Something More

Amanda Young

For years, Will O’Malley has harbored clandestine feelings for Emma Taylor, despite the abiding love he feels for Paul Argonaut, his lover for the past two years. Watching her from afar, but loath to approach her as anything...
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For years, Will O’Malley has harbored clandestine feelings for Emma Taylor, despite the abiding love he feels for Paul Argonaut, his lover for the past two years. Watching her from afar, but loath to approach her as anything more than a friend, tests Will's control on a daily basis until he finds he’s no longer able to deny the kaleidoscope of feelings she evokes within him.

Paul is aware of Will’s feelings for Emma and shares his affection for her. He comes to realize that unless he makes the first move, Will won’t ever let her know how he truly feels. If the three of them are to be brought together, it will be up to him to facilitate it.

Emma Taylor has been in love with Will for as long as she can remember. The problem: he’s her boss, and is obviously smitten with his lover, Paul. The last thing she expects, after walking in on Paul and Will making love, is to be invited into a menage by Paul himself.

  • Note:This book contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: homoerotic sex practices, m/m/f menage.
In his private apartment over the bar, Will O’Malley watched Emma get into her car and drive away. Only after her taillights faded and winked out in the distance did he release the sheer curtain over his bedroom window and stumble across the room to his lover, Paul, who lay snoring quietly in bed.

Every night, he watched to make sure Emma reached her car safely. He didn’t particularly care for her working the closing shift at the bar he and Paul co-owned, but it was the shift she preferred. On one of the many occasions he’d tried to talk her into switching with another waitress, she’d plainly told him to mind his own business in her cute little singsong voice and went about her merry way.

Why he let her get by with that, he wasn’t entirely sure. The fact that she’d once been engaged to his little brother might have had something to do with it. On the other hand, it could be the guilt he carried around for being so damn attracted to her.

Emma was a beautiful woman. With her long, wavy blue-black hair and her large, luminous cerulean blue eyes, Emma was a knockout. Her flawless ivory skin and ripe curves didn’t do anything to dissuade his wayward libido either.

There was just something about her, some indescribable quality that called out to him, like a moth to a flame. She was his equivalent of Pandora’s box. He wanted her, had for years, but he couldn’t have her. Touching her, claiming her for his own, would be the end of life as he knew it. But damn if he didn’t want to try anyway.

The semi-boner in his loose cotton shorts bobbed, agreeing with him.

Slipping beneath the downy cover on his massive California king bed, he wrapped an arm around Paul and snuggled up to the man he loved. What would Paul think if he knew his lover was fantasizing about a woman? A woman who could have been his sister-in-law, had his dopey kid brother actually gone through with their wedding. Instead, he’d skipped town with one of Emma’s so-called friends, mere minutes before the ceremony.

It was one thing to fantasize about a woman. Paul had known two years ago, when he’d come into the relationship, that Will was bisexual and had accepted that a third person might occasionally share their bed. That wasn’t an issue. Lusting after a woman who was practically family and a decade younger than he was the problem.

Paul snuffled against his pillow and wriggled his butt back against Will’s groin. “Mmm,” he murmured, his sinfully rich, deep voice, drowsy. “It’s about time you brought your sexy ass to bed.”

“I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Paul reached behind him and grabbed Will’s wrist. He pressed it against the swollen flesh straining against his pajama bottoms. “I was already up.”

Will snickered. “So I feel.” He squeezed his partner’s tumescent cock, his thumb glancing off the shallow dip beneath the flared head.

Paul moaned and turned his head, brushing a quick kiss over Will’s lips. “That feels good, but how about stroking me a little harder.”

Will slipped his hand under the elastic waistband of Paul’s pajama bottoms and tugged on them. “I can do you one better, but you’ll have to get rid of these first.”

Paul didn’t waste any time dragging them down his lean legs. He gave them a fling across the room and turned over onto his back. Long, tapered fingers brushed Will’s mussed mahogany hair away from his face. “What do you have in mind?”

Will let his fingers do the talking for him. They traveled down the base of Paul’s long, hard cock, following the delicate vein that ran down the underside, caressed the silky skin of his balls, and moved back to tease his miracle inch.

Paul lifted his hips, granting Will more room to maneuver between his firm thighs. Will leaned forward and slipped the flared knob into his mouth, laving the weeping tip with the edge of his tongue before pulling more into his mouth and exerting a gentle, teasing suck.

Callused fingers ran up and down Will’s back, urging him on, silently begging for more. He heard the nightstand drawer open and close. When something landed beside him, he didn’t need to look up to know it was lube.

Paul was impatient, as always, and didn’t want any more teasing. He wanted the whole shebang, and he wanted it yesterday. Nothing new there, and for once, Will agreed. He was too hot, too horny, to savor the buildup and finesse the pleasure as he normally would. Tonight, he too was impatient.

Copyright © Amanda Young


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Steamy Review by Teah
Menage with a twist. The males are together also which doesn't seem to happen much but it is hot when it happens. Love the characters and story. Recommended it to lovers of the genre. (Posted on 8/25/2013)

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