how than the rest of the others put together.”

Her shoulders seemed to slump with defeat, exhaustion, or quite possibly both. “Okay, Daddy, I'll do what I can.”

“That's my girl.”

Big Bill gathered his daughter close, a huge arm settled gently around her. He stuck his hand out, leaving Nathan no choice but to clasp it in a solid farewell shake when what he really wanted to do was carry the man's daughter back to his hotel room, where he could disrobe her slowly before massaging every rigid inch of her body, starting with the frown lines marring her brow.

“Give me a call in the morning when you're back on your feet and we'll get started.” Nathan watched for her reaction.

Never before had he been so quickly taken by a woman. His normal playtime was a few heated games in the dungeon of his favorite fetish club, not caring who might show up to watch -- and even on occasion, join in. He wasn't the type to get himself snared into a relationship, not with his sexual appetites. Being with a “vanilla” woman did nothing for him, and most were too scared to try anything new. Nathan had learned at a young age to stick with his own type when it came to his sexual preferences; those who knew the rules and knew how to play the game.

Never before had he been so instantly taken with a woman. Especially when he had no idea if she would agree to the delicious things he had planned for her body. There was something about Lauren that could change everything.

Not only was his attraction to her intense, but the thought of sharing her made him angry as hell. Nathan would see to it from this day on that Lauren O'Shea wasn't touched or so much as approached by another man if he had anything more than business in mind.

“And if she doesn't like it that's just too damned bad,” Nathan vowed.

As soon as the last burger was cooked, Nathan made his excuses and said his goodbyes. He couldn't get Lauren's curvy body out of his mind as he made his way across the dusty driveway toward his car.

The sun was just setting when he pulled up to the motel. It wasn't the Hilton but it would do. Nathan made his way to the room he would call home for the next two weeks. There was no getting Lauren out of his mind. Her luminescent green eyes were hard to forget, as was the petite frame of her curvy body.

She was a woman from the gentle curve of her t-shirt-covered breasts right down to the tips of her tiny cowboy boots. Remembering what she had worn made Nathan long to see her in a dress.

Making his way across the room, Nathan undressed as he continued on with wicked thoughts of Lauren and her hot little body. Once completely nude, he headed toward the shower. The warm spray did little to relax his taut muscles. Instead, as he soaped his highly aroused body, he pictured Lauren's pink lips fastened securely around the head of his cock.

Would she eagerly await his orders before proceeding, just as he expected of her?

Once she was used to his touch and he'd won her trust, Nathan would bind her arms behind her back at the elbow, leaving him in control. He could then bury a hand in her hair, coaxing her closer as he gently caressed her face with the fingers of his other hand.

The feel of her lips stretched around the head of his shaft would be a huge turn on to his already heightened senses. The thought of Lauren taking the length of his shaft deep into the dark recess of her mouth sent heat tearing down his spine and into the base of his shaft. Nathan's hand pumped his rigid length, just as he imagined Lauren's mouth would, until he came on a flood of sensation so great it almost buckled his knees.

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